School Reopening, Vaccinations, And Foreign Policies On The Book In first Network Interview Of President Biden


In a first network television interview as President, Joe Biden talks about numerous issues. While talking about vaccinations against covid-19, President Biden acknowledged the fact that given the pace of the vaccination, it is unlikely to achieve herd immunity by this summer. He assured that to pick up the pace, the administration is going to utilize all the national football leagues’ (NFL) stadiums as vaccination centers. 

In an interview with the CBS evening news with Norah O’Donnell, Biden said that the current coronavirus pandemic situation is a national emergency and its effects on the workforces and the school children.

School Reopening, Vaccinations, And Foreign Policies On The Book In first Network Interview Of President Biden

President Biden attacked the former Trump administration saying that the handling of the pandemic was worse than expected. President Biden has called the Defense production act to urge the companies to speed up the manufacturing process for vaccines as well as for the medical equipment.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed President Biden about the availability of all the 32 NFL stadiums to be converted into vaccination centers. 

In the interview, President Biden expressed his concern saying that all his grandchildren and children (referring to students across the country) are going to pay the price of not being able to attend school in person.

School Reopening, Vaccinations, And Foreign Policies On The Book In first Network Interview Of President Biden

President Biden advocated the reopening of schools by following proper safety guidelines. Officials with Center for Diseases Control and Prevention will soon be releasing guidelines regarding the precautionary steps to be taken after reopening the schools. This might include having fewer people in the classroom and a proper ventilation system. 

In the long interview, Biden discussed many issues ranging from coronavirus pandemic to foreign policies, including his opinion about why former President Donald Trump should not be accessing the intelligence briefings.

On the foreign policies, President Biden said that the handling of relations with China will surely be different from Trump administration. Regarding Iran, President Biden confirmed not to stop sanctions lest Iran is committed to stop enriching uranium. 

Biden added that though he hadn’t called the Chinese President yet, but he didn’t find any reason not to call him. He offered Xi Jinping some praises and assured that things between the two nations shall be different in his administration. 

Pointing to Chinese President Jinping, President Biden said that though there is going to be extreme competition between the two nations, there should not be a place for conflict. They should focus on the International rules of the road.

President Biden and his administration have maintained an aggressive attitude towards China while simultaneously hinting that it is the most important US relation. After the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, Chinese government announced sanctions against outgoing US officials. This move was announced to be unproductive and cynical and was dismissed by the White house. 

President Biden, after taking charge, have spoken with several world leaders over the phone. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, has also spoken to the Chinese counterpart last week. In the call, the US has taken a firm tone, and China was told that the US will surely defend its national interests, will stand up for the democratic values, and the abuses of the International system by China shall fall on China’s Shoulder only. China will be held accountable for the international system abuse.

When asked if the US is going to drop sanctions to Iran during new terms of negotiations, President Biden simply replied that they have to stop enriching uranium first. Otherwise, No. 

In the interview, President Biden said that in his opinion, former President Trump should not be given access to intelligence briefings that are usually given to the former presidents after leaving the office. He expressed this opinion over Trump’s erratic behavior that led to the Capitol siege on Jan 6.

That was a long interview aired on Friday and Sunday. 


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