Shock Therapy Are Effective And Safe To Treat Depression

Shock Therapy Are Effective and Safe to Treat Depression

Many researchers have found that shock therapy is often effective and helps to reduce severe depression issues. But stigma and fear of shock might deter patients which is the main reason most people do not get it. Now, as it is a safe and effective way to cure your depression and anxiety. 

Shock Therapy Are Effective and Safe to Treat Depression

ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) has been following medically by doctors for decades. All this while, most of the people have seen it in a dangerous light by listening to disturbing media and other people.

But now, the ETC approach is different and much easy as compared to past years. It is now recommended as the best treatment for the highly depressive state where most of the huge medical standards are failed. 

Shock Therapy Are Effective and Safe to Treat Depression

Depression is known as a mental state where one finds things not much interesting and loses the confidence to live well.

This situation may be temporary and can be found if not treated also if it is at a minor level but if the same persists for long, one must contact an expert and start required treatment for the same else it may prove dangerous if it increases with time and prove deadly for the patient said an expert with a leading institute.

Patients around 10,000 were hospitalized with a very serious issue of depression. Those people who received an ETC were improved as compared to those people who didn’t get it because of fear. Most of the patients died over the months due to their severe depressive level but those who got ETC ended up in hospital for medical care.

If they have taken ETC, it might have helped to save their lives. Researchers found that those who got ETC treatment was feeling better and stopped thinking about suicidal thoughts after they got discharged from the hospital. 

Well, ETC can have side effects as well that include short-term memory loss, problems while learning. In most cases, patients have ended up with a permanent loss of their memory or gaps about previous events. Despite these side effects, people often assume the process of ETC as a dangerous step.

Dr, Tyler Kaster has said that most people do not get ETC treatment because of death fear. He mentioned that the main reason behind this fear is wrong portrayals of negative media. Also, some people who have bad experiences in ETC cases worry other patients who look forward to TC treatment. 

While getting ETC treatment, electrodes are kept on the patient’s head which delivers the small electrical shocks to their brain that cause brief seizures. In past years, this method was done without any medication and due to this, some people faced injuries like bone fractures. But nowadays, these kinds of treatments are performed under anesthesia where people receive the relaxation in their muscles and prevent any other injuries.

Numerous studies have found that ETC is more likely to “low-risk” processes performed by medical institutions during complications. These studies compared both patients with ETC treatment and non-ETC treatment to find the result.

After the completion of these studies, those patients who took the ETC treatment were improved and trying to get rid of anxiety and depression. But those who did not take ETC treatment ended up dying by suicide after they left the hospital. 

Researchers are not very sure about the reason behind why and how ETC works. But this treatment seems to be effective and that is the reason medical care and doctors are performing this to help patients with severe depression and anxiety. It can improve the communication of brain cells to respond against antidepressants. 


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