Rest: Several short breaks are better than one long break at work



Several short breaks are better than one long break at work

The first few minutes after a break usually feel the most relaxing.

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Taking a short rest, continuing to work, until lunch break: Apparently you can really get a lot done on a day like this. A work psychologist explains why this is a mistake.

Nuremberg. Instead of one long break, employees should better integrate several short breaks into their working day. Reason: According to the Federal Employment Agency’s “Factor A” magazine, recovery gains occur primarily in the first few minutes after the break and then stop.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that employees only have to take a 30-minute break if they work more than six hours a day. But even people who work fewer hours should take regular breaks, says Johannes Wendsche, an occupational psychologist at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BOA), in the article.

more efficiently with shorter breaks

Working with high concentration for six hours at a time can be difficult for most people. According to occupational psychologists, cognitive performance decreases very early.

According to Wendsche, the performance of employees who take short breaks increases by an average of five percent compared to employees who do not take short breaks. And that despite reduced working hours. The quality of the work is also high.

It is helpful if companies openly offer short vacations. Last but not least, part-time employees who otherwise often do not take any breaks benefit from this.

Don’t eat at work

As a general rule, you should take a five-minute break after an hour for heavy physical work and a 10-minute break after two hours for more complex work.

And: There should be no vacation at work. According to Johannes Wendsche, studies show that employees recover less well if they don’t leave their workplace on holiday.

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