Schools Shut For In-person Learning Since The Start Of The Pandemic

Schools Shut For In-person Learning Since The Start Of The Pandemic

Thousands of schools in 35 states have closed for in-person learning since the beginning of the pandemic. 

According to Burbio, a NewYork based data service that is tracking K-12 school reopening trends, the schools in its list have closed for at least one day or several weeks. Most of the schools shifted to remote learning. Some of the schools even shut without any instruction. And a few upgraded into hybrid learning or delayed their start of the school year.

Schools Shut For In-person Learning Since The Start Of The Pandemic

The closure of schools is at its highest now when there is an ongoing debate over mask mandates in schools. The United States is also experiencing a surge in pediatric Covid-19 cases, because of the contagious Delta variant.

The White House last month announced that they are investigating the ban on mask mandate in the five states. 

Schools Shut For In-person Learning Since The Start Of The Pandemic

The department will completely ensure the safe return of students and staff to the class by this failure, US President Biden quotes.

The United States now has 39.9 million confirmed Covid-19 cases. With 648,400 deaths, states Johns Hopkins University. 

The global total is more than 220.5 million confirmed cases and 4.56 million deaths. 53% of the American population is vaccinated, informed the CDC.

The hospital staff has been working against the virus for the past 18 months. Many requested their early retirement or transfers due to the amount of work, and the fear of getting infected.

Amid all this, the fight over booster doses is still on. Dr. Fauci, chief medical advisor informed that the Moderna booster dose might not be available to citizens anytime soon. As per experts, The Moderna booster dose is yet to avail approval from CDC and FDA.

Also, It is possible that booster doses from Pfizer and Moderna are likely to get approval by 20 September, added by Dr. Fauci. 

Moderna applied for approval this Wednesday. The approval as soon as 20 September is not possible. The Pfizer dose data is under study and may get approved by the deadline. 

Mississippi is the least vaccinated state in the U.S.

Due to the low vaccination count in the state, the cases are on the rise. Hospitals are full of patients, the expression of guilt of not getting vaccinated is a common sight among visitors. 

The citizens of Mississippi are under constant misinformation about the virus. People are visiting the hospitals without masks.

38% of its population is vaccinated. The hospital workers are tired and frustrated by the careless behavior of the citizens. 

White House is discussing future pandemic strategy

The Biden administration on Friday discussed a plan. The plan is to upgrade the country’s ability to face future pandemics. 

The plan includes:-

  • Expansion of vaccine stocks, therapeutics, and diagnostics.
  • Strengthening of the public health system.
  • Improving the country’s ability to produce personal protection.
  • Improvement in the early detection of pandemics.
  • Creating a “mission control” which will be in charge of many federal agencies.

The White House will spend $65.3 billion on the project over the next decade. 


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