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Date A Live Season 4 gets all the praise and credit for the way it handles both the love and action sides of the story. The anime has so far barely managed to captivate fans. Scheduled for this week is Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 with a suitable release date. This season struck a perfect balance between the love story and the action sequences. So here’s everything you need to know about the sixth episode.

On the following outing, Shido will come up with a plan to celebrate defeating the DEM forces. So far he had spent his time looking for ghosts and other similar things. But now he will try to set up a meeting with Nia for the day.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next episode of Date A Live IV is “An Opened Heart”. Now that most of the action has wrapped up, the anime is expected to return to the filler outings. This includes the love between Shido and Nia. Defeating the DEM armies was one of the greatest achievements for these people. To get out of the brutality of war, Shido will now arrange a romantic meeting with Nia.

The title also agrees with this theory. After what he did for her at the comic book festival, she would be more than pleased to spend the rest of her time with him. Fans are curious how the boy will plan this meeting with her. So Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 will take a look at a romantic date between these two cupids.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6

Summary of the previous episode!

The fifth episode of Date A Live IV, titled “Fairy Tale,” began with Westcott harnessing the power of Beelzebub. His plan was to use these powers and force the spirits to play the roles of fictional characters from the manga he wrote. And now, in order for the ghosts to return to the normal world, they had to transform into a character more powerful than any of them.

But the tables turned faster than either of them expected. The Ghosts Found and an alternate version of Shido that was more powerful than the one already in play. With him, they could easily escape the game. Later in the story, the ghosts returned to the real world. The episode ended with the Fraxinus crew winning the game. And finally, Fraxinus was shot into space.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 6 release date

According to the official schedule, there is no particular delay in the release of the latest episode. So fans can enjoy this week’s episode uninterrupted. The correct release date is May 13, 2022. Fans can watch all episodes of the anime only in the official sections of Crunchyroll. Finally, keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more information about it.


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