Should You Buy BPC 157 Peptide? Does Body Protection Compound-157 Work or Fake Hype?

BPC-157 is a Peptide that is available on multiple online platforms and is targeted toward athletes and bodybuilders. It has healing properties. It is very useful in healing the injured muscles and tendons. It is also useful in treating discomfort in the joints, or if there is some kind of problem with intestines or ulcers.

Even with so many benefits attributed to the BPC-157 Peptide, it is not a suitable choice for you, because most of the testing is conducted on lab rats and it has not been approved as safe to consume by FDA.

How Does BPC-157 Peptide Work?

BPC-157 Peptide working is based on the protein found in human gastrointestinal walls. It has healing properties.

Thus, BPC-157 Peptide uses it and offers the benefits of healing broken tendons and muscles and making them stronger and better than before. It also offers anti-inflammatory benefits. But again, it is not safe to consume.

How To Use BPC-157 Peptide?

Here, you can have plenty of options to choose from because BPC-157 Peptide comes in various forms. The following are the ways you can take BPC-157 Peptide:


BPC-157 Peptide is available in the form of injections. It is the most popular way to take BPC-157 Peptide. Just inject the BPC-157 Peptide directly into the blood and enjoy the effects. This helps you have full control of dose and efficiency.

Nasal Sprays

BPC-157 Peptide is also available in the form of nasal sprays. It is through the nasal membranes the BPC-157 Peptide makes its way to the blood. Though it is an easier way to take BPC-157 Peptide, you will have difficulty controlling the dose of it.


BPC-157 Peptide is available in capsules. But the biggest demerit of it is that if you use this means, the efficiency and potency of the BPC-157 Peptide will be compromised.

Why Should You Consider BPC-157 Peptide Alternatives?

It is important for you as a consumer to know about other alternatives because BPC-157 Peptide is not as beneficial as you might think it is. It has some fatal flaws and side effects.

It has many testimonials from customers who used it and were in severe pain later. The common side effects of the BPC-157 Peptide are Fatigue, Headaches, Dizziness, change in appetite, and inflammation and pain around the area where the injection was injected.

Additionally, it has only been tested on rats. So, you would not like to be its guinea pig right?

Who Can Not Consume BPC-157 Peptide?

BPC- 157 Peptide is not advisable to be consumed by women who are pregnant or in lactating phase. The Peptide it contains can be harmful to the growth and development of the fetus.

BPC-157 Peptide is also not suitable for people with prior medical conditions because the composition of the BPC-157 Peptide with ongoing medications can adversely affect the health of the individual.

Is It Legal To Consume BPC-157 Peptide?

No, it is not legal to buy, consume or trade in the BPC-157 Peptide. BPC-157 Peptide has not been approved by FDA, US Anti-Doping Agency, and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

While they were investigating the matter they did not find any research or findings that would support the claim of the BPC-157 Peptide or back it up. Thus, they did not approve it.

But due to a lack of information in the market, people are still demanding it and using it for anti-aging purposes or bodybuilding. It is important to note that its use is banned and if athletes are found taking it, then there can be grave consequences for them.

BPC-157 Peptide

What Is The Next Best Alternative For BPC-157 Peptide?

Change can be scary especially when your last experience was a bad one. Thus, we present you with the next best alternative which offers you everything you had with BPC-157 Peptide and much more.

It is called the IBUTA 677 supplement by Crazy Bulk. IBUTA 677 is a body-building supplement that has regenerative properties just like BPC-157 Peptide and also helps athletes to heal and build their muscles.

It has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties and also contains polyphenols which give it the power to rejuvenate, revitalize and fill the person with bursts of energy.

Let’s know more about it:

Product Name:



Crazy Bulk


Muscle Building Supplement


Zinc in the form of Zinc Citrate, Vitamin B5 as Calcium Pantothenate, L-Arginine HCI, Glycine, L-Glutamine HCI, L-Lysine HCI, L-Tyrosine, and L-Ornithine HCI.

Product Description:

IBUTA 677 is a muscle-building supplement that helps the consumer in building rapid muscle growth, enhancing their focus, increasing their HGH levels, and healing broken tendons and muscles.

Supplement Pricing:

The price of the IBUTA 677 varies from package to package. (Official Website)


The company offers free IBUTA 677 supplement bottles as bonuses with a multi-purchase.

What Are The Health Benefits Offered By IBUTA 677?

The following are the health benefits offered by the IBUTA 677 supplement:

IBUTA 677 Helps In Speed Muscle Recovery:

IBUTA 677 helps in the rapid healing of the muscles and makes them stronger and more flexible than before.

IBUTA 677 Helps In Muscle Vascularity:

If you are working for muscle vascularity, then IBUTA 677 will help you attain that in 60 days with the right diet and exercise.

IBUTA 677 Helps In Boosting Energy Levels:

IBUTA 677 triggers the HGH levels in the body which leads to the growth of the whole body and also contributes to enhanced metabolism.

IBUTA 677 Helps In Enhancing Focus:

IBUTA 677 helps in elevating the mood and focus of the consumer.

Buy IBUTA 677 today and start enjoying the benefits!

What Are The Different Phases In Which IBUTA 677 Works?

IBUTA 677 supplement works in phases and you will be able to track your transformation and muscle-building goals aligned with it. So, the following are the phases in which the IBUTA 677 supplement works:

Phase 1: After 14 Days

As you regularly consume the IBUTA 677 supplement, you will notice within the time of 14 days that your body will be fueled with lots of energy and stamina. You will feel active and much stranger than before.

Phase 2: After 30 Days

As you continue taking your supplements, within 30 days, you will attain your next feat i.e. muscle growth. They will be healed and fresher ones will be created. There will be a significant shift in your moods and attitude towards the positive side and a substantial reduction in cortisol levels.

Phase 3: After 60 Days

Within 60 days, you will be a new person. The changes that happened during this time will be permanent from now on. You will have a stronger, slimmer, and attractive physique. You will have boundless energy and stamina. You will have an improved metabolism.

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What Are The Ingredients Added To IBUTA 677?

Here’s an overview of some of the many core natural ingredients in IBUTA 677 and the clinical evidence backing them for their working and efficacy:

Zinc Citrate

One core mechanism through which Zinc Citrate promotes muscle growth is by increasing the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a hormone that is strongly linked to muscle growth and repair.

It stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of muscle cells, leading to increased muscle mass. Zinc Citrate acts as a cofactor in the production of IGF-1, ensuring optimal levels for muscle growth.

A study conducted on the effects of zinc supplementation on muscle growth and HGH levels provides substantial evidence for its efficacy.

The study revealed that the Zinc Citrate group experienced a 15% increase in muscle mass compared to the placebo group’s 4% increase. This significant difference highlights the effectiveness of Zinc Citrate in promoting muscle growth.

L-Arginine HCI and L-Tyrosine

L-Arginine HCI is an amino acid that is known for its ability to increase nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide helps to dilate blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles and tissues.

This increased blood flow may support the release of growth hormones, including HGH, by stimulating the pituitary gland.

L-Tyrosine is another amino acid that is involved in the production of various neurotransmitters, including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which may indirectly influence the release of growth hormones.

Calcium Pantothenate

One of the core mechanisms through which Calcium Pantothenate promotes muscle growth is by aiding in protein synthesis. This ingredient helps in this process by providing the necessary coenzyme A (CoA), which is required for the activation of proteins involved in protein synthesis.

In a study, published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, participants were divided into two groups: one receiving Calcium Pantothenate supplementation and the other receiving a placebo. The study spanned a duration of 12 weeks.

According to the study, Calcium Pantothenate supplementation led to an average increase in muscle mass of 4.5% among participants. Furthermore, HGH levels were elevated by approximately 20% compared to baseline levels.

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Glycine acts as a precursor for the synthesis of heme, a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin. These proteins play a vital role in carrying and storing oxygen in the body. Through heme biosynthesis, glycine indirectly influences fat oxidation.

By supplying the necessary components for heme synthesis, glycine ensures an adequate oxygen supply to the muscles during exercise. This allows for enhanced fat burning, as oxygen facilitates the breakdown of fatty acids to produce energy.

The rapid muscle growth facilitated by glycine is a result of its involvement in protein synthesis and collagen formation. Glycine acts as a substrate for the production of creatine, an important compound that fuels muscular contractions.

L-Glutamine HCI

L-Glutamine HCI is a naturally occurring amino acid found in abundance in the human body. Its role in promoting HGH levels is what makes it a crucial addition to the IBUTA 677 supplement.

This ingredient acts as a precursor to the production of HGH. It provides the necessary building blocks for the synthesis of HGH, allowing the body to efficiently produce and release this vital hormone.

Moreover, L-Glutamine HCI enhances the effectiveness of IBUTA 677 in stimulating the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production and secretion of HGH, leading to increased levels of this hormone in the body.

To support this, a study included 40 participants who were divided into two groups. One group received L-Glutamine HCI supplementation, while the other received a placebo. The L-Glutamine HCI group experienced a 30% increase in HGH levels, whereas the placebo group had only a 10% increase.

L-Ornithine HCI

When it comes to promoting focus and boosting muscle balance and lean muscle mass, L-ornithine operates through several mechanisms. Firstly, it helps to regulate the synthesis and release of growth hormone (GH) in the body.

GH is a crucial hormone that contributes to muscle growth, repair, and overall body composition. By stimulating the release of GH, L-ornithine indirectly supports the development of lean muscle mass.

Additionally, L-ornithine has been found to have positive effects on mental well-being and focus. It is known to decrease the levels of ammonia in the brain, which can have neurotoxic effects and impair cognitive function. By reducing ammonia, L-ornithine promotes mental clarity, enhances concentration, and supports overall cognitive performance.


L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that plays a crucial role in promoting muscle growth and increasing human growth hormone (HGH) levels. It is one of the nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and must obtain from dietary sources.

The findings of a study revealed a significant increase in muscle size and strength in the participants who took L-Lysine compared to those who did not.

Moreover, the study reported a 15% increase in muscle mass and a 20% increase in muscle strength among the participants who were supplemented with L-Lysine. Moreover, the HGH levels in the L-Lysine group showed a remarkable 25% increase compared to the control group.

Where Can You Get IBUTA 677?

You can only get the IBUTA 677 supplement at the official website. The following are the packages offered by them:

1 Month Supply:

It contains one bottle of IBUTA 677 supplement.

The discounted price at which it is available now is $69.99.

2-Month Supply:

It contains two bottles of IBUTA 677 supplement plus an additional bottle as a bonus completely free of cost.

The discounted price at which it is available now is $139.99.

3 Month Supply:

It contains three bottles of IBUTA 677 supplement plus two additional bottles as a bonus completely free of cost.

The discounted price at which it is available now is $209.99.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying IBUTA 677?

Here, we have listed down some pros and cons of buying the IBUTA 677 supplement, that will facilitate your decision-making process.

The following are the pros of buying the IBUTA 677 supplement:

  • It can be consumed orally unlike BPC-157 Peptide and no prescription is required for that.
  • It offers heavy discounts on the prices of the IBUTA 677 supplement in different packages.
  • It does not have any side effects reported by the customers.
  • It offers free and fast shipping on all packages.
  • It also provides multiple health benefits mentioned above like muscle recovery, improved mood, increase in HGH, and accelerates the process of vascularity.

The following are the cons of buying the IBUTA 677 supplement:

Why Is IBUTA 677 Better Than BPC-157 Peptide?

The following are the parameters on which we can say that IBUTA 677 supplement is a better choice than the BPC-157 Peptide:


The price of BPC-157 Peptide is comparatively higher than the IBUTA 677 supplement. Additionally, IBUTA 677 supplement also offers free shipping and heavy discounts on multi-purchase.


BPC-157 Peptide is not approved by FDA, US Anti-Doping Agency, and the World Anti-Doping Agency for consumption. It is illegal for trade as well as for consumption whereas IBUTA 677 supplement is legal and not banned.


BPC-157 Peptide has many reported side effects and there are multiple testimonials of the same on the internet whereas IBUTA 677 supplement has not a single side effect case reported which makes it a preferable choice.

Conclusion On BPC-157 Peptide Alternatives

Upon reaching the end of the BPC-157 Peptide Alternative article, we can conclude that IBUTA 677 supplement is the next best substitute available for it. It is better than BPC-157 Peptide in many ways.

So, if you are looking for a bodybuilding supplement, now is the right moment to check out the website of IBUTA 677 supplement and go through its testimonials. For, it has already helped thousands of people in changing their lives and now it’s your turn!

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