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Omyum SuperNatural is a coffee alternative supplement featuring a blend of natural ingredients to help you lose weight via a “broken fat fix.”

Available exclusively through Omyum, the supplement is advertised as the ultimate weight loss aid. The formula claims to melt pounds fast using an “ancient Costa Rican drink” recipe.

Is Omyum SuperNatural legit? How much weight can you lose with Omyum SuperNatural? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Omyum SuperNatural and how it works today in our review.

What is Omyum SuperNatural?

Omyum SuperNatural is a weight loss supplement designed to reignite your innate fat burning potential.

As you get older, your innate fat burning potential tends to decline. Some see it as an inevitable part of aging. Others see it as a problem that needs to be addressed.

By taking Omyum SuperNatural daily, you can purportedly reignite your fat burning potential, helping you rapidly lose weight and incinerate layers of fat. The supplement works by providing your body with a “broken fat fix,” fixing the barriers within your body preventing you from losing weight.

Omyum SuperNatural is available through, where it’s priced at around $60 per bottle and backed by a 180 day moneyback guarantee.

Omyum SuperNatural Benefits

Omyum SuperNatural Benefits

According to Omyum, SuperNatural can provide benefits like:

  • Great tasting, chocolate beverage with just 10 calories per serving
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Activate your body’s “broken fat fix” for rapid weight loss results
  • Increase oxygen uptake to your fat cells for greater fat burning results
  • No jitters, side effects, or caffeine
  • Organic, keto, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free

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How Does Omyum SuperNatural Work?

Omyum SuperNatural works using a simple premise: to start a fire, you need oxygen, fuel, and heat. If you want to burn fat, then you need a similar reaction.

In this case, the “fuel” is your fat. Your fat cells are the fuel that needs to be burned away.

The next step is to get oxygen to your fat cells. When you’re young, your body tends to send more blood throughout the system than when you’re older. This means more oxygen flows to your fat cells and all other parts of your body.

As you get older, however, things change. Your cardiovascular system weakens, sending less blood to your fat cells. Instead of burning away fat, your body struggles to lose weight because it doesn’t have oxygen, a crucial part of the reaction needed for fire.

Several of the ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural are specifically designed to boost oxygen uptake to your fat cells and throughout your body. One ingredient (cacao) is “proven to ‘significantly increase’ blood oxygen levels,” according to the official website, for example. Other ingredients boost nitric oxide, widening blood vessels to increase oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout your body.

Other ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural work by providing heat: they physically heat up your body, creating the final piece of the reaction needed to start a fire.

Ultimately, by providing your body with heat and oxygen, you can burn away the fuel (fat cells) keeping you overweight. If you’ve struggled to lose weight or if you’ve gained weight over the years, then Omyum SuperNatural could help by providing your body with the heat and oxygen needed to kickstart a fat burning fire inside you.

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Who Created Omyum SuperNatural?

Omyum SuperNatural was created by a nutritionist named Justin Long.

Justin was motivated to share his weight loss supplement with the world after helping a woman named Debbie, from San Antonio, lose significant weight with an early version of the formula.

Debbie has been married to her husband for seven years. They wanted to have a baby, but doctors told Debbie she was too obese to safely carry a child.

After doctors told her the bad news, Debbie tried everything to lose weight. She tried counting calories. She tried all of the trendiest diet programs. Nothing seemed to work – until she discovered the formula behind Omyum SuperNatural.

One of Debbie’s friends told her about nutritionist Kevin Long, who had recently discovered a “broken fat fix.” Kevin had personally used the broken fat fix to lose 30lbs of weight, and Debbie’s friend knew he could help Debbie lose weight.

Debbie reached out to Kevin to learn more about the broken fat fix, and the partnership would eventually lead to the launch of Omyum SuperNatural.

How the Broken Fat Fix Works

According to the official Omyum SuperNatural website, the broken fat fix was originally discovered by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. These researchers made a weight loss breakthrough that turned everything we know about weight loss on its head.

Nutritionist Kevin Long compared the broken fat fix to the reaction of a fire. Fire needs three things to burn, including fuel, oxygen, and heat. If one of them is missing, fire cannot burn.

Your body also needs three things to burn, including fuel, heat, and oxygen. Here’s how Kevin explains it:

  • Fuel: Your body needs fuel to burn. In this case, fuel is the fat itself.
  • Heat: Your body also needs heat to burn. You create heat by exercise, eating, and even breathing.
  • Oxygen: Finally, your body needs oxygen. In fact, this is the most important part of the broken fat fix – and it’s the part that’s often overlooked.

As you get older, your fat tends to get less oxygen delivered to it. Blood flow weakens, making it harder for oxygen and nutrients to travel to your fat. That may not seem like a big deal – but it makes it harder to lose weight.

Here’s how Kevin explains the issue:

“…your Broken Fat doesn’t receive enough oxygen to be burnt off…Because remember…WITHOUT oxygen……Broken Fat simply WON’T burn off no matter what you do!”

No matter how many steps you take each day, and no matter how many calories you count, you won’t burn fat if your fat doesn’t get enough oxygen.

Kevin developed his broken fat fix based on this research, giving you the ingredients needed to generate heat and oxygen within your body to burn away fat.

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Omyum SuperNatural Ingredients

Many weight loss supplements claim to rapidly burn fat. However, most of them don’t work.

What makes Omyum SuperNatural unique? Why pick Omyum SuperNatural over competing supplements?

Nutritionist Kevin Long chose the ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural based on the reaction above. He wanted ingredients to supply oxygen to your fat to burn it away, and he also wanted ingredients to supply cellular heat to cells. The combination of heat, oxygen, and fuel (your fat cells) allows your body to burn away fat.

Many of the ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural are sourced from Costa Rica, which is one reason why Omyum SuperNatural is advertised as a “Costa Rican drink.” The formula contains a unique type of chocolate, for example, to accelerate fat burning results.

Here are all of the ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural and how they work:

A Rare Type of Healthy Chocolate from Costa Rica (Cacao): The first and most important ingredient in Omyum SuperNatural is a “rare and very unique type of ‘healthy’ chocolate” from the jungles of Costa Rica. According to the official Omyum SuperNatural website, this type of chocolate, cacao, can “significantly increase” blood oxygen levels. It also adds a delicious flavor to Omyum SuperNatural, making it easy to drink the 10-calorie beverage every day while still losing weight. Normal chocolate is filled with unhealthy, refined sugar. Cacao is rich with antioxidants and low on fats and sugars. It adds richness to the formula while also boosting oxygen uptake to your cells.

True Cinnamon: Omyum SuperNatural contains an ingredient called “true cinnamon.” According to the official website, this type of cinnamon is different from ordinary cinnamon because it’s native to parts of Asia and linked specifically to powerful fat burning results. This cinnamon “turns up the heat on fat cells,” pushing them to start burning energy for fat. Studies show the unique type of cinnamon can lead to a significant reduction in body weight while also supporting healthy blood sugar levels, making it easy to stick to a healthy diet and avoid cravings.

Curcumin: Omyum SuperNatural also contains curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric that gives the root its effects. According to the official Omyum SuperNatural website, curcumin can “open blood vessels and improve blood circulation,” making it critical to the effectiveness of the formula. By increasing oxygen uptake to your fat cells and throughout your body, you could increase weight loss results. In one study, in fact, people taking curcumin daily for 12 weeks experienced a 37% increase in forearm blood flow and a 36% increase in upper arm blood flow.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract: Your body struggles to absorb curcumin on its own. However, studies show you can boost absorption using black pepper fruit extract. Black pepper fruit contains piperine, a unique natural compound that, for various reasons, enhances the bioavailability of certain other ingredients. One study found black pepper fruit increases the absorption of curcumin by up to 2,000%.

Ashwagandha: Also known as Withania somnifera, ashwagandha has a long history of use in traditional medicine. Studies show it can boost nitric oxide production, lower stress, and increase the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. In Ayurveda, ashwagandha is best-known for its adaptogenic effects, which means it helps with stress response. In Omyum SuperNatural, those same effects can make ashwagandha a powerful natural fat burner.

L-Theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea shown to improve nitric oxide production throughout your body, making it easier for oxygen to flow anywhere it needs to go. Nitric oxide makes your blood vessels wider and more flexible, making it easier for blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to your fat cells, increasing your natural fat burning.

Maca: Maca is a powdered root used by indigenous people in South America and Central America for centuries. Today, it’s growing in popular as a natural energy booster and libido booster. Maca can “significantly improve lipid and glucose metabolism,” according to the official Omyum SuperNatural website, making it a valuable part of the supplement’s formula. Studies show maca boosts energy at the cellular level, which is why you may feel a surge of energy after taking maca.

Mushroom Extracts: Omyum SuperNatural rounds out the formula with four unique mushroom extracts, including lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, and cordyceps mushroom extracts. These mushrooms “turn up the heat on your metabolism,” according to Omyum, and help with fat burning. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, the four mushroom extracts are rich with antioxidants – like beta glucans – linked to physical and cognitive effects. They’re found in everything from stress response supplements to weight loss formulas to nootropics. In Omyum SuperNatural, they boost metabolism for better weight loss results.

Overall, the ingredients above create a “broken fat fix.” They fix the broken fat burning system within your body, helping you achieve meaningful results.

Omyum SuperNatural is also keto-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free.

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What to Expect with Omyum SuperNatural: Debbie’s Weight Loss Journey

Debbie, the San Antonio mom mentioned above, was one of the first to try Omyum SuperNatural. She started by taking the first two ingredients above, including the special type of chocolate and “true cinnamon.”

After taking the two ingredients, Debbie began to rapidly lose weight.

Here’s what happened when Debbie started to take the chocolate and cinnamon daily as part of her weight loss routine:

The first day after taking the special blend of chocolate and cinnamon, Debbie didn’t feel very different. In fact, Debbie didn’t feel very different for her first few days of taking the unique blend.

A few weeks after she started taking Omyum SuperNatural, however, Debbie noticed her pants were feeling looser. She stepped on the scales and found she had “dropped 2lbs. overnight” thanks to Omyum SuperNatural.

Debbie’s weight loss continued to accelerate. Her 2 pounds of weight loss became 5 pounds, then 7 pounds. Suddenly, her bathroom scale became her best friend, and she couldn’t wait to step on the scale every day.

Debbie felt sexy for the first time in years. She was confident she could carry a healthy baby. She liked standing in front of the mirror every day instead of hating what she saw.

Debbie ultimately lost “all 39 lbs. of excess weight” from her body thanks to Omyum SuperNatural.

As a testament to her weight loss and improved health, Debbie got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful, baby boy. Then, she used Omyum SuperNatural again to lose her baby weight, restoring her figure quickly after pregnancy.

Overall, Debbie is confident anyone can lose weight with Omyum SuperNatural regardless of their age, genetics, or what diets and exercises they’ve tried in the past.

Today, Debbie wants to share her story with the world, telling women around the world to take Omyum SuperNatural for proven weight loss results – even if they’ve been frustrated by diet and exercise programs in the past.

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Scientific Evidence for Omyum SuperNatural

Omyum SuperNatural was developed by a nutritionist named Kevin Long. Omyum also cites 25+ studies on the SuperNatural references page as proof the supplement works as advertised. We’ll review some of that research below to determine if SuperNatural can really help you lose weight via oxygen and heat.

It may seem funny to eat chocolate to lose weight, but studies show cacao can help with weight loss. A 2020 meta-analysis study published in Nutrients, for example, found the cocoa polyphenols within cacao could help with inflammation and weight loss. Cacao is chocolate before it gets processed. It’s low in calories and doesn’t contain the milk, butter, fat, or sugar found in processed chocolate. Instead, it’s an antioxidant-rich ingredient linked to genuine weight loss results.

One study also found cacao lowered cholesterol significantly. Researchers found cacao lowered triglycerides by 27.9% (54.9 mg/dL) compared to a placebo, for example, suggesting cacao could support heart health and help with high cholesterol – both of which are important for anyone trying to lose weight.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, could also help with weight loss. In fact, dozens of studies have connected curcumin and turmeric to weight loss. In a 2019 meta-analysis, researchers analyzed 18 studies with 1,604 individuals in total and found curcumin intake was associated with a significant reduction in BMI, weight, and waist circumference, which could make it extremely effective for weight loss results.

Many are surprised to discover cinnamon has weight loss effects. One 2022 study, in fact, described cinnamon as “an effective anti-obesity agent” for its effects on BMI and body weight. By taking a large dose (2g to 3g) of cinnamon extract per day, you could significantly improve BMI, lower weight, and achieve other positive effects without side effects.

Overall, Omyum Supernatural contains a proven blend of natural ingredients linked to significant weight loss results. Developed by a nutritionist, the formula should work as advertised to help you lose weight.

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How to Take Omyum SuperNatural

Omyum recommends mixing one scoop of SuperNatural with water, milk, a milk alternative, a shake, or the beverage of your choice:

  • Place 1 tablespoon (1 scoop) of Omyum SuperNatural in a mug
  • Add 8 to 10oz of hot water
  • Froth or stir
  • Add milk or milk substitutes (like coconut or oat milk) for added creaminess; or, pour over ice for something different

The official Omyum website also has recipes for more ideas, including unique beverages you can make using Omyum SuperNatural powder.

Omyum SuperNatural Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The official Omyum SuperNatural website is filled with testimonials, before and after images, and reviews from customers who have experienced significant weight loss results using Omyum SuperNatural.

Some claim to have lost 30lbs, 50lbs, or more using Kevin Long’s broken fat fix system, for example.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Nutritionist Kevin Long, who was one of the first to try the broken fat fix system he developed, lost 30lbs using the system.

Debbie, a woman from San Antonio who promotes Omyum SuperNatural online, lost 39lbs with the formula and was able to give birth to a healthy, baby boy (and quickly lose the baby weight). Prior to taking Omyum SuperNatural, Debbie’s doctor told her she was too overweight to safely carry a baby.

At the official Omyum website, SuperNatural has an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 39 reviews. Customers have described the formula as “delicious,” comparing it to a mocha coffee. They like the creaminess and active effects of the supplement.

Many reviewers use Omyum SuperNatural as a coffee alternative. You may want to enjoy the ritual of coffee without the high doses of caffeine. Coffee is also good for fat burning, and the ingredients in Omyum SuperNatural seek to replicate the fat burning effects of coffee.

Most people have good things to say about the taste, texture, and overall creaminess of Omyum SuperNatural, finding the formula works as advertised to deliver proven benefits.

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Omyum SuperNatural Pricing

Omyum SuperNatural is priced at $59.99 per pouch as part of a 2023 promotion. The ordinary retail price is $99 per pouch.

In fact, you can pay as little as $29.99 per pouch by ordering multiple pouches of Omyum SuperNatural today.

Omyum SuperNatural Pricing

Here’s how pricing works:

  • 1 Pouch: $59.99
  • 3 Pouches: $119.97 ($39.99 Per Pouch)
  • 6 Pouches: $179.94 ($29.99 Per Pouch)

Each pouch contains a 30 day supply of Omyum SuperNatural, or 30 servings (30 scoops). You mix one scoop daily with water to lose weight.

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Omyum SuperNatural Refund Policy

Omyum SuperNatural has a 180 day moneyback guarantee. If you don’t lose weight within 180 days of taking Omyum SuperNatural, or if you’re unsatisfied with the formula for any reason, then you’re eligible for a complete refund.

About Omyum

Omyum SuperNatural is made by Omyum in the United States in an FDA-certified, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility. The company claims to use the highest quality natural plant extracts and nutrients.

Omyum is led by nutritionist Kevin Long. Prior to the recent pandemic, Kevin had a successful fruit delivery business, delivering fresh fruits to offices. The pandemic and ensuing shutdowns made life difficult. Kevin decided to create a coffee alternative with cacao, cinnamon, and other active ingredients, and Omyum SuperNatural was born.

Kevin partnered with a San Antonio mom named Debbie to promote Omyum SuperNatural online. Debbie was too overweight to safely get pregnant before taking Omyum SuperNatural. Today, she’s a mother of a healthy, baby boy. She lost 39lbs to get pregnant, then lost all her baby weight using Omyum SuperNatural.

You can contact Omyum and the company’s customers service team via the following:

Omyum also does business under the name BOON Nutrition, LLC. The company is based in Richardson, Texas.

Final Word

Omyum SuperNatural is a weight loss supplement and coffee alternative made in the United States by Omyum.

The supplement features a blend of cacao, cinnamon, turmeric, and other natural ingredients. You drink it daily to lose weight in a tasty, low-calorie, easy-to-follow way.

To learn more about Omyum SuperNatural and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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