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Scientists Push For Streamlined Vaccination

Scientists Push For Streamlined Vaccination

New Cases for Covid-19 and deaths have been in the trend for more than a month in the United States. In addition to this, the seven-day average for hospitalization has also declined in almost 49-states. The number of cases in Washington is also steady at the moment as per the data by John Hopkins University. 

Scientists Push For Streamlined Vaccination

On Friday, President Joe Biden announced that he will spend almost $4 Billion on the International Covid vaccination drive. This will be an international effort. The announcement has been made in the G-7 Meeting. President Biden’s administration has also said that they have pledged that the donation will have no negative impact on the domestic vaccination program in the United States.

Scientists Push For Streamlined Vaccination

Many scientists and health officials have urged the Congress to streamline the process of vaccination. Scientists have also said that Covid-19 vaccination drive can be ramped up by increasing the supply of vaccines and by stremining the exact process of vaccination. 

As per Dr. Alison Buttenheim, it’s time to “Fix the easy stuff.” Dr. Alison Buttenheim is a scientific director for the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics. She also commented that changing the hassle factors related to vaccination is much easier than changing minds of people. 

Many elected officials and experts are working day and night to fight vaccine hesitancy and disinformation about the vaccine. State and health officials are also of the opinion that online registration, phone banks, proper vaccine appointments, and drive-through vaccination sites can be helpful in reducing barriers associated with vaccination. In addition to this, more doses are also needed to meet the demands. 

As per another news, New York city restaurants will also reopen their indoor dining section with almost 35% sitting capacity. The city’s rule will also be consistent with the neighboring new Jersey’s limits on restaurants. 

But, because of this, people from New York city, and Manhattan are going to the restaurant in New Jersey. Thus, it is not serving any purpose. 

Many restaurants in the city were allowed to reopen at a capacity of 25%. The indoor dining capacity was increased to almost 50%. Governor also said that New York City has certain restrictions because of its dense population. 

As per another new health chief from New York has defended a decision to make nursing homes for Covid-19 patients. As per Health Chief Dr. Howard Zucker, it’s time we need to take strict decisions so that the health system doesn’t collapse. As per a directive issued in March last year, nursing homes could not deny admission to a resident who got infected with Coronavirus. The directive also banned the nursing homes from testing the patient before entry into the hospital.

Dr. Zucker said that we have taken many right decisions but it’s time for proper implementation. It’s time citizens as well as the government take lots of proactive measures to stay safe from the dangerous impact of the virus.

That’s all folks for the update regarding covid-19 situation in the US. Stay in touch to get more updates at regular intervals. 



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