Should You Buy Dr. Jade’s Program? (Natural Health Sherpa)

Metabolic Renewal is a weight loss program specifically designed to help women lose weight based on their individual “hormone type.”

Dr. Jade Teta, an integrative physician with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, developed it.

If you’re tired of ridiculous weight loss programs that don’t work, are struggling to lose weight, or find yourself stuck in a weight loss plateau, then Metabolic Renewal made be the perfect program for you.

What is the Metabolic Renewal Program?

The Metabolic Renewal Program is a customized weight loss program for women that is based on one of the seven “hormone types.” According to the official website, the program is designed to optimize female metabolism by “turning your natural hormonal rhythms” into a fat-burning, body-sculpting, and health-rejuvenating advantage.

It claims to be unlike any other weight loss program for women because it uses a sustainable framework for real, long-term results. It claims to achieve this by relying on hormone-friendly eating, fat-burning exercise, healthy-activity protocols, and stress-reducing activities. It’s also fully customizable so as you change month to month and year to year; you can adjust the program to suit your needs.

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Who Developed the Metabolic Renewal Program?

As briefly mentioned, the Metabolic Renewal program was developed by Dr. Jade Teta, an integrative physician with a Doctor in naturopathic medicine and well over 25 years of experience in personal training.

Dr. Teta developed the Metabolic Renewal program after his mother gained 20lbs. unexpectedly and began to experience several health issues. Even worse, diet and exercise did nothing for his mother either.

Dr. Teta realized that his mother’s hormones were responsible for the issues and he created a customized wellness plan to help her feel like herself again and lose weight.

He is an expert in hormones and female metabolism, which is why hundreds of thousands of women have successfully lost weight using his research and work on Metabolic Renewal’s 7 unique female hormone types.

Metabolic Renewal Reviews

Seven Hormone Types in the Metabolic Renewal Program

Dr. Teta’s hard work led him to discover that there are seven different hormone types for women, which depend on several factors. This explains why so many women struggle to lose weight as they aren’t eating the right foods for their hormone type.

According to Dr. Teta, these are the seven hormone types:

  • Hormone Type 1) Normal menstrual cycle with balanced estrogen and progesterone
  • Hormone Type 2) Normal menstrual cycle with estrogen dominant (hormone overload)
  • Hormone Type 3) Normal menstrual cycle with progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 4) Normal menstrual cycle with estrogen and progesterone deficiency (ovarian burnout)
  • Hormone Type 5) Perimenopause with fluctuating estrogen and progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 6) Menopause with estrogen and progesterone deficiency
  • Hormone Type 7) Post menopause with estrogen and progesterone deficiency.

Identifying your hormone type is key to your weight, mental health, and overall health because hormones affect your metabolic function, mood, appetite, sex drive, and so much more.

How to Find Your Hormone Type

Before you can begin the Metabolic Renewal Program, you need to find your hormone type. To do so, you simply have to visit the official website of Metabolic Renewal and take their quick 20-second quiz.

The quiz will ask you questions like your age, your typical menstrual cycle, use of hormones, medical history, body shape, lifestyle habits, a few other questions. Within just a few seconds, you’ll discover your hormone type and get a customized plan based on your answers directly to your email address.

Identifying your hormone type can also benefit you by explaining why you may experience certain issues or have trouble losing weight.

For example, hormone type 2 is known as “hormone overload because they are estrogen dominant. This may cause poor thyroid function, extreme menstrual cramps, heavy bloating and water retention, and much more.

On the opposite side, hormone type 4 is known as ovarian burnout because it is deficient in estrogen and progesterone. While this may cause light or infrequent periods, women with this hormone type offer suffer from physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety, or depression and find themselves struggling to combat stress.

This is why you need to figure out your hormone type to put yourself in the best position to formulate a plan based on your biochemistry.

The Four-M Framework

While knowing your hormone type is important, Dr. Teta notes that hormone types can change monthly and yearly. This is why Dr. Teta considers your hormone type to be “just the start.”

To truly help you achieve optimal metabolic health, Dr. Teta uses a clinically proven Four-M framework based on four principles. This framework is designed to help you for the long term so you’ll never struggle with weight anymore.

The Four M’s include:

Mindset: When the body is stressed, it releases the hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol’s effects are well documented, with high levels of cortisol linked to sleep issues, mood swings, poor thyroid function, and slow metabolic function. This is why Dr. Teta’s program can mitigate the effects of cortisol by encouraging resting, relaxing, and proper recovery.

Movement: Exercise is a major key to weight loss, but the simple movement is a more important type of activity for weight loss. Simple movement is less intense and helps you burn up to 200% more calories per day than strenuous exercise. Dr. Teta often refers to it as Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis, or NEAT. Dr. Teta has included various simple activities that stimulate NEAT in the Metabolic Renewal Program.

Meals: Too many diet programs force you into a one-size-fits-all diet, which is why it doesn’t work for long. Metabolic Renewal takes a hormone-first approach to diet, helping you to stabilize your hormones, cravings, and appetite. As a result, you’ll eat fewer calories and watch the pounds melt off. Dr. Teta will explain what foods your body eats and when to eat them to optimize how your body uses food for fuel. He also explains how to eat in cycles that are in sync to your natural hormonal rhythms. He even provides recipes and shopping guides as well.

Metabolics: The final M is Metabolics. These guides provide you with step-by-step instructions on specific exercises and workouts you should perform based on your hormone type. These workouts will combine cardio, resistance, and fitness training into single hyper-efficient moves. Best of all, these workouts are just 15 minutes long, 3 times a week. After just a few weeks, these workouts will stimulate your metabolic function to help you burn fat and sculpt lean muscle every single week.

What’s Included in the Metabolic Renewal Program

If you decide to purchase the Metabolic Renewal Program, Dr. Teta will provide you with everything you need to start your weight loss journey. In total, there are four different tools to help look good, feel good, and improve your mental health.

These bonus materials include:

The 12-Week Body-Sculpting Workout Plan

The workout plan in Metabolic Renewal is designed to work smarter, not harder. It lasts a total of 12 weeks and is structured into 4 different phases, each with different workouts.

These workouts follow Dr. Teta’s “goldilocks rule”, which doesn’t stress your metabolism with too much exercise while simultaneously preventing too little exercise from preventing you from seeing results.

Best of all, these workouts last a total of roughly 15 minutes per day and come with instant online videos to guide you through your workouts step-by-step.

Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

Dr. Teta understands that the female metabolism is incredibly sensitive. It’s consistently reacting to the world around it and changing because of hormonal changes throughout different stages of life.

This is why Dr. Teta included the Metabolic Renewal Roadmap to act as personal metabolic instruction manual. It will help you understand how you need to adapt as your body changes over time and as you age. Within weeks, you’ll be able to tap into your own metabolic advantage to thrive both physically and mentally.

12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan

It’s no secret diet is the true key to losing weight. However, experts now know that there’s no one-size-fits-all diet. You have to eat the right diet for your hormone type, and now you can with the 12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan.

These meals will help you get your metabolism back on track and accelerate fat loss by supplying you with the exact meals and recipes you need to thrive. Within weeks, you’ll see a boost in energy levels and better sleep, all while controlling your hunger and cravings.

All of the meals included in the 12-week plan are both nutritious and delicious and designed to suit your needs. Best of all, you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already.

Female Transformation Tracker

As we’ve mentioned, the female metabolism is unique and is constantly adapting. Therefore, if you aren’t paying attention, you may do more of what isn’t working and less of what does work for you.

This is why Dr. Teta included the Female Transformation Tracker. This tracker makes it incredibly easy for you to track the most important things, such as:

Metabolic Score: This score measures how optimized your metabolism is, which should make it easier for you to burn fat.

Vitality Score: This measures how optimized your overall health is, including everything from your hair, skin, nails, and even your digestion.

PMS Score: This is key to understanding pre-menstrual symptoms like mood swings, cravings, and cramps. Understanding your cycle better has helped tens of thousands of women improve PMS through Metabolic Renewal.

Menopause Score: This measures how severe symptoms of menopause are, such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Body Shape & Weight: Too many women make the mistake of obsessing only about their body weight. This is both psychologically unhealthy and ignores the fact you’re toning, tightening, and sculpting your body. This is why the Body Shape & Weight score is vital.

Bonus Materials

For a limited time, if you purchase Metabolic Renewal, Dr. Teta will give you two free complementary bonuses at no charge to you. These two bonuses include:

5-Minute Body-Sculpting Workouts

For most, the 15-minute workouts completed twice weekly are enough to get them the results they desire. However, if you want to take things to a new level, the extra 5-minute body sculpting sessions may be perfect for you.

These burnout sessions ramp up the intensity to supercharge your metabolism. You’ll instantly start burning fat at a rapid rate and trigger a huge 48-hour metabolic boost.

The 5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula

The 5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula is a step-by-step guide you can use starting tomorrow to reduce belly fat and decrease the risk of chronic disease. You’ll also learn which two hormones you need to keep in balance that impact where fat accumulates as well as a special measurement that can tell you whether belly fat puts you at risk for chronic disease.

Using these guides, you’ll quickly notice a flatter, tighter stomach within just a few weeks.

How to Buy Metabolic Renewal

If you think Metabolic Renewal is the right weight loss program for you, then the best place to order is directly through the official website. There, you’ll see it currently priced at $37.99 for either the digital or printed program, although you will need to pay an additional shipping fee for the printed program.

Once you purchase the program, you’ve got a full 90 days to try the product to see for yourself just how transformative it can be. However, in the event you are dissatisfied, you can request a full refund within 90 days of your purchase – no questions asked.

Final Recap

Metabolic Renewal is one of the truly revolutionary programs because it is based on your unique hormone type. If you find yourself struggling to lose weight, have hit a plateau, or are just beginning your journey, then it may be right for you.

Like tens of thousands of other women have found out, Metabolic Renewal will transform your body and mind.

To experience these changes for yourself, visit the official website of Metabolic Renewal and order the program today!

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