Should You Buy Michael Major’s DIY At-Home Book Guide?

Most people are not prepared to handle disasters. Natural calamities like floods, disease outbreaks, and drought can cause chaos and loss of lives. War and other manufactured disasters can cause immense suffering to innocent people.

Disasters and calamities mean minimal access to basic amenities like food, power, clean water, and medical care. The governments may offer minimal support depending on the magnitude of the calamity.

Survivalists and preppers recommend staying prepared to handle any eventuality. What would happen if the grid is down and there is an EMP attack?

No Grid Survival Projects is a handbook educating readers on various projects that can ensure you have a constant food supply, access to clean water, enough power, and readiness to survive any disaster. Who can benefit from the projects? Is the book worth the hype?

What are No Grid Survival Projects?

No Grid Survival Projects by Michael Major is a guide comprising 70 projects to keep yourself and your loved one safe, fed, and content after a disaster. The authors claim that most people depend on modern technology and developments and are clueless when the conveniences are removed.

Can you survive without electricity, store-bought foods, bottled water, and other necessities? What if the government cannot protect you from enemies? No Grid Survival Projects educates its readers on creative methods of growing foods, securing your home, and discreet alternative power.

The projects are simple and take little time to complete. In addition, the DIY tasks require minimal equipment and material. No Grid Survival Projects authors report that these projects are practical and ideal for everyone regardless of their technical skills.

The No Grid Survival Projects can save you money and make you self-sufficient. Planting your crop, securing your homestead, and being independent helps you live on your terms. It gives you peace of mind that you can handle any disaster without panicking.

No Grid Survival Projects Features

  • The projects are practical and straightforward
  • You do not need any technical expertise to finish the projects
  • The projects come with tags explaining their difficulty level, costs, and the approximate time required to complete
  • The book is available in digital and physical forms
  • You can adapt the projects in your daily life, thus saving money
  • It has pictorial explanations on how to undertake each the project

No Grid Survival Projects Pros and Cons


  • Provides a systematic guide on all formats.
  • Available in both digital and physical formats.
  • Provides simple, detailed, and pictorial descriptions.
  • User-friendly.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Practical projects that are ideal for everyday use.
  • Provides estimated costs, time, and difficulty level of each project.


  • Some of the materials are available only on Amazon and Home Depot.
  • Ideal for urban dwellers, which means it may not be as useful for people who live in rural areas or remote locations.
  • No specific cons are mentioned for the last five pros listed in the table.

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What is Inside the No Grid Survival Projects Book?

No Grid Survival Projects Reviews

Below are some of the projects inside the 300 + project guide:

Pressurized Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System

Harvesting water can save you a lot of money. Michael Major reveals how you can create a rainwater harvesting system to store more than 165 gallons of water for irrigation or daily use. The structure does not require the use of a siphon or pump.

The 3-Bucket Water Filter

Studies show that most people die of dehydration and drinking unclean water. The three-bucket water filter uses only three buckets stacked together to filter dirt and make it clean. The project takes less than half an hour and minimal expertise to complete.

Making Black Powder at Home

The old-fashioned black powder can fortify your safety when the government fails to protect you. In the face of disaster, it is impossible to get adequate security. Michael Major reveals how you can make legal black powder using three ingredients bought from Amazon.

DIY Wind Turbine

Salvaged motor parts can make suitable wind turbines to power your home. The author describes how you can use treadmill motors, Ametek DC motors, or electric bike motors to create wind power.

How to Make Powerful Survival Food 20+ shelf life

Native North Americans could store food to last months or years. Pemmican is a high-energy and nutrient-dense food made from woodland berries, ground meat, and rendered fat. No Grid Survival Projects provides the procedure of making these foods and storing them for extended periods without refrigeration.

The Hidden Food Growing Fence

Growing your food saves you money and makes you self-sufficient. You can use planters and discarded pallets to transform an idle fence into a garden. Michael Major explains foods you can grow on a fence without attracting passersby.

Automatic Backyard Traps and Alarms

It is best to protect yourself from looters and intruders. Automatic backyard traps and alarms are simple and practical methods of keeping unwanted people from your property. The protective systems alert and scare away intruders, thus saving you safe.

How to Make an Oven

Michael explains how you can create an oven that cooks without emitting any smoke or smell and uses zero fuel. With such an invention, it is impossible to attract unwelcome dinner guests, particularly during a food shortage.

The Backyard Power Plant

What happens after an EMP or power loss? The Backyard Power Plant is a practical and effective DIY solar system that can keep your TV, small fridge, and laptop running after a blackout.

The DIY solar system has zero circuits and is thus unlikely to be affected by the EMP. Michael Major explains that it produces adequate power to operate the air conditioner, lights, charge your phone, and other critical appliances.

The author details where to buy the materials for building the solar system. Similarly, there is a video description and a written explanation of assembling the different parts to create an effective solar system.

Water Heater

The writer describes how you can connect a heating coil to your wood stove to supply hot water every time you operate the stove. You can connect the heater to the off-grid shower. You can still get hot running water even after power loss.

The No-Grid Shower

Most people enjoy showers. You can create an off-grid shower using worn-out IBCs, plastic sheets, or wooden pallets. It takes minimal time and space to create the no-grid shower.

How to Use a Propane Tank for Heating

No Grid Survival Projects book reveals how you can transform a propane tank into a heater to keep you warm and prepare your meals in case of blackouts. The propane tank gives you warmth and helps you stay safe when the power company breaks down.

DIY Traps for Small Animals

You can create effective DIY snares for small animals. The caught animals can make delicious meals or prevent them from destroying your farm.

Shelf- Stable Bread

The bread supposedly fed Christopher Columbus during his maiden voyage. The bread can last a lifetime without losing its nutritional value. It requires no refrigeration.

How to Communicate after an EMP

An EMP destroys the cellular towers and signals, thus inhibiting communication. Michael explains how you can reclaim communication using the CB car radio.

DIY No-Grid AC Unit

The DIY air conditioning unit helps you to stay cool inside regardless of the heat. The projects does not rely on electric power.

Simple Aquaponic Farm

An Aquaponic farm allows you to rear fish and grow crops. It requires minimal water and provides a steady food supply regardless of the weather. The DIY Aquaponic farm can help you produce 5× more food without fertilizer.

High Pulse Protection Faraday Cage

The Faraday cage allows you to protect your electronics from the effects of high-altitude EMP.

Easy Harvest Raised Beds

The hoop house and raised beds protect plants from inclement weather and pets. It also accelerates growth and minimizes the time you need to tend to the crop. The raised beds are perfect for people who have issues with bending. It can save you time, space, and effort.

Condensation Device

The condensation device allows you to harvest water in case of a blackout or EMP. The invention works best in warm weather.

SHTF Medicinal Garden

The DIY medicinal garden gives you herbs that can manage various ailments. Amber Robinson is the author of this chapter. She reveals simple herbs you can grow to make healthy blood sugars and combat pain, stomach pain, insomnia, and other common ailments.

40 Remedies Growing in the Wild

Also, written by Amber Robinson, this chapter helps you identify 40 herbal remedies prevalent in North America. She provides a pictorial description of each herb plus its health benefits.

Benefits of No Grid Survival Projects

  • The projects can help you save money
  • It equips the readers with practical survival skills
  • The projects can be applied in everyday life to save money
  • No Grid Survival Projects can help you survive pandemics and disasters
  • It can help the readers to become self-sufficient and independent.

No Grid Survival Projects Pricing


No Grid Survival Projects is only sold through the official website. The authors claim it is in short supply. After purchase, customers receive the digital version and videos immediately through their email. The physical copy may take 5-7 days to arrive on your doorstep or mailbox. Prices are as follows:

  • No Grid Survival Projects Digital Book $37.00
  • No Grid Survival Projects Book Digital and Physical Books $37.00

A two-month and two-choice money-back guarantee backs each purchase. Customers can choose from two refund options:

  • The Keep the Book Money Back Guarantee to keep the book and receive a refund, excluding the shipping and handling costs.
  • Receive a full refund after sending the book back.

Customers can reach out to customer service by sending an email to:


  • 75 Items you need to Stockpile before a Collapse
  • How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way
  • How to Make an Herbal Apothecary

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to face disasters and eventualities? No Grid Survival Projects is a 300+ book describing various projects you can undertake to ensure you beat any pandemic, loss of power, or EMP. All the projects are practical, easy to undertake, affordable, and ideal for everyday use.

You can purchase a genuine copy of the No Grid Survival Projects guide only through the official website.

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