Shipment of Covid-19 Vaccine may be delayed because of weather

Shipment of Covid-19 Vaccine may be delayed because of weather

The severe weather conditions in most parts of America is compelling the government to delay the shipment of vaccines all over the US. Winter storms in different parts of the country have led to more than a dozen deaths. Many people are living without any power supply. 

Shipment of Covid-19 Vaccine may be delayed because of weather

But, the major challenge in the present situation is the delay in shipment of Covid-19 vaccine. The recent update was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday.

Shipment of Covid-19 Vaccine may be delayed because of weather

Because of the poor weather conditions, the United States is facing a huge health challenge. The Government has also projected delay in the shipment as well as delivery of vaccines in different parts of the world. The recent update was provided by Jasmine Reed, who is a spokesperson for CDC.

Shipping partners are working hard to deliver vaccine boxes wherever possible. But the local ground conditions and adverse weather will continue the delay in delivery of the vaccine. Infact FedEx released an official statement about the delay. The FedEx facility at Memphis, Tenn and UPS Facility in Ken and Louisville will be disturbed. The major point of worry is that these are the vaccine hubs for many states. 

At the end of the day on 16th February, almost 40 million people in the US had received one or more doses of vaccine as per the official data by CDC. in fact, more than 15 million people have got both doses. 

In Texas, where almost 4 million people are living in cold, the poor weather system has also crippled the electric grid system. Thus, the shipment of vaccine which was on way won’t be able to reach until Wednesday midnight. 

None of the delivery partners want to risk the vaccine by attempting it to deliver in poor conditions. Thus, the non-availability of electricity is one of the major factors that is influencing the shipment of vaccines in different parts of the United States.

An official in Harris County, scrambled to administer the vaccine doses after a power outage and the condition in which the backup generator failed. 

A student from Rice university commented that she dropped all her tasks and she sprinted at the vaccination center just because she did not want to leave a chance. 

At Chicago, all city-operated vaccination and testing centers were closed because of the severe weather conditions. 

Governors at Ohio and Florida have also commented that the shipment will be severely impacted in Colorado’s health department. In addition to this, it will also affect the allocation of 133,000 vaccine doses that is expected for Thursday.

Even in Pennsylvania, the Geisinger health system has rescheduled appointments at some facilities that had schedules for Wednesday and Friday. Vaccination in Monmouth County and New Jersey has been rescheduled for Friday. With the present condition, nature is creating havoc. People were first worried about the non-availability of vaccines. But, now even if the vaccine is available people are unable to get access to vaccination because of the poor weather conditions. We can just be hopeful for the situation to improve.


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