Rival Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Reviews

Rival is a smartwatch and fitness tracker with advanced features at a budget price.

Available exclusively online, Rival cuts out the middleman, giving you a powerful fitness tracker without breaking the bank.

Does Rival live up to the hype? How does the Rival smartwatch work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Rival and its effects today in our review.

What is Rival?

Rival is a fitness tracker and smartwatch that recently started to trend online.

As seen on ABC, Lad Bible, Daily Mail, Insider, Forbes, and other major media, Rival aims to offer the features of a big brand watch at a fraction of the price.

The comfortable, lightweight watch features a range of tools to help you track everything you need to know – including health, fitness, sleep, phone notifications, and more.

In fact, Rival even tracks metrics many higher-end smartwatches do not test – including blood pressure and SPO2. And, with 8 sport modes, Rival makes it easy to automatically track whatever activity you’re doing for accurate step count and calorie burning information.

Rival is only available through GetRivalSmartWatch.com. As part of a 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price by 70%, allowing you to get a high-end smartwatch for as little as $53.40 per watch.

Rival Benefits

Rival Benefits

Rival aims to offer many of the same benefits as a smartwatch or fitness tracker but at a discount price. Some of the benefits of Rival include:

  • Track 11 health parameters
  • 24/7 heart and sleep monitoring
  • Track steps, calories burned, and more
  • Daily progress tracker
  • Smart notifications
  • Light, durable, and water resistant

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How Does Rival Work?

The Rival smartwatch and fitness tracker works in a similar way to other smartwatches and fitness trackers: it uses a combination of onboard sensors and phone sensors to measure what you’re doing. Then, it translates that data into meaningful information – like the number of steps you’ve taken and the number of calories you burned while running.

The four core features of Rival are its health tracking, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, and smartwatch notifications. Here’s how each works:

Health Tracking: Rival tracks heart rate, blood pressure, and SPO2. You can track this information automatically or manually with a tap. Most smartwatches track heartrate, but few track blood pressure – especially without a wrist or arm cuff for calibration. Nevertheless, Rival tracks SPO2, blood pressure, and heart rate to give insight into your cardiovascular health.

Fitness Tracker: Rival tracks your fitness with eight sports modes, a step count, and a calorie counter. You can also receive “get moving” reminders to help you stay motivated. Just choose the sport or activity you’re doing, then let Rival track your steps and calories burned. The smartwatch also automatically tracks the number of steps you’ve taken and calories you’ve burned all day long.

Sleep Tracker: Rival offers a sleep tracker that monitors and analyzes your sleep duration, stages of sleep, and sleep quality, helping you improve your sleeping habits.

Smartwatch Notifications: Rival offers smartwatch notifications, helping you stay connected with alerts for calls, texts, social media updates, and other notifications from your phone. Rival offers an app for Android or iOS, and it also connects to your device via Bluetooth. You can view important phone information from your wrist and keep your phone in your pocket.

Because of these four core functions, Rival aims to be the ultimate smartwatch and fitness tracker available online today.

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What’s the Difference Between Rival and Other Smartwatches?

There are plenty of smartwatches and fitness trackers online today. What makes Rival unique? Why pick Rival over other higher-end or lower-end options?

Here are some of the unique advantages Rival has over many other smartwatches and fitness trackers:

  • Monitors blood pressure
  • Measures SPO2 levels
  • 8-in-1 sports mode
  • Smart notifications from your phone
  • 70% off discount for 2023
  • 90 day moneyback guarantee

Because of these advantages, many people find Rival is the best smartwatch and fitness tracker for their unique needs, providing a powerful range of features at a competitive price.

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Rival Features

Some of the most important features on Rival include:

Step Monitor: Track the number of steps you’ve taken each day with Rival. The smartwatch automatically tracks the number of steps you’ve taken each day. It also tracks the number of steps you’ve taken during specific activities – like running or playing soccer.

Multi-Sport Function for 8-in-1 Sport Tracking: You can track up to 8 sports with Rival. Just tell the tracker which sport or activity you’re participating in, and the tracker uses on-board algorithms to track calories burned, steps taken, and other metrics for that activity.

Works with Da Fit Mobile App: Rival uses the Da Fit mobile app to manage your health and fitness. Similar to Samsung Health, Apple Health, and Google Fit, the app provides all-in-one information about your health and wellness. You can view the number of steps you’ve taken today, the quality of sleep and sleep cycles, your daily heart rate, and more. The app is available for iOS and Android, and Rival has strong reviews from both app stores.

Available at 70% Discount: The makers of Rival have reduced the price by 70% by selling the smartwatch directly to customers through their online store. By buying the smartwatch through GetRivalSmartwatch.com today, you can pay 70% less than the ordinary retail price, or around $89 per watch (the ordinary retail price is $178 per watch).

Laser Sensor for Accurate Readings: Rival has a laser sensor on the back of the device for accurate readings. The laser checks your skin for biometric information, then relays that information to the watch. Just remove the protector film from the laser sensor before use.

Easy to Use: Even if you have no tech skills, you can easily use Rival without issue. Just connect Rival to your phone like you would connect any Bluetooth device. Then, manage everything from the app or from the watch.

LED Touchscreen: You control Rival’s functions with the touchscreen LED, making it easy to perform all of the functions you need to perform. You press and hold your finger to change certain parts of the UI, for example.

Control Via Mobile App: You can also control and customize Rival via the mobile app. Just open the app from your smartphone, tap Rival from the list of devices, and customize your watch face and other items.

Blood Pressure Monitoring: Some smartwatches measure blood pressure, but you first need to calibrate the sensors with a blood pressure cuff. However, Rival claims to measure blood pressure from your wrist without requiring any type of blood pressure cuff. To do that, Rival uses pulse transit time (PTT). When your blood pressure is high, pulse transit time is faster. When blood pressure is low, pulse transit time is slower.

Monitors SPO2 Levels: Blood oxygen levels can reveal insight into your VO2 max and other crucial health metrics. The more oxygen is in your blood, the better your aerobic and anerobic performance could be. Low blood oxygen levels at night could also be associated with sleep apnea. Rival measures SPO2 levels to give you insight into your health.

Monitor Sleep: Rival monitors sleep, automatically tracking your body as you go through sleep cycles. You can see how long you slept, how much time you spent in each phase of sleep (like REM, deep sleep, and light sleep), and the time you fell asleep and woke up, among other information.

Multiple Color Options: Rival is available in four colors, including nude pink, yellow, blue, and black.

Smart Notifications from your Phone: Receive important notifications from your phone with Rival’s smart notifications. Rival sends call and text alerts to your watch, ensuring you never miss important things.

Weatherproof & Durable with IP67 Rating: Rival has an IP67 rating, which means its water and dust-resistant (although not quite waterproof). The watch withstands splashes of water – like from rain or a shower. The official Rival website shows people swimming with the watch, although you should not submerge a device with IP67 waterproof protection, as it could damage it.

20 Day Battery Life: Rival has an astonishing 20 days of battery life. You can track activities around the clock for nearly 3 weeks on a single charge.

At-a-Glance Weather Information: You can setup Rival to show weather in your current location or a specific location. Just select your location in the app, and the app automatically pulls the current weather and sends it to your smartwatch.

Sync Notifications from Social media and Messaging Apps: Rival doesn’t just sync messages and calls from your carrier; it also syncs incoming notifications from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

Comfortable Strap for All Day Use: Most reviewers agree Rival’s strap is comfortable and easy to wear all day long. Because it’s customizable, it fits snugly on your wrist without being too loose or tight. Plus, you can adjust it on the fly without swapping out the band.

Remote Control your Phone Camera: Rival lets you remotely control your phone camera. If you place your phone on a tripod 20 feet away and pose for a photo, for example, you can activate the camera from your wrist.

Control Music From Your Wrist: Rival also lets you control music from your wrist. When playing music on your phone, you can control music playback from the watch face.

Compatible with Android and iOS: Rival works with virtually all modern Androids, iPhones, and iPads, including any Android with version 5.0 or higher and any iOS device with iOS 9.0 or higher. The Rival app is also available for iOS or Android.

USB Rechargeable: You can recharge Rival as easily as recharging any USB-powered device – like a smartphone or tablet. Just plug the USB cable into your computer or an ordinary wall adaptor.

Silent Alarm: Want to wake up without alerting your partner? Rival has a smart alarm feature that vibrates on your wrist, helping you wake up without noise.

Theater Mode: Rival has a theater mode, which turns off the vibration and reduces the brightness. This is ideal for use in theaters or at night when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls: Some smartwatches only have one or two basic buttons. Rival has a complete set of touchscreen controls. You can swipe down for the control center, for example, swipe left for feature pages, swipe up to get messages, and swipe right for the main menu – all without pulling your phone from your pocket.

Continuous & Manual Heartrate Monitoring: Rival can track your heartrate all day. Or, it can track it manually with the tap of a button.

Movement Reminders: Rival sends movement reminders if you’ve been inactive for too long. If you’ve been sitting on your couch without moving much for 90 minutes, for example, then Rival could send a movement reminder.

Drink Water Reminders: Need a reminder to drink water during the day? Rival can automatically send a reminder to stay hydrated.

Durable Operating Temperature: Rival is designed to work effectively in a range of conditions. There’s an operating temperature of 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, and an even wider operating temperature when you’re not using the device.

Customizable Sizing: The Rival strap can fit wrists between 5.5” and 7.7” in circumference. The watch is available as a one-size-fits-all design.

Rival Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Rival has strong reviews online. Many users were looking for a budget smartwatch with advanced features, and they’re happy to have found Rival. Others came to Rival after being disappointed with higher-end smartwatches and fitness trackers.

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Here are some of the reviews shared by happy customers online today:

Many users like Rival for keeping them motivated. It’s fun to watch the tracker count your steps for the day, for example, and record your sleep at night. It helps you push towards a healthier lifestyle.

One user left a review after using Rival every day for 3 months. He describes the smartwatch as “comfortable & lightweight for all day wear.” He also likes how it tracks his workouts and gives him prompts when needed most.

Another user described Rival as “health monitoring at its best,” claiming the device was “the most advanced health tracker” on the market. He liked the tracker for monitoring things other smartwatches may not – like blood pressure and SPO2 levels. Even higher-end smartwatches don’t track blood pressure, for example, and it’s rare to see on any device – especially without a wrist or arm cuff.

Users also like the phone connectivity. Rival is not just a fitness tracker; it’s also a smartwatch that pairs with your phone. You can view phone notifications on your wrist, get texts and calls, and never miss a notification no matter what you’re doing.

Rival’s fitness app, Da Fit, has a 4 star review on the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads. It also has a 3.6 star rating from the iOS App Store with 5,600+ ratings. Plus, it’s the #98 ranked app in Apple’s Health & Fitness category.

According to the official Rival online store, the watch has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 12,420+ verified customer reviews.

Rival Pricing

Rival is available at 70% off as part of a 2023 promotion. The ordinary retail price is $178. Through the recent promotion, however, you’ll pay just $89 per smart watch. You can save even more money by buying multiple watches, which drops the price to as little as $53.40 per watch.

Here’s how much you pay when ordering Rival online today:

  • 1 x Rival Smart Watch: $89
  • 2 x Rival Smart Watches: $139 ($69.50 Per Watch)
  • 3 x Rival Smart Watches (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $177 ($59 Per Watch)
  • 4 x Rival Smart Watches: $219
  • 5 x Rival Smart Watches (Buy 3, Get 2 Free): $267 ($53.40 Per Watch)

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Rival is available in four color options, including black, blue, yellow, and nude pink.

You can add extra coverage to your watch for $17.80 per watch. This extra coverage extends the warranty for 3 years via a replacement and protection plan. If you break or lose the watch within the next 3 years, then you can request a replacement under this extended coverage plan.

Extended Rival Smart Watch Coverage (+$17.80 Per Watch): Includes accidental damage protection, free parts replacement guarantee, express replacement service, and 24/7 priority customer service access.

Rival Refund Policy

All Rival purchases come with a 90 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 90 days with no questions asked if you’re unhappy for any reason.

About Rival Retail Co

The Rival smartwatch is made by Rival Retail Co. The smartwatch is the company’s flagship product.

You can contact Rival Retail Co and the company’s customer service team via the following:

The company aims to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Final Word

Rival is a popular smartwatch and fitness tracker made by Rival Retail Co.

Available exclusively online, Rival is a feature-rich smartwatch with a budget price tag. At 70% off the ordinary retail price, Rival is designed to be the ultimate watch at a budget price.

To learn more about Rival and how the smartwatch works or to buy the fitness tracker online today, visit the official store.

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