Shinpei Learns About The Shadows, Release Date And More


Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 will reveal more clues about Ushio’s death. In the previous episode, Shinpei visited Shiori’s house to find clues about her. But he spotted body marks at the site, leaving him to explore more. However, the deeper Shinpei digs into this mystery, the harder it becomes for him to help everyone.

In the next episode it will be quite difficult for Shinpei to uncover things. After receiving Ushio’s cell phone, Shinpei will get a clue to this mystery. Also, Ushio will chat with him and share some information about the shadows and the mystery behind their deaths. Meanwhile, Mio could be in danger. Read on to find out more.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 Preview: What Happens Next?

Shinpei spotted Ushio’s shadow and followed her to the beach. Just as the fireworks started we spotted her face floating towards the ocean. It seems like Ushio wanted to communicate with Shinpei and reveal something he had no idea about. She might give him a clue to Shiori’s whereabouts. There is a small possibility that something bad happened to Shiori. That’s why we saw her shadow in her place.

So Ushio will try to inform Shinpei. She may unveil the next clue that will lead him to Shiori’s whereabouts. But there is a chance that she died. This will lead him to her body. Meanwhile, Ushio’s phone may contain some hidden information that Shinpei needs to unearth. As for Sou, he will spend loving time with Mio and maybe share how much he cares for her. But Mio may not be ready to cum at any time of the relationship, which could break Sou’s heart.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

A short summary!

In Summer Time Rendering Episode 3, Mio and Shinpei discussed how to rescue Shiori Kobayakawa and how to find out the whereabouts of the family. But Shinpei suggested Mio had to stay at the place and decided to go alone. He visited Kobayakawa’s household and found that there was no one there even in the morning. He spotted a body mark left by shadows. Shinpei went upstairs and heard the sound of a camera implying that Shiori was gone and now her shadow was there.

While her shadow was about to kill Shinpei, the neighbor appeared and saved his life. Later, a police officer named Tetsu gave Shinpei a cell phone and told him that Ushio asked him to give it to Shinpei in case anything happened to her. So Mio and Sou, together with Shinpei, decided to go to the shrine on the festival day. At night, Sou opened up about his feelings for Mio and asked Shinpei about his feelings for Mio. So he suggested that she was his family and soon after spotted Ushio’s shadow and walked in her direction.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 Release Date

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 titled “Jamais Vu” will help Shinpei learn more about the shadow and Ushio’s death. He’ll finally learn more about Ushio and how things turned out. Episode 4 will be released on May 6th, 2022. It is published on local Japanese channels such as Kansai TV, BS11 and Tokyo MX. However, people all over the world can stream it on Disney Plus.

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