11 Residents Die In Illinois VA Nursing Home


A mismanaged coronavirus outbreak that occurred by the leaders and staff at a federal veterans’ nursing home in Illinois has resulted in the death of eleven residents in the autumn season of the year 2020.

A government investigation was conducted in which it was found that the situation occurred even after the employees had been put on notice about how much this pandemic posed a threat to the elderly population.

11 Residents Die In Illinois VA Nursing Home

A staff member was found to have been exposed at home, and his testing was denied. Instead of being tested, he was just instructed to wear a mask while doing a shift for the residents. 

Consequently, the staff member was found positive the next day and due to this mistake, all the residents also started contracting the virus.

11 Residents Die In Illinois VA Nursing Home

The virus then started to spread in the Veteran Affairs Complex in Danville, which is situated in the rural region of the state near the Indiana border. Even the isolation of those people who were tested positive was not done correctly.

The Inspector General at the US Department of Veterans Affairs stated in a report last month that the staff at direct care described chaos and people seemed to have a lack of awareness of what to do in such a situation.

The outbreak of the virus stayed for five weeks, from October to November 2020. During that time frame, ninety-two staff members and two hundred thirty-nine patients were found to have contracted the virus as they tested positive within the facilities that included a hospital, a nursing home, and an outpatient clinic.

One of the people who died was a Marine Corps veteran named Mike Manning who was seventy-three years of age. According to his daughter, the VA officials did not state the reason for his death as the coronavirus on his death certificate and thus she had to file a complaint. The Marine Corps veteran had died of the Covid-19 virus on November 17, 2020.

Caitlin Darling stated that she trusts that the staff did everything they could to look after her father, but due to lack of management, they may have been helpless to handle and control the outbreak. She stated that she does not know about the number of people they lost in her father’s ward, but she remembers being told eight out of ten the last time she asked about the same.

Nursing Homes Became The Hub For Coronavirus

One-third of the deaths due to the Covid-19 virus came from long-term care facilities throughout the country. Many deaths occurred due to problems in testing, personal protective equipment, infection control, et cetera, at many state veterans’ homes in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas.

The report by the inspector general on the VA Illiana Health Care System in Danville is the first to bring to the people about the breakdowns of such facilities operated by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Around 134 nursing homes are run by the agency and roughly nine thousand veterans are served daily throughout forty-six states, in the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. 


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