Ron Swanson’s Best Significant Other On Parks And Recreation Is Obvious To Fans


In Season 5 Episode 3, “How A Bill Becomes A Law,” Diane Lewis (Lucy Lawless) is introduced to the cast of comic book characters as the love interest for Ron, and fans fell in love with her instantly. The r/PandR subreddit posted a picture of u/deckhandpo with the caption, “These two don’t get enough credit as a couple. I think they were a great match in my opinion.” Almost all of the dozens of comments praised the character, while those who said otherwise simply insulted Tammy’s 1 and 2.

Diane is characterized by her friendly bluntness and tender confidence. As a single mother of two and a middle school assistant principal, she has no place to beat about the bush. In an interview with EW, Lucy Lawless said: “This is his first mature relationship – it in no way perverts his nature. That’s the kind of woman you might want to see him with, and yet it’s going to be almost damn impossible for him to stay in it.”

Fans like u/video-kid praised her for accepting Ron for who he was and encouraged him to be better. Others, like u/TixHoineeng, loved her sense of humor. While it’s not the top rated comment, u/chrissilich summed it up perfectly by saying, “Of course, Xena Warrior Princess is the only woman who fills enough squares on the Ron Swanson pyramid of greatness,” which is a lovely nod to Lawless ‘ Remarkable acting is career.

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