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Liver Guard Plus is a nutritional supplement claiming to erase liver damage and restore optimal liver function.

Marketed primarily to people concerned about liver damage, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, fibrosis, and similar conditions, Liver Guard Plus can purportedly help with inflammation, promote healthy liver enzymes, and detoxify your liver in “weeks.”

Does Liver Guard Plus really help your liver? How does Liver Guard Plus work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Liver Guard Plus and how it plants to erase liver damage.

What is Liver Guard Plus?

Liver Guard Plus is a liver health supplement developed by Eric Young and Dr. Repetto, two medical professionals with decades of experience treating liver problems.

By taking the all-natural ingredients in Liver Guard Plus daily, you can purportedly restore optimal liver function without dieting, taking medication, or resorting to other crazy solutions.

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In fact, the supplement claims to restore liver function within weeks “with almost zero effort.” Just take one serving of Liver Guard Plus daily to restore your liver in weeks.

Eric and his team developed Liver Guard Plus for people concerned with liver damage. When left untreated, liver damage can turn into fatty liver disease, fibrosis, or cirrhosis, all of which lead to liver failure.

Fortunately, Liver Guard Plus claims to help regardless of the damage to your liver – all using natural ingredients with zero effort required.

Benefits of Liver Guard Plus

According to the official Liver Guard Plus website, the supplement can help anyone concerned with liver health support a healthy liver, reverse damage to the liver, and restore optimal liver function, among other benefits.

Here are some of the advertised effects of Liver Guard Plus:

  • Stop liver disease
  • Regain optimal liver function and health
  • Repair liver damage
  • Defend your body against the root causes of liver damage, including free radicals
  • Free yourself from fatty liver disease
  • 100% natural formula

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How Does Liver Guard Plus Work?

According to Eric Young and his team, “your doctor is dead wrong” about the cause of your liver damage. In fact, the root cause of deteriorating liver cells has been kept from the world because of big pharmaceutical companies.

Some doctors attribute dying liver cells to aging, genetics, fatigue, or your immune system.

However, Eric claims liver damage “goes much deeper” than these causes. Instead, the root cause of liver damage in most adults is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body.

This imbalance in free radicals slowly but surely leads to cell and tissue damage, impacting your liver and overall health. Over time, it causes your liver to stop performing its vital functions.

Eric’s research suggests 100 million Americans – nearly 1/3 people in the country – have mild liver damage. Those people include patients in their 20s and 30s who don’t know they have liver damage.

Meanwhile, there are people in their 90s who have perfectly functional livers, which is why the root cause of liver damage is more than age.

According to Eric and his team, Liver Guard Plus is designed to help with all types of liver damage. The supplement “will give you the key to finally stop this debilitating disease and regain your optimal liver functions and health.”

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Who is Eric Young?

Many doctors recommend treating fatty liver disease and similar conditions with medication. However, Eric Young, who created Liver Guard Plus, suggests a different approach. So who is Eric Young? And why doe she recommend a different liver disease treatment than other health professionals?

Eric Young is a graduate of Harvard University. He specializes in a specific field of gastroenterology called hepatology, which involves diagnosing and treating liver disease. Although Eric specializes in a field of medicine, he does not appear to be a doctor. Instead, he’s a researcher who also claims to treat patients.

Eric has 30+ years of experience in his field. Over those years, Eric claims to have helped over 7,000 “improve and ameliorate their fatty livers that no longer functions properly.”

Over his career, Eric claims to have worked with many doctors, professionals, and experts in the field. However, Eric became disillusioned with these people because they recommend the conventional treatment for liver disease: medication and diet changes.

Instead, Eric set out to prove he could reverse fatty liver disease using natural ingredients. During his research, Eric “accidentally stumbled across what could be considered the most important scientific discovery of modern medicine.”

Eric Partnered with Dr. Repetto to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Liver Guard Plus was developed by Eric Young in partnership with a doctor named Dr. Repetto, giving the supplement additional medical legitimacy over other alternative treatments sold online today.

Eric met Dr. Repetto while dealing with a severe case of fatty liver disease in his 66-year old father. Dr. Repetto wanted to help cure his dad’s fatty liver disease, and he recommended an alternative solution to Eric and his father.

Dr. Repetto was working at the hospital on a four-week transfer from Tristan da Cunha. Like Eric, he specialized in hepatology, or liver health conditions. Dr. Repetto is a published author who frequently appeared on national television in the United States. He also had over a decade of experience working for a Big Pharma conglomerate. Because of all of these factors, Eric describes Dr. Repetto as “a very good doctor.”

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Ordinary Liver Medication Does More Damage to your Liver

Typically, doctors recommend a combination of drugs, diet changes, and lifestyle changes to treat your condition.

However, Dr. Repetto told Eric he doesn’t believe in listening to your doctor’s advice when treating liver failure. Instead, he recommends taking herbs and extracts instead:

“…the so-called miracle pills… well, they only lower these chemicals and liver cells simply push themselves until they simply break down, leaving you vulnerable to toxins that should be filtered…And this is why I don’t believe in conventional pills for liver issues.”

Instead, Dr. Repetto recommended a collection of herbs and plants from his native homeland of Tristan da Cunha, a volcanic island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the most isolated places in the world, and it’s home to just 300 people.

According to Dr. Repetto’s experience treating “thousands” of patients with fatty liver disease, the best results come from targeting gut health – not liver health. By attacking the root cause of liver failure, you can restore liver function without listening to your doctor’s advice or taking liver medication, according to the official Liver Guard Plus website.

The Real Root Cause of Liver Problems is In Your Gut

According to Dr. Repetto and Eric Young, the duo who developed Liver Guard Plus, the real root cause of liver problems is in your gut – not in your liver.

Here’s how the official Liver Guard Plus website explains the phenomenon:

“…the real root cause of liver deterioration is not found inside your liver, but inside your gut…”

As proof, Dr. Repetto cites his own research. He also cites a study published in the Journal of Hepatology in the early 2010s. These studies found bad gut microbes were linked to liver deterioration.

Unfortunately, the medical community ignored this research. Big pharmaceutical companies were making so much money from liver drugs, they didn’t want to sacrifice profits by chasing a new cure.

To help target this root problem, Liver Guard Plus stops toxic parasites invading your gut by introducing certain chemicals inside your blood cells. These natural chemicals attack the parasites, fighting the root cause of liver damage at the source.

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What to Expect After Taking Liver Guard Plus

Dr. Repetto and Eric Young claim to have treated thousands of patients using Liver Guard Plus and early versions of the formula.

Dr. Repetto specifically claims to have helped thousands of patients restore optimal liver function using many of the natural ingredients in Liver Guard Plus.

Here are some of the results Dr. Repetto and Eric Young have experienced after giving Liver Guard Plus and early versions of the remedy to patients with liver disease, fatty liver disease, and other serious types of liver problems:

Dr. Repetto claims to have treated a 64-year old patient using many of the natural ingredients in Liver Guard Plus. That patient “recovered 100%” because of the remedy. He “recovered his liver functions completely.” He also lost weight. Dr. Repetto even claims to have been testing this patient every 6 months to verify his system “is absolutely perfect.”

Eric tested an early version of Liver Guard Plus on his father, who was in the hospital with severe liver disease. His father’s condition had progressed to a point where he was already turning “a little yellow,” according to Eric. After taking Liver Guard Plus for a few days, Eric’s father woke up energized. Two weeks later, Eric’s father was in a much better state of wellbeing. In fact, Eric claims it was “the most incredible transformation” he had seen in his life.

To verify Eric’s father has reversed his severe case of liver disease, Eric performed tests. Those tests showed his father’s “liver was fully regained” within just weeks of taking Liver Guard Plus for the first time. Despite having a severe case of liver disease to a point where his skin was yellowing, Eric’s father reversed the condition within weeks with Liver Guard Plus.

Eric’s father also improved his sleep, reduced his depression and anxiety, eliminated fatigue, and improved his overall quality of life thanks to Liver Guard Plus.

In a clinical trial involving 350 volunteers – including some with cirrhosis and other severe liver damage – 100% of volunteers noticed an improvement within weeks of taking Liver Guard Plus for the first time.

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Liver Guard Plus Ingredients

Many liver health supplements claim to support liver health. However, Liver Guard Plus is one of the first that specifically claims to restore optimal liver function even in patients with severe liver disease. So how does Liver Guard Plus work? What are the ingredients inside the formula?

Some of the ingredients in Liver Guard Plus are native to Tristan da Cunha, the small volcanic island where Dr. Repetto comes from. Other ingredients come from Africa, Asia, northern Europe, and the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Here are all of the active ingredients in Liver Guard Plus and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

L-Cysteine: Liver Guard Plus contains L-cysteine, a non-essential amino acid your body uses to make protein. Along with feverfew, L-cysteine is one of the ingredients in Liver Guard Plus designed to empower liver cells and send purifying signals throughout your bloodstream and guts.

Feverfew: Liver Guard Plus contains feverfew, a plant native to parts of wester Asia and the Balkans but currently growing around the world. Commonly used for ornamental purposes and natural remedies, feverfew can purportedly empower your liver cells and send purifying signals throughout your body, working with L-cysteine to improve liver function.

Milk Thistle: Found in virtually every liver supplement sold online today, milk thistle is popular for anyone concerned about liver health. Studies show milk thistle contains a natural antioxidant called silymarin shown to protect the liver from damage. Native to Europe, milk thistle was used in traditional medicine for centuries before modern research validated its use.

Beetroot: Beetroot contains an active ingredient called betaine that “helps to reduce inflammation in the liver,” according to the manufacturer. Specifically, it supports liver health by protecting it from damage caused by toxins and free radicals. Beet is also rich with fiber, which helps with digestion, bile production, and the digestion of fats.

Dandelion: Dandelion is a perennial plant found throughout the world. It’s used in traditional medicine to treat a range of conditions – including liver problems. Dandelion stimulates the production of bile. Your liver produces bile to help break down foods. If your liver isn’t functioning correctly, then you may struggle to break down foods, leading to sluggishness and bloating.

Jujube Seed: Liver Guard Plus contains jujube seed to “improve liver function and reduce damage caused by liver fibrosis and hepatitis,” according to the official website. It works by regulating lipid metabolism. It also has calming and sedative effects.

20+ Other Ingredients: Each serving of Liver Guard Plus contains 26+ ingredients in total sourced from around the world. Although Eric and Dr. Repetto do not disclose the full list of ingredients or dosages upfront, they’re confident the formula can help anyone with fatty liver disease and similar conditions restore optimal function.

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What Liver Guard Plus Does: Step by Step Process

According to Eric Young and Dr. Repetto, Liver Guard Plus works in a multi-stage process to fully restore liver function – even in patients with severe symptoms of fatty liver disease and other liver health problems.

Here’s the step by step process Liver Guard Plus uses to work, according to the official website:

Step 1) Your Body Absorbs the Nutrients in Liver Guard Plus: First, your body absorbs the active ingredients in each capsule of Liver Guard Plus, including the ingredients sourced from Tristan da Cunha and other exotic parts of the world. Some of the ingredients flush toxic microbes causing damage to your liver. Other ingredients nourish and repair broken cells. All ingredients are 100% natural, helping your body absorb the active ingredients immediately, which means “the liver healing process will begin immediately,” according to the manufacturer.

Step 2) The Liver Cell Degradation Stops: Next, Liver Guard Plus prevents your liver cells from continuing to degrade. Your body now has the power to repair its liver cells, and it begins to repair any damage liver disease has already done to your liver. To achieve that effect, Liver Guard Plus uses L-cysteine and feverfew, which signals your liver cells to “start sending purifying signals through your bloodstream and guts” to reverse liver damage.

Step 3) Your Liver Regenerates and Fights Liver Disease: For the third and final step, Liver Guard Plus helps your body fight back against liver disease and continue the regeneration process. To do that, the formula contains milk thistle, beetroot, and other natural ingredients. The active ingredient in beetroot “helps to reduce inflammation in the liver,” according to the official website, while other active ingredients improve bile production.

After you complete these three steps, you’ll restore optimal liver function completely. In fact, Liver Guard Plus claims “in just a few weeks you’ll finally be your old self again” because Liver Guard Plus has improved liver function, fought fatigue, and healed your liver cells.

Dr. Repetto and Eric recommend taking 3 or 6 bottles of Liver Guard Plus for lifelong protection against liver disease. Just take the supplement for a few weeks, and you’ll be safe “for the rest of your days,” according to the official website.

Scientific Evidence for Liver Guard Plus

Most nutritional supplement companies don’t launch clinical trials because they’re expensive and may not deliver the results they expected. However, Eric and Dr. Repetto were so impressed by early tests of Liver Guard Plus on Eric’s father, they decided to conduct a small trial.

Here’s how the first major trial on Liver Guard Plus worked – and what Eric and Dr. Repetto found:

Eric and Dr. Repetto posted an ad online saying they were looking for volunteers. Some of the volunteers had “advanced clinically proven liver damage,” while others had early signs of liver problems. Some were “close to fibrosis or cirrhosis.” Others felt trapped by fatty liver disease.

The trial included 350 volunteers, all of whom took Liver Guard Plus over multiple weeks.

After taking Liver Guard Plus for “just a few weeks,” 98% of participants improved liver health. They experienced better energy levels, reduced weakness, no more nausea and vomiting, and better stress and anxiety, among other benefits. A few weeks later, 100% of participants experienced similar benefits.

According to the trial, “100% of the participants’ tests showed that they had fully recovered their livers and improved liver functions” thanks to Liver Guard Plus. Eric described the results as “absolutely stunning.” Not only was it the largest clinical trial in liver health supplement history, but it was also the first trial in history with an unprecedented 100% success rate.

Patients also experienced other benefits after taking Liver Guard Plus, including normalized blood pressure, improved digestion, weight loss, healthy immune function, better circulation, improved bile production, better cell repair, noticeably younger-looking skin, and more.

To verify the results of the study, 12+ independent labs from around the world performed follow-up testing on 3,200 men and women from 6 countries. These tests verified the formula was safe and effective for people with all types of liver disease to take, according to the official Liver Guard Plus website.

Despite the incredible results of these trials, Dr. Repetto and Eric declined to publish any of their results in a peer-reviewed medical journal. They were worried about blowback from Big Pharma.

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Liver Guard Plus Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

According to the official website, over 93,000+ people have used Liver Guard Plus to fight back against fatty liver disease and other serious liver health problems.

Read unbiased reviews of Liver Guard Plus here!

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One 62-year old claims he “struggled with liver issues for years” before taking Liver Guard Plus. Before taking Liver Guard Plus, he tried medications and remedies – but nothing worked. Within a few days of taking Liver Guard Plus, he noticed an improvement n energy and overall health.

One customer claims he “noticed a significant improvement in my liver function tests during my last checkout with my doctor” after taking Liver Guard Plus. People with liver problems don’t just feel better after taking Liver Guard Plus; they also verify their results with lab results.

A 56-year old reviewer claims he used to feel sluggish and bloated because of his liver problems. However, Liver Guard Plus has improved his energy, lightness, digestion, and skin.

Another customer noticed a significant improvement in productivity form the very first day of taking Liver Guard Plus.

One 76-year old patient received a recommendation for Liver Guard Plus from a friend. Since taking it, he has “noticed significant improvements in my liver functions and overall health.” He feels less fatigued and his energy is better.

Liver Guard Plus Pricing

Liver Guard Plus is normally priced at $179 per bottle. As part of a 2023 promotion, however, the manufacturer has reduced the price to $69 per bottle – or else, if buying multiple bottles.

Liver Guard Plus Pricing

Here’s how much you pay when ordering Liver Guard Plus online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping

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Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of Liver Guard Plus, or 30 servings. You take one serving daily to restore liver function. Eric Young and Dr. Repetto specifically recommend taking the 3 or 6 bottle package to “say goodbye to liver damage and hello to optimal liver function” for the rest of your life.

Liver Guard Plus Refund Policy

Liver Guard Plus has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can get a 100% refund on your purchase within 60 days if you’re unhappy for any reason. If Liver Guard Plus didn’t heal your liver, restore liver function, or help your fatty liver disease, then you can request a complete refund.

Returns Address: 19965 E 35th Dr Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

About Liver Guard Plus

Liver Guard Plus is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The supplement was formulated by Dr. Repetto, a doctor from Tristan da Cunha, and Eric Young, a medical researcher. Both claim to have decades of experience treating liver damage in patients, and they used this medical experience to create Liver Guard Plus.

You can contact the Liver Guard Plus team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 19965 E 35th Dr Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

Final Word

Liver Guard Plus is a liver health supplement marketed to people with fatty liver disease and other liver health problems.

By taking the blend of 20+ natural ingredients in Liver Guard Plus daily, you can purportedly reverse the disease by supporting gut health. The supplement claims to fight the root cause of fatty liver disease, helping to restore optimal liver function within “weeks.”

To learn more about Liver Guard Plus or to buy the supplement today, visit the official website.

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