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Selfies Or Slurs: Physicians Misbehaving On And Off The Job

Selfies Or Slurs: Physicians Misbehaving On And Off The Job

The country is battling a virus that has devastated many families, but doctors, also considered corona warriors working tirelessly to treat patients. Doctors are the ones who were on the frontline and working continuously to help, heal and offer hope to all. They put themselves at risk and worked endless shifts to save countries’ lives. But what if doctors take selfies with unconscious patients?

During the survey, many physicians report misbehaving in work settings, personal lives, and social media, and new data may back up that perception. Medscape lately surveyed over 2000 physicians to put a light on the inappropriate and bad behavior among physicians within the past five years.

Selfies Or Slurs: Physicians Misbehaving On And Off The Job

As per the reports, about fifty-six percent, i.e. more than half of physicians, agreed that they have noticed or else experienced other physicians heaving badly and inappropriately. Out of them, nearly forty-four percent alleged that bad behavior mostly happens in the workplace, out of the 33 percent of physicians who said it occurs on a social media platform, and 23 percent say it all happens outside the workplace.

Selfies Or Slurs: Physicians Misbehaving On And Off The Job

As per the Medscape survey, inappropriate behavior is defined as disrespect for patients, medical professionals, or any other people. Also, inappropriate behavior includes being visibly inebriated or badly dressed, harassing other staff or patients, or using offensive sexual or racist language in front of everyone. It also includes making fun of patient’s privacy on the social media platform.

In the past five years, doctors personally experienced many instances of this inappropriate behavior by physicians, including inside and outside the workplace. Some common and most frequent infractions that are seen in workplaces are bullying other medical staff or making fun of patients. Sadly, these situations are reported at about eighty percent. After these two, the third most common situation experienced is the use of racist language, and about half of the physicians reported this.  About 44 percent of physicians reported that they have witnessed doctors being physically aggressive, and 40 percent of them saw inebriation. Outside the workplace, the most common behavior noticed was making fun of patients, which about 68 percent reported, and inebriation which 58 percent reported.

 Chief wellness officer at UC Davis Health, Mr. Peter Yellowlees, said ‘sad but not surprised to see the outcomes, especially regarding physicians’ bullying and disparaging behaviors towards patients. The result of the survey shows how most of us faced difficulties and disrupted colleagues. We should not tolerate this kind of behavior at any cost and ask ourselves, have I done anything to prevent this and stop this from happening again.

During the survey, physicians were also asked to report the most egregious situations of bad behavior they have faced. Shockingly the responses were ‘a physician continuously joking to patients as well as a staff regarding his own genital size’. Also, ‘a drunk physician posted on social media that he wanted to have sex with two of his patients ‘.  They also reported that doctors were partying with many people while unmasking during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bad behavior on social media by doctors

During the survey, physicians also reported that overall, eight misbehaviors were witnessed by then and which was done by other doctors on social media. They revealed that social media platform is the prime locale for bad judgment when they asked to elaborate. Often, physicians behave badly on Facebook, as it is the most used platform by them regularly. Out of many, one also revealed that they also witnessed physicians posting pictures of themselves partying in which everyone was clearly on drugs.  One more said that doctors post pictures making fun of an unconscious patient or displayed pictures of rashes in sexually explicit areas in women, which are actually disgusting. Doctors who are considered warriors showing this behavior are not what we expect as many people used hateful, sexist, anti-Semitic, and racist words for them.



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