Should You Buy RadiaShield Potassium Iodide for Radiation Protection?

Radia Shield is a nutritional supplement that claims to protect you from radiation.

Available exclusively online through, the supplement features a blend of natural ingredients and is backed by a 90 day moneyback guarantee.

Does Radia Shield really work against radiation? How does potassium iodide protect you? Keep reading to find out if Radia Shield lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Radia Shield?

Radia Shield is a radiation defense formula developed by a man named Paul Grabowski.

The supplement, similar to other KI pills, features potassium iodide, which can purportedly protect your body against radiation. Radia Shield purportedly contains a special version of KI that can protect you from radiation with a single capsule.

Paul discovered government officials in the United States were secretly hoarding radiation medication. He developed Radia Shield to help ordinary people defend themselves from radiation even without government connections.

Radia Shield is primarily marketed towards preppers, survivalists, or anyone concerned about natural disasters, emergency situations, warfare, and other catastrophes.

You can exclusively buy Radia Shield through, where it’s priced at $41 per bottle. All purchases come with a 90 day moneyback guarantee.

Radia Shield Benefits

Radia Shield is designed to be the ultimate potassium iodide (KI) supplement available today. In fact, Paul claims it’s more of a “military-grade” nuclear defense tool than a supplement.

Here are some of the benefits of buying Radia Shield today:

  • Protect yourself and loved ones from radiation, nuclear attacks, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and other incidents
  • Contains 866 times the dose of an ordinary KI pill
  • Works immediately to protect your body from radiation exposure
  • More important today than ever because the United States is facing its highest ever threat of a radiation incident
  • Developed based on secret KI formula from leaked internal US government document
  • Take just 1 capsule daily for 14 days to protect anyone between ages 0 and 100 from radiation

How Does Radia Shield Work?

Radia Shield works by containing a strong dose of potassium iodide, or KI. The mineral can purportedly protect you from radiation, and some people keep a stash of KI at home to protect from nuclear attacks, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and other catastrophes.

The manufacturer of Radia Shield recommends taking 1 capsule of Radia Shield immediately after being exposed to radiation. The capsule works immediately, flooding your thyroid with safe, natural iodine. According to the manufacturer, “this stops radioactive iodine from infiltrating your body.”

You take 1 capsule of Radia Shield per day for 14 days to protect yourself from radiation exposure. The supplement claims to work for anyone age 0 to 100 – including newborn babies, children, and pregnant women.

Each capsule of Radia Shield is equivalent to 866 capsules of conventional KI pills. You can find other potassium iodide tablets in department stores and at online retailers. However, you would need to take 866 capsules of these supplements to get the equivalent of a single capsule of Radia Shield, according to the official website.

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A Nuclear Disaster on US Soil “Has Never Been So Likely”

Paul Grabowski, creator of Radia Shield, was motivated to create Radia Shield because he’s concerned about a nuclear attack on the United States.

In fact, Paul believes the United States is facing a greater threat of a nuclear incident than at any previous point in its history – greater than the heights of the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and other points in history:

“I’m guessing you’re a bit like me and you can see what’s really going on in the world…So you’ve probably noticed all the warning signs…That a nuclear disaster on US soil has never been so likely…”

Why is Paul so concerned about a nuclear strike? Who is going to attack the United States? Why would they attack the United States?

Here are some of the reasons Paul believes a nuclear strike on the United States could occur in the near future:

Joe Biden Secretly Warned a Group of Billionaires to Prepare for Nuclear Armageddon: According to Paul, Joe Biden recently gathered a group of billionaires together for a secret meeting. That meeting took place at a $23 million mansion in New York owned by James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. At this meeting, Biden warned these billionaires America is “on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.”

Russia Has Issued Nuclear Missile Warnings Against the United States: Russia has issued nuclear warnings against the United States and other countries during its invasion of Ukraine. Russian TV is airing mock videos of nuclear missiles striking US cities, and Putin has been threatening to prepare nuclear weapons if foreign countries interfere with the invasion.

China is Increasing Its Nuclear Arsenal to 1,500 Warheads: According to Paul, Biden’s leadership has pushed relations with China to “an all time low.” Making things worse is that China has announced plans to increase its nuclear arsenal to 1,500 warheads, with most of those warheads pointing towards the United States.

184 Million Americans Live Within 50 Miles of a Nuclear Power Plant: Nuclear power plants are common across the United States and most other industrialized nations. Although nuclear power is generally safe, historic incidents have put lives at risk in Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island. Today, approximately 184 million Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. This area is known as the “danger zone” after a meltdown. A single accident, or even a tiny design error, could cause a catastrophe leading to millions of lives lost. It may not take a dirty bomb from Russia or China; all it takes is a single mistake at home.

The United States Government is Hoarding Radiation Medication: Paul, creator of Radia Shield, claims to have received access to a “shocking internal Pentagon document” that proves government officials are hoarding radiation medication. These officials know the country is facing an increased risk of attack or exposure, and they’re hoarding it for themselves instead of protecting the public.

A Non-Binary Thief Was Responsible for Nuclear Waste Control in the United States: Paul also blames non-binary nuclear engineer and LGBTQ activist Sam Brinton for increasing the risk of nuclear accidents in the United States. Sam, who made headlines for being the first openly genderfluid person in federal government, was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy between June 2022 and December 2022. Sam also has a dual Master’s degree in engineering systems and nuclear science and engineering from MIT. Sam was fired after being caught stealing luggage from an airport. As Deputy Assistant Secretary, Sam served under the Assistant Secretary as one of five Deputy Assistant Secretaries within the organization. Paul claims you “can’t even trust the ‘guy’ not to steal luggage,” which is why he’s wary about America’s current nuclear waste disposal practices.

Because of all of these factors, Paul believes America is facing its greatest risk of a nuclear incident in history – which is why he recommends stocking up on as much Radia Shield as you can afford today.

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Who Created Radia Shield? About Paul Grabowski

Paul Grabowski is a survivalist and prepper who created Radia Shield because he believes America is at imminent risk of a nuclear incident.

So who is Paul Grabowski? What’s his background? How did he develop Radia Shield?

Paul is notable within the prepping and survivalist communities for writing Dark Age Defense, a series of books designed to help you survive unexpected events. Dark Age Defense rose to prominence in 2022 among prepping communities.

Paul is also known for releasing a documentary online about the fragility of America’s power grid. That documentary was viewed by 3 million Americas.

Today, Paul claims to have inside sources within the United States government. He claims to have received a “shocking internal Pentagon document” that proves the United States government believes we’re facing a heightened risk of a nuclear incident.

Paul, wanting to help everyday American patriots defend themselves, developed Radia Shield to help.

How Potassium Iodide (KI) Protects Against Radiation

The active ingredient in Radia Shield is potassium iodide, or KI. KI, according to the makers of Radia Shield, can protect you from radiation exposure when taken daily.

In fact, the official Radia Shield websites describes Ki as “an anti-radiation pill” and “an antidote for radiation exposure,” claiming it could help save your life after a radioactive incident.

Here’s how Radia Shield and other KI pills work:

Each potassium iodide tablet can stop radiation from infiltrating your body.

During a nuclear attack, your thyroid gland is like a sponge for radiation. It soaks up radioactive iodine, worsening your health and causing serious disease and illness.

When you take potassium iodide, it’s like “soaking” the sponge. By the time radiation hits you, you’re immune from it because your sponge is already filled with iodine, preventing you from absorbing radioactive iodine.

By taking Radia Shield immediately after a nuclear incident, you can purportedly avoid a “long, slow agonizing death” many people face after radiation exposure. All you need to do is take Radia Shield within a few minutes of the attack.

The United States government gives potassium iodide tablets to people who live within 10 miles of nuclear power plants, because it could help protect you in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

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Radia Shield Versus Other KI Pills

Potassium iodide tablets, or KI pills, are not new. Many people have KI pills to protect themselves from radiation and nuclear catastrophes. It’s a crucial part of some survival plans.

What’s the difference between Radia Shield and other KI pills? Why buy Radia Shield over competing KI pills?

According to Paul Grabowski and the Radia Shield team, you would need to take 866 tablets of ordinary KI pills each day to get the equivalent of a single dose of Radia Shield. The supplement also claims to be easier to split, and the manufacture recommends splitting the pills and giving them to children for protection.

866 Tablets Versus a Single Capsule: According to the official Radia Shield website, each capsule of Radia Shield is equivalent to 866 tablets of ordinary KI pills – like the supplements you find at Walmart, Kroger, or Amazon. You would need to take 866 tablets of these pills to get the equivalent of a single capsule of Radia Shield.

Easier to Split: The makers of Radia Shield recommend giving the supplement to children and the elderly by splitting capsules. Because it’s a capsule instead of a pill, it’s easier to split. You can mix the powder into a food or drink, for example.

Military-Grade Formula Based on Secret Government Document: When Paul approached supplement companies to make Radia Shield, he insisted he wasn’t looking for a normal nutritional supplement; instead, he wanted a “military-grade” nuclear defense tool. The formula is based on a secret recipe from a leaked internal US government document, which is why Paul believes it’s a “military-grade” survival tool instead of an ordinary supplement.

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How to Use Radia Shield

The manufacturer of Radia Shield recommends taking Radia Shield as soon as you are exposed to radiation. The manufacturer also gives instructions on giving Radia Shield to children and babies.

Here’s how to use Radia Shield, according to the official website:

As soon as you are exposed to radiation, swallow 1 capsule of Radia Shield

To protect a child or baby from radiation, split 1 capsule of Radia Shield in two and put half the powder in a food or drink

Continue taking 1 capsule of Radia Shield every day for 14 days to protect your body from radiation

How is Radia Shield Stronger?

Paul developed Radia Shield to be the strongest version of potassium iodide available on the market today. He claims his formula is 866 times stronger than average KI pills.

How did Paul do it? How could he create a formula stronger than anything else in the industry? Again, cites mysterious inside sources within the United States government:

Paul discovered the “exact formula” for the ultimate potassium iodide tablet from a secret internal Pentagon document. The Pentagon discovered a potassium iodide formula that could defend you against radiation with just one capsule per day.

The average store-bought KI pill contains just 0.15mg of the active ingredient, and you would need to take hundreds of these pills to protect yourself.

Paul insists his formula isn’t a dietary supplement: It’s a recreation of a “military-grade nuclear radiation defense” tool. He reached out to manufacturers across the United States asking them to create the special supplement based on the secret Pentagon formula.

Eventually, Paul found a US-based lab willing to make his secret formula. It took months and cost a fortune, and Paul needed to take out a loan. However, he was so committed to protecting his family and fellow American patriots, that he was happy to put his personal financial future at risk.

Today, when you take Radia Shield, you’re taking “the same strength recommended by internal US government documents to protect officials and their families.” The formula is purportedly safe for people of all ages to use – including people from 0 to 100.

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Scientific Evidence for Radia Shield

Can a single capsule of Radia Shield really protect you and your family from the effects of nuclear radiation? How does Radia Shield work? Is there any science supporting Paul’s claims? We’ll review some of the science behind potassium iodide below.

According to the CDC, some people may be told to take potassium iodide (KI) to protect their thyroid in a radiation emergency. The CDC claims you should only take KI if instructed by a public health official, emergency response official, or healthcare provider.

Potassium iodide has been shown to protect your thyroid from radioactive iodine (I-131). By taking potassium iodide, you may be able to prevent I-131 from entering your thyroid or causing significant health risks. However, potassium iodide only protects your thyroid. As the CDC explains, potassium iodide “does not protect other parts of the body from other types of radiation.”

KI protects the thyroid by blocking the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodide, as advertised by Paul and his team. Your thyroid effectively “soaks up” potassium iodide, blocking it from absorbing the radioactive iodide in the environment.

As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission explains, potassium iodide has a specialized role in radiation exposure situations. It can provide a specific type of protection against a specific type of radiation. However, the NRC emphasizes evacuations and sheltering in place as more effective measures.

As proof KI works, the United States government gives KI to people who live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant. These people are at a particularly strong risk of exposure in the event of an incident.

Overall, potassium iodide is a well-known defense against a specific type of radiation, and it could protect your thyroid from a nuclear attack, nuclear power plant meltdown, and other radioactive situation.

Radia Shield Pricing

Radia Shield Pricing

Radia Shield costs $41 per bottle, although you can save money by buying multiples bottles of Radia Shield today.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Radia Shield online:

  • 1 Bottle: $49 + $12.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $117 ($39 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $186 ($31 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping

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You can also subscribe and save 10%, receiving one new shipment of Radia Shield every 1, 3, or 6 months, depending on your order size.

Each bottle contains a 14 day supply of Radia Shield, or 14 capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking an entire bottle every time there’s a nuclear attack. They also recommend stocking up, because a nuclear attack will make it impossible to order future bottles of Radia Shield.

Paul claims he’s not making much money on the supplement: he created the supplement to help American patriots and their loved ones. He’s not a greedy supplement company. He’s only charging the prices above so he can “cover [his] costs,” according to the official website.

Radia Shield Refund Policy

Radia Shield comes with a 90 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with Radia Shield for any reason, or if the supplement did not defend you from deadly radiation as advertised, then you can request a complete refund within 90 days of your purchase.

About Radia Shield

Radia Shield is developed by a company that does business under the same name. That company manufactures Radia Shield in the United States using a blend of domestic and imported ingredients. Radia Shield is registered in Lewes, Delaware.

The Radia Shield customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm EST. You can contact the team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-866-887-3886
  • Mailing Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958

Final Word

Radia Shield is a potassium iodide (KI) supplement designed as the ultimate defense against nuclear radiation.

Created by Paul Grabowski, who believes the risk of a nuclear incident in the United States has never been higher, Radia Shield can purportedly protect anyone 0 to 100 from radiation with just one capsule per day.

To learn more about Radia Shield and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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