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Electricity usage is at the top of Americans’ minds when considering reducing residential utility costs. Your energy usage costs are climbing in 2023, and the outlook is similar for 2024. You need to take charge of the situation and turn to technology to help you save on these bills.

StopWatt – The Smart Solution to Better Electricity Management

StopWatt eliminates the harmful EMF electricity entering your home, “cleaning” it. StopWatt improves electricity efficiency by moving around your residential power grid, and cleaning the dirty electricity from wiring and outlets. The result is a saving on your monthly energy costs and the life of appliances.

Why Install StopWatt?

There are plenty of benefits to installing StopWatt in residential and commercial buildings. The cost savings alone are enough to make anyone take action. However, there are a few other significant advantages of using StopWatt.

  • Stabilize electrical current entering your home.
  • Reduce electrical load on wiring throughout your home or apartment.
  • Stop the “dirty” electricity entering your residential power grid.
  • Reduce surge risk and surge-damaged appliances and devices.
  • Provides a harmonic buffer against electrical shock risk.
  • Safe and approved for use in US apartments and homes.
  • UL-approved meets all regulatory codes.
  • Suitable for use in offices and other commercial venues.
  • No professional setup or tools are required.

Installing StopWatt in your home is a smart decision for managing your electricity usage and cost. This device offers every homeowner or renter real value in reducing annual energy expenses.

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StopWatt – How it Works

Using a StopWatt device is easy and requires no power tools or complicated electrical setup. You don’t need to hire an electrician, and most tenants can use these devices in their homes without notifying their landlord.

The company recommends using the StopWatt device in a central position in your home and close to the breaker box.

After receiving the StopWatt, turn on the device, and a green power bar shows you it’s working. StopWatt starts filtering the electricity entering your residential grid. It optimizes the electrical current that feeds your appliances and devices entering your home.

StopWatt needs a week or two to filter the electrical current moving through your residential grid. The installations involving more than one StopWatt should keep the devices at an even distance from each other in different locations, as far apart as possible.

Your energy usage, the size of your home or apartment, and whether you’re running a hybrid or solar system determine how long it takes StopWatt to filter the EMF electricity from your home’s residential power grid.

Most users report a significant change in their electricity consumption and the cost of their energy bills after two months of StopWatt consistently running in their homes. StopWatt aims to optimize your home’s electrical current between 4kHz and 150kHz.

You would want a StopWatt device in your home for several reasons.

“Electricity Stabilizing Technology” (EST)

Benefit from the way StopWatt straightens and optimizes electrical current moving through your residential grid. It optimizes the wiring in your home, giving you a smooth, consistent delivery of electricity to your devices and appliances.

The optimized electrical current enhances how electricity flows through the wiring and into the outlets, improving the operating efficiency of your apartment’s electrical system.

Stop Surge Damage

Apartments are notorious for blowing up devices and appliances with electrical surges. Consumers may never lose another device again, with StopWatt safeguarding the electrical circuit. You can eliminate surge risks, protecting your devices.

Patent-Pending Technology

StopWatt features proprietary magnetic EMF filter technology to remove carbon deposits from your home’s electrical circuit wiring. This action reduces exposure to the electromagnetic radiation created by the wiring in the walls and roof of your home. The (EMF/EMR) radiation also comes from appliances and devices connected to your electrical grid. StopWatt solves this problem.

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StopWatt Is Available on a Special Promotional Deal

Installing StopWatt in your home guarantees significant annual savings on your electrical bill. The device practically pays for itself in energy savings in the first few months of use. Plus, your home benefits from eliminating surge risk that could damage an appliance or device, preventing an expensive replacement.

StopWatt is available directly from the manufacturer on a special promotional deal:

The manufacturer recommends fitting one StopWatt device for every 450 sq. ft floor space. This installation offers the best positioning for optimal electrical EMF filtering. You’ll need to order more StopWatt devices to cover more extensive floor plans. The creators state using more than one StopWatt per 450 sq. ft floor plan won’t improve results.

  • Today, you can order one StopWatt compatible for a small apartment for $49 per unit. That saves you 50% off the retail price of $98.
  • For larger apartments, order two StopWatts and pay $48 each (order total $98). Save $98 off the retail price of $198.
  • For single-family homes or apartments over 900 sq. ft, the company recommends the three StopWatt bundle. You pay $78.40 each ($117.60 order total), saving $117.60 off the retail price of $235.20

StopWatt ships internationally for free. And when you move your cursor off the screen on the official online store, you get a prompt offering you a further 10% discount.

Get a 1-Year Guarantee with Your StopWatt.

Every StopWatt purchase comes with a one-year guarantee covering any defects or defaults. If you experience technical problems or receive a damaged device, send it back for a replacement or a refund.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The company has excellent customer service. Contact them at [email protected] to request your refund. The manufacturer ensures you get complete coverage for any issues you experience with StopWatt.

When you checkout with your StopWatt purchase, you can take an extended guarantee on your unit. Get all of the benefits of the guarantee extended for an extra three years for an additional $20.

Are you hesitating to purchase the StopWatt? We get it; laying down money for a brand you’ve never heard of is sketchy, even if it offers a guarantee. But what if you could try out StopWatt with a money-back guarantee on your power-saving experience?

When you order StopWatt through the official online store, you get a 60-day “StopWatt Power Saving Guarantee.” This money-back guarantee has simple terms and conditions. If StopWatt doesn’t save you money on your power bill after two months of use, send it back for a full refund. You get a 60-day trial of this power cleaning and saving device.

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StopWatt Power Device Review – FAQ

Q: Can StopWatt operate on US residential electrical systems?

A: StopWatt is certified to operate on US residential and commercial power grids. The device meets all US electrical and building codes in all states.

Q: Where can I install StopWatt?

A: The manufacturer recommends installing StopWatt in any residential or commercial location. Businesses, residences, offices, retail outlets, and commercial properties can benefit from the power-saving and stabilizing effect of StopWatt.

Q: Is StopWatt suitable for continuous unattended use?

A: StopWatt requires a 24-hour operation to filter the electricity entering your home. Leaving the unit running unattended is safe without fear of an electrical accident. StopWatt has UL approval, and it’s RoHS-compliant. StopWatt doesn’t require rebooting after a blackout; it auto-resumes, filtering the electricity as soon as the power starts flowing to your residential circuit.

Q: Who can benefit from using StopWatt?

A: StopWatt offers tenants and homeowners a way to stabilize their electricity and save on monthly power bills. No permanent installation of StopWatt is required, meaning customers can set it up and use the device without damaging the property.

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Q: Is StopWatt compatible with residential solar power systems?

A: StopWatt is suitable for solar or hybrid installations. StopWatt meets building codes for safety and enhances the efficacy of your solar system, saving maintenance on your setup.

Q: Does StopWatt meet residential building code regulations in the United States?

A: StopWatt meets the regulations and code set by the Residential Energy Stabilization (RES) Act. This legislation makes owning and operating a StopWatt device legal in all 50 states. The legislation allows consumers to use power factor devices and EMF filters like StopWatt in their homes to reduce the effect of the energy crisis on the nation by optimizing home electricity use.

Q: What are users saying about their StopWatt Experience?

A: StopWatt has thousands of reviews, with users rating their experience as 4.7/5 stars. StopWatt does what it promises, and people are satisfied with their savings on their monthly utility bills.

Q: Does Amazon stock StopWatt?

A: You can order your StopWatt through the official online store. It’s unavailable on Amazon to prevent counterfeit products from popping up on reseller accounts. You get a guaranteed, genuine product at a manufacturer’s discount when ordering StopWatt from the official website.

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