Rise in Covid-19 Cases In US A Self-Inducing Pain, Experts Says

Rise in Covid-19 Cases In US A Self-Inducing Pain, Experts Says

Low vaccination rates are the main reason for the rise in Covid-19 cases in the US, according to experts and according to one expert, the Delta variant is spreading rapidly and leads to more hospitalizations and deaths. 

On Thursday, Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccinologist, told CNN’s Jim Acosta that vaccination can prevent all hospitalizations and deaths by 98-99%. 

Rise in Covid-19 Cases In US A Self-Inducing Pain, Experts Says

According to the data by US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 91 million people live in a place where high transmission of Covid-19 is present. 

Rise in Covid-19 Cases In US A Self-Inducing Pain

On the other hand, data presented by Johns Hopkins University, in 48 states the cases have been increasing by 10% compared to the previous week. The health experts have given various warnings related to hospitalizations and deaths, yet the average of fully vaccinated is lowering down.

In a press release on Friday, BioNTech said that the US government has bought over 200 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Half of the doses will arrive at the end of this year and the remaining ones in May, next year.

On Thursday, UC Davis Medical Center Director of Critical Care Christian Sandrock made a statement that another wave is going to hit soon and it is frightening. 

Moreover, UC Davis professor Lorena Garcia added that the rural communities will have the most devastating impact due to the lower vaccination rates and less medical care.

According to various data from the CDC, Alabama has the lowest vaccination rates of about 33.9% and Mississippi has less than 35%.

Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey said in a press conference that the unvaccinated people are the reason for more spread weather than ordinary ones. These people are choosing the self-inflicted pain in their life. 

Also in Missouri, additional equipment and workforce are deployed to Springfield-Greene County for helping local healthcare providers as announced by Mike Parson, Governor of Missouri on Thursday. 

Judge of Harris County Lina Hidalgo from Texas encouraged people to wear masks until the situation becomes more stable and further warned about the fourth wave in the region.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of CDC on Thursday urges unvaccinated people to wear masks and get vaccinated by adding more layers for their protection. She further warned about the Delta variant strain of coronavirus which has high transmission.

In a briefing of the White House Covid-19 Response Team, she indicated the new strain as the most infectious respiratory virus and its spreading has made the vaccination more important. Walensky warned the unvaccinated people about the deadly strain and its consequences. She said that the vaccine is working well against the virus. 

Dr. Leana Wen, CNN’s Medical Analyst showed concern over the vaccinated population. She added that the vaccinated people are also not fully protected by the virus as the vaccines are not 100% effective and still people live in a community where infection can likely occur. 

In the same show, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta commented about the transmission rates. According to him, the low transmission would occur in summer as people will socialize less and more in cold and dry weather.

He further added that the immune system of vaccinated people is stronger to protect them against the virus. Although, few people may get infected and still be asymptomatic and others may get sick even with proper hospitalization. 

According to Barbara Ferrer, health director of Los Angeles County, the Delta variant proved to be a game-changer as 20% of the 4,000 new cases in the county were fully vaccinated people and were facing only mild symptoms. She added that vaccinated people are at lower risk against viruses as compared to unvaccinated people.

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