Should You Buy? Magnetic Charging Cable Head Cord Worth It?

Whippy Charge is an all-in-one fast charging cable that lets you rapidly charge any device.

Instead of messing with 10 different cables for 10 different devices, you can quickly charge any tablet, phone, or smart device with one Whippy Charge.

Does Whippy Charge live up to the hype? How does this trending product work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Whippy Charge and how it works today in our review.

What is Whippy Charge?

Whippy Charge is a fast, magnetic charging cable available exclusively through Top Tech Today (

Advertised as “the charging cable of the future,” Whippy Charge is unique from other chargers because it offers 540-degree rotation. You can easily charge your device wand watch movies or play games at the same time without damaging your charging port.

Whippy Charge is also unique because you can charge any device with a single Whippy Charge. Just place the included USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB adaptor into your device, then leave it there.

Whenever you need to charge the device, press the Whippy Charge magnetic head against it. You can charge any device without needing to replace adaptors or switch heads. Plus, there are no confusing cables or cluttered cords.

Overall, Whippy Charge aims to be the ultimate charging cable for modern users, travelers, or anyone who wants to de-clutter their home and workspace.

Whippy Charge Benefits

Whippy Charge Benefits

Whippy Charge aims to be the ultimate charging cable for anyone. The device comes with features like:

  • Fast, magnetic charging cable
  • Replaceable heads for USB-C, Lightning, and micro-USB charging
  • Rotate the charging head 540 degrees (360 degree rotation + 180 degree head rotation)
  • Easily stream movies, play games, and text friends without bending or damaging your charging cable
  • Next-generation charging cable for phones or tablets
  • Charge everything with a single, convenient charging cable

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How Does Whippy Charge Work?

Whippy Charge immediately looks different from a conventional charging cable. It features a nylon braided charging cord with multiple wires inside. That charging cord protects the sensitive cables while also allowing Whippy Charge to charge anything.

Each Whippy Charge can charge multiple types of devices, including:

  • Lightning: For iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.
  • USB-C: For Androids and other electronics.
  • Micro-USB: For virtually all other electronics.

If you’re like most people, then you have dozens of charging cables around your home – including separate cables for your phone, tablet, electric razer, and anything else lying around. Whippy Charge makes this issue a thing of the past while being the ultimate, convenient charging cable.

Instead of cluttered cords, you can use a single, versatile, and durable charger to charge anything. Plus, Whippy Charge uses unique rotation technology and a durable nylon braid to reduce the risk of breakage. You can say goodbye to mangled cords and damaged charging ports.

Whippy Charge Modern Electronics

Whippy Charge Can Charge 99% of Modern Electronics

As long as your device uses a Lightning, USB-C, or micro-USB charging cable, you can charge it using Whippy Charge. That’s why Whippy Charge can charge around 99% of modern electronics.

Whether you’re charging a phone, tablet, smartwatch, electric razor, or any other device, you can avoid carrying multiple cords around your home and use a single Whippy Charge instead.

Whippy Charge is also designed to be much more durable than the included charging cables you get with a new phone or tablet. Instead of breaking or fraying, Whippy Charge remains strong and has been tested for over 10,000 uses without damage.

There’s no need to switch charging ports with Whippy Charge. Instead, you leave the USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB adaptors in your devices’ charging ports between uses. To charge, just place Whippy Charge’s magnetic head against the charging port. You can easily and quickly charge your device without ever worrying about charging cables, adaptors, or missing ports.

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Whippy Charge Rotates 540 Degrees for Easier, Safer Use While Charging

It’s awkward to use your phone while it’s plugged into an ordinary charging cable.

Ordinary charging cables are designed to face a single direction. If you’re twisting your phone a different direction, you could fray or damage the cord – or worse, damage your phone’s charging port.

That’s why Whippy Charge features 540-degree rotation. You can rotate the head “540 degrees.” That may sound impossible, but Whippy Charge reaches this number with:

  • 360 degrees of circulation rotation
  • 180 degrees of head rotation

You can spin Whippy Charge around in all directions, making it easy to use your phone without damage. You can also spin the head back and forth in 180 degrees, allowing you to twist your phone around without affecting the charging port.

Overall, Whippy Charge’s 540-degree rotation system aims to make it the most convenient and effective charging system available today. You can play video games, watch movies, text with friends, show people your screen, and more without bending or damaging the cable.

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Whippy Charge Features

Whippy Charge aims to be the ultimate modern charging cable. Here are some of the features that distinguish it from ordinary charging cables sold online today:

Charge Every Device with a Single Cable: Your Whippy Charge includes attachments for micro-USB, Lightning, and USB-C devices, allowing you to charge any Android, iPhone, iPad, or other electronic device you own.

Avoid Carrying Multiple Cables: Whether traveling or at home, multiple cables are annoying. Whippy Charge can help you avoid carrying multiple cables, allowing you to charge every device with a single, convenient cable.

540-Degree Rotation: Whippy Charge offers 540-degrees of rotation, including 360 degrees of circulation rotation and an additional 180 degrees of head rotation. This rotation makes it easy to use your device while you’re charging it. Instead of bending your cable or damaging your charging port, you can charge and use your device at the same time.

Avoid Carrying Around Adaptors or Replacement Heads: Other all-in-one chargers require you to carry around different replacement heads or adaptors. Whippy Charge works differently because you leave the adaptors in your electronics between charges. All you need to do is bring your Whippy Charge cable – that’s it.

Ideal for Streaming Movies, Playing Games, or Using your Device While Charging: Do you frequently use your device while it’s charging? Whether you’re watching movies or playing games, you’ve probably encountered issues with your ordinary charging cable. Ordinary charging cables aren’t designed to bend or break. Whippy Charge works without bending and damaging the cable, allowing you to use your phone or tablet while charging without stress.

Fast Charging: Whippy Charge supports quick charging, allowing you to rapidly charge your phones or tablets faster than an ordinary charging cable.

Overheat Protection for Safety: Whippy Charge lets you charge your devices with peace of mind thanks to overheat protection. The charging cable shuts off if it detects excessive heat.

Wear Resistant Nylon: Whippy Charge is made from wear-resistant nylon, and Whippy Charge surrounds all of the included charging cables with durable material. This material has been tested to verify it lasts more than 10,000+ bends without breakage.

Dustproof: The magnetic tips at the end of Whippy Charge are dust-proof, which means they won’t push dust into your phone. Other charging cables can attract dust, then push that dust into your phone, permanently damaging your charging port. With Whippy Charge, that’s not an issue.

Blue LED Light to Find your Cable in the Dark: You can easily find your Whippy Charge charging cable at night thanks to the included blue LED light. The low-intensity light allows you to find your Whippy Charge without waking others up or shining your phone’s light around the room.

Avoid Mangled Cords: No matter which device you use, you’ve probably dealt with broken cords, mangled charging tips, and cluttered charging ports, among other issues. Even high-end electronics come with cheap charging cables, leaving you with exposed wires and an unsightly design. Whippy Charge makes these issues a thing of the past.

No Need to Change Charging Tips Each Time: Other all-in-one chargers require you to change the charging tip each time. If you’re switching from charging an iPad to an Android, for example, you might remove the Lightning tip and replace it with a USB-C tip. With Whippy Charge, however, that’s not an issue: there’s no need to change your charging tip each time. Instead, you place each Whippy Charge charging tip into your electronic device, then place the standard Whippy Charge magnetic tip over top to charge. The charging tip stays in your electronic device between uses, making it easy and fast to charge any of your electronics.

Includes 9 Charging Tips Per Package: Your Whippy Charge purchase includes 9 charging tips in total, including 3 x USB-C, 3 x Lightning, and 3 x micro-USB charging tips. If you have multiple Lightning devices, then you would place a charging tip in each one and leave it. Whenever you need to charge your device, you place Whippy Charge’s magnetic tip against it to quickly charge the device. There’s no need to replace heads or adaptors.

Declutter your Home and Workspace: Instead of carrying multiple cables and adaptors around your workspace, you can use a single charging cable for all your electronics. It’s ideal for travelers or anyone who wants a neat and tidy home.

Tip Stays Perfectly Secure Inside Device for Daily Use: Whippy Charge comes with included tips to place inside all of your devices. These tips stay securely in your device between charges. They’re designed to fit snugly into each charging port without affecting the design or form of the device. When you need to charge it, you simply use the all-in-one Whippy Charge magnetic charger without needing to replace heads or adaptors.

Magnetic Connection for Reduced Risk of Damage: Magnetic chargers reduce the risk of damage. If someone trips over your charging cable, the magnetic charger easily detaches from your device, limiting damage.

Strong & Secure Magnetic Charging: Whippy Charge disconnects from your device with large force – like someone tripping over your cable. However, it creates a strong connection with your device otherwise, which means it won’t fall out during everyday use.

Tested 10,000+ Bend Lifespan: The makers of Whippy Charge have tested the nylon braided charging port in a lab to verify it lasts 10,000+ bends. The cord is highly resistant to splitting and breakage. Most charging cords only last a fraction of the number of bends, and many break within the first year or two of use because of their cheap material.

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Whippy Charge Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Whippy Charge has strong reviews from verified purchasers across the internet. Many customers agree it’s hard to go back to ordinary charging cables after using Whippy Charge. Some are amazed they went so long without Whippy Charge.

Here are some of the reviews from happy customers online:

One customer describes Whippy Charge as “amazing” because a single cable works on all his devices, including Apple, USB-C, and micro-USB devices. Instead of needing multiple cables around his house at all times, he uses a single Whippy Charge.

Whippy Charge is popular with travelers. Instead of bringing multiple cables on the road, you can bring a single cable for all your devices.

Whippy Charge is also popular with those who use their phone while charging. If you frequently watch videos or play games while your phone is plugged in, for example, then Whippy Charge can be a game-changer. You can continue to use your phone or tablet while rotating it – all without damaging the cord or charging port.

Others are happy with how quickly Whippy Charge charges devices. It uses fast charging technology to rapidly fill up your device’s battery.

Whippy Charge is a popular gift. Because of the bulk discount offer available online, Whippy Charge is priced affordably when buying multiple units, making them great stocking stuffers, gifts for coworkers, or casual presents for friends and family.

Many customers are also impressed with the value of Whippy Charge. At $30 for 3 charging cables or less, you’re getting high-end charging at a fraction of the price of other quality charging cables available today.

If you like long charging cables with extended reach, then Whippy Charge is a popular option. Your Whippy Charge pack comes with a 10’ charging cable, for example, making it easy to use your phone even when the only spare electrical outlet is across the room.

Overall, many customers are impressed with the functionality of Whippy Charge, the convenience of the device, and the overall quality of the design.

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Whippy Charge Pricing

Whippy Charge is priced at $29.97 for a pack of 3 charging cables. You can save even more money by buying a 6-pack or 9-pack of charging cables.

Whippy Charge Pricing

Here’s how much you pay when buying Whippy Charge online today:

  • Whippy Charge 3-Pack: $29.97
  • Whippy Charge 6-Pack: $49.98 + Free Shipping ($8.33 Per Pack)
  • Whippy Charge 9-Pack: $64.98 + Free Shipping ($7.22 Per Pack)

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Each pack includes 3 x USB-C magnetic charging heads, 3 x Lightning magnetic charging heads, and 3 x micro-USB magnetic charging heads, giving you everything you need to charge your devices.

Whippy Charge Refund Policy

Whippy Charge is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase for any reason to receive a complete refund, minus original shipping costs. Contact [email protected] to start the refund process.

About Top Tech Today

Whippy Charge is made and sold online by Top Tech Today, a consumer products brand operated by Prairie Marketing, also known as Prairie IT, LLC. The company sells innovative products online to solve modern issues.

In addition to Whippy Charge, other popular products sold by Top Tech Today include the Omega Datacube, CozyCharge, Thera-Mask, and Wallet Defender.

You can contact Top Tech Today and the Whippy Charge customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Whippy Charge is the ultimate all-in-one charging cable.

Featuring an innovative magnetic tip design, Whippy Charge lets you charge any device with a single, high-quality, nylon braided cable. Just insert the included USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB adaptors into your ordinary charging ports, then use Whippy Charge at any time without needing to replace adaptors or switch heads.

To learn more about Whippy Charge or to buy the innovative charging cable online today, visit the official website.

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