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A group of beaked whale investigators is “highly optimistic” that they’ve probably identified a new species of whale off Mexico’s western shore.

Researchers Have Found New Species of Whale off The Coast of Mexico

The trio of investigators — Gustavo Hinojosa, Jay Barlow, and Elizabeth Henderson — working in combination with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, say they discovered a rare kind of beaked whale linked to an “unidentified acoustic sign” seen from the distant San Benito Islands. That noise might have probably been the Perrin’s beaked whale, a species of a beaked whale that resides in profound, distant waters and can be distinguished by its lack of teeth.

It’s never been observed before. But photos, videos, and much more acoustic signs later accumulated by the group and Sea Shepherd employees ended up affirming the signs of a brand-new kind of beaked whale. The group told Reuters that they didn’t affirm the prospect of this brand new whale species before further scrutinizing photographic proof taken of the beast.

This specific sort of beaked whale had odd teeth positioning; researcher Jay Barlow told Reuters. Further, in a statement by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the acoustic signals were no sound “known to science”. Only ecological, genetic sampling, where the scientists examine water samples for potential DNA, can affirm the occurrence of a whale that is new.

If, indeed, it’s a new sort of whale, it’ll be just the 24th species of a beaked whale discovered. “Something which wasn’t anticipated in this region, something which does not fit, either visually or acoustically, anything that’s proven to exist. It just sends chills up and down my spine once I think we may have realized what most folks would say was really not possible.”


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