Romano claims Man Utd are ‘obsessed’ with transfer because they want to send ‘message to the market’ – football365


Transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano has insisted Man Utd are ‘obsessed’ with the signing of Frankie de Jong but Barcelona stand by his assessment.

Widespread reports claim that De Jong is Eric Ten Haag’s main target this summer For the next season he wants to improve parts of his team.

With Premier League rivals Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal all acting early, the Red Devils have come under little pressure to put some signings on the line.

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It seems De Jong is the only one he’s currently focused on Before moving on to other signings after being persuaded to sell Barcelona.

And Romano insists there is “still no agreement” between Man Utd and Barcelona over De Jong, with the two clubs currently €16m apart in their ratings.

told Romano waiting friends: “I am sure Man Utd will try and try because they are convinced that signing Frankie de Jong would mean a lot more than signing a brilliant midfielder, signing more than one key player on the pitch.

“It will be a message to the market. That’s why Man Utd are obsessed with this transfer.

“Since Frankie de Jong signed, if you don’t have Champions League football, if you have a new project with a new manager like Eric ten Haag, it will send a message to a lot of other players and a lot of other clubs that ‘ okay’ are. ‘

“That’s why Man Utd are really striving for this deal. There is no deal at the moment. So it’s definitely not an easy deal.

“It’s not easy because FC Barcelona were very clear in the last clash with Man Utd. They told them they would not accept 60 million euros with add-ons, 70 million euros with add-ons.

“They want 86 million euros. That’s what they invested in for Frankie de Jong a few years ago. They want the same money and another point they need to understand is the La Liga rules that they are going to stake that money. How much can you reinvest?

Barcelona are hoping to use the money they receive from De Jong to persuade Man City to sell Bernardo Silva this summer.

Romano said: “They (FC Barcelona) want Bernardo Silva. Barcelona’s mission will be to sell Frankie de Jong and sign Bernardo Silva for almost the same money. So they don’t want to lose out on a deal like that.”

“At the same time they want to make sure that La Liga rules allow them to reinvest all the money they will get from Man Utd’s Frankie de Jong.

“That’s why the deal isn’t that quick, that’s why the two clubs are still in contact, but there’s still no deal.”

And Romano is certain Man Utd will ‘keep trying and trying’ to seal a deal for De Jong because they want ‘to send that message to the market’.

He continued: “Frankie (de Jong) is waiting by his side. He’s waiting because he said very clearly that he’s at the best club in the world, he’s really happy at Barcelona.

“He is in no hurry to leave the club. He’s waiting to understand what Barcelona want to do with him.

“It’s a really strange deal for now but I’m sure Man Utd will try and keep trying as they want to send that message to the market.”



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