Should You Buy? Scam or Legit?

The Rhodopi Blueprint is a guide to help you prepare for a devastating upcoming event that could destroy America as we know it.

According to Dr. Leonel Shub, a physician with 30 years of experience, America’s medical supply is “on the verge of extinction,” It will soon be impossible to buy the life-saving medication you need.

Is The Rhodopi Blueprint a scam? What will you learn in The Rhodopi Blueprint? How can Dr. Leonel Shub help you survive America’s upcoming medical drought? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about The Rhodopi Blueprint today.

What is The Rhodopi Blueprint?

The Rhodopi Blueprint is a health manual available exclusively online through

Created by Dr. Leonel Shub, a surgeon with 32+ years of experience, The Rhodopi Blueprint teaches you how to grow your own medicine in your backyard.

You may need to grow your own medicine in your backyard because China plans to attack the United States within 12 months by creating a “medicine drought” and stopping all pharmaceutical exports.

The manual is based on natural remedies from the people of Rhodope, Bulgaria – or the Rhodopi people. These people grow their own medicine and are some of the world’s healthiest.

Dr. Shub believes China plans to create a “medicine drought” in the United States that could kill millions across the country. He claims China is planning to launch the attack within the next 12 months by halting all pharmaceutical exports. It will soon be impossible to buy insulin, heart medication, arthritis drugs, and other lifesaving medication.

Instead of stockpiling drugs, Dr. Shub recommends growing your own medicine.

In The Rhodopi Blueprint, you can discover Dr. Shub’s recommended natural alternatives to insulin and other lifesaving medication – including remedies you can grow in your backyard.

The Rhodopi Blueprint is priced at $67 and includes a bundle of bonus eBooks and subscriptions. All purchases come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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The Rhodopi Blueprint Benefits

Some of the benefits of The Rhodopi Blueprint include:

  • Discover how to grow your own medicine in your backyard
  • Protect the health and safety of yourself and your family
  • Avoid the disastrous consequences of America’s impending medicine drought created by China
  • Create your natural remedies for diabetes, blood pressure problems, arthritis, and other health conditions
  • Endorsed and created by physician and surgeon Dr. Leonel Shub, who has 32+ years of industry experience
  • Available at $67 and comes bundled with three bonus eBooks as part of the 2023 promotion

Dr. Shub developed The Rhodopi Blueprint as the ultimate health manual for Americans to survive the upcoming medical drought. He describes his book as “by far the most important book on health ever published”.

What Will You Learn in The Rhodopi Blueprint?

The Rhodopi Blueprint is a one-of-a-kind health manual. The goal of the manual is to help you discover alternatives to prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs.

Endorsed by Dr. Shub, The Rhodopi Blueprint covers topics like:

Learn how to grow your medication in your backyard, apartment, or other space. Whether you have a large backyard or a tiny apartment, you can grow lifesaving medicines in a small area by following the lessons in The Rhodopi Blueprint.

Boost energy and feel younger using natural remedies. Whether trying to feel younger and boost mobility or target issues like high blood sugar and high blood pressure, you can discover a wealth of remedies in The Rhodopi Blueprint. The Rhodopi Blueprint has hundreds of pages of natural remedies for everything from specific conditions to general ailments.

The specific herbs, plants, and nutrients to target your medical condition. Dr. Shub lists individual plants for high blood sugar, for example, and probiotics for optimal gut health.

Avoid the upcoming medical drought created by China. Dr. Shub believes China plans to attack the United States within the next 12 months by blocking all pharmaceutical exports to the country. According to Dr. Shub’s research, the attack could kill up to half of America’s population – or around 175 million people. In The Rhodopi Blueprint, you can discover how to avoid the upcoming medicine drought by growing your own medicine home.

How to avoid the side effects of dangerous pharmaceuticals. Dr. Shub has prescribed medication to thousands of patients over his decades as a physician, but he regrets every prescription he has ever issued. He believes prescription medication is dangerous, made in unsafe Chinese labs, and causes harmful side effects.

A step-by-step guide to identifying, growing, and preparing medicine from herbs and plants – all from your backyard or a tiny apartment, even if you have zero gardening experience.

Dr. Shub believes The Rhodopi Blueprint is a goldmine of health information you won’t find anywhere else.

Who is Dr. Leonel Shub?

Dr. Leonel Shub is a physician with 32 years of experience. He describes himself as “one of the top ER medics” in the United States and a “highly trained surgeon.”

Over his career, Dr. Shub has also worked with some of America’s largest organizations, including Pepsi, FedEx, and the FBI. He also served as an expert witness to over 1,000 medical errors – including complications from prescription drugs.

Until recently, Dr. Shub was a champion of modern medicine. He prescribed thousands of pills to patients.

Looking back, however, he regrets prescribing all of this medication. Dr. Shub believes prescription medication is dangerous, ignores the root cause of illness, and causes deadly side effects.

Dr. Shub also distrusts China. Dr. Shub claims China makes 97% of all medication for the United States and manufactures this medication in unsafe labs with lax regulatory standards. He believes that puts Americans – and the entire United States – at significant risk.

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What is the America Medicine Drought?

Dr. Shub believes millions of Americans will die in an upcoming medicine drought:

“I anticipate it could leave millions of innocent folks in excruciating pain, sickness, and inevitable death…I’m talking about a complete collapse of our entire medical system.”

Dr. Shub claims America’s medicine supply is “running so dry” he believes it will “certainly” disappear within the next 12 months.

Dr. Shub claims America’s enemies – like China – are deliberately planning this event to bring America to its knees. Over the last decade, these foreign actors have been increasingly tainting America’s medicine.

Today, medical malpractice cases have never been higher, and complications from prescription medication are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Dr. Shub blames the issue on Chinese drug manufacturing practices:

“…most of our medicine doesn’t come from the United States. But rather from overseas. The US doesn’t produce its own medicine. A small portion is produced in India, and a staggering 97% is produced in China.”

The United States hasn’t produced penicillin since 2004, for example. America is increasingly reliant on Chinese medicine.

If America is relying on China for medication, then China could pull the plug on America’s medical supply at any point. Dr. Shub believes China will pull the plug in the next 12 months.

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China Will Create a Drug Shortage in the United States in the Next 12 Months

Dr. Shub believes China will create a drug shortage within the United States in the next 12 months, leading to a crisis nationwide.

Here are some of the consequences of China shutting down America’s drug supply:

  • One medical expert claims China could destroy America within weeks by shutting down its exports of antibiotics.
  • Another medical expert claims US hospitals, clinics, and military hospitals would “cease to function in months if not days” if China shut down its pharmaceutical exports.
  • You may wake up tomorrow unable to buy insulin, arthritis medication, or heart thinners.
  • Within days, surgeons would be unable to perform lifesaving surgeries.
  • Soon after, people would start dying due to a lack of surgery. Dr. Shub believes half of Americans could die – or around 175 million people – due to this crisis.

For all these reasons and more, Dr. Shub recommends buying The Rhodopi Blueprint online today to discover natural alternatives to prescription medication, protecting the lives of you and your family in the upcoming crisis.

Why Does China Want to Stop Selling Drugs to the United States?

Chinese drug companies make billions annually by selling drugs to the United States. Why would the Chinese government want to shut down this drug manufacturing?

According to Dr. Shub, the Chinese government wants to control American citizens, and they’ll use their drug manufacturing monopoly to do so:

“The Chinese government secretly wants to control American citizens. And what better way to get us hooked on their meds then cut our supply.”

Dr. Shub claims he doesn’t believe in conspiracies. He doesn’t believe China caused the recent pandemic as a trial run, for example, nor does he believe Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are teaming up to create a new world order.

However, Dr. Shub does believe the upcoming China-created drug crisis will be a catastrophe:

“… it will be one of the biggest crises we’ve ever experienced. Every life-saving pill, capsule, and liquid will vanish off store shelves. And we could see America’s population cut in half.”

The best way to prepare for the crisis is to buy The Rhodopi Blueprint online and start to grow your own medicine at home using the doctor-recommended step-by-step guides inside the blueprint.

Rhodope, Bulgaria, is One of the Healthiest Places on the Planet

Bulgaria is home to a small, remote village called Rhodope. The village has unusually high levels of people who live over 100.

The people of Rhodope, the Rhodopi, don’t take modern medicine from China or visit hospitals.

Instead, the Rhodopi people use natural remedies from the surrounding mountains to heal all of their health conditions.

According to Dr. Shub’s research, the Rhodopi are among the healthiest people on the planet. They don’t have diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, or other issues that tend to afflict older populations.

Dr. Shub spent a few weeks living with the Rhodopi people. Dr. Shub met Ivan, who was highly healthy despite being nearly 100. Ivan’s family had a journal that had been passed down through generations. Dr. Shub photographed the journal, translated it from Bulgarian, and decided to share the natural cures with the world.

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Sample Plants, Herbs, & Remedies in The Rhodopi Blueprint

Dr. Shub spent 18 months researching the natural remedies in Ivan’s journal from the Rhodopi village. He eliminated some of the more exotic treatments.

Dr. Shub even started to test some of the medicine on himself. After 21 days, he noticed he stopped peeing 5 to 6 times a night. He felt more energetic. His joints felt better, and he improved his digestion.

Dr. Shub even lost weight without changing his diet. His resting heart rate fell below 60 beats per minute. His insulin levels were under control. His knees stopped cracking in the morning.

After experiencing significant benefits with the natural medications in The Rhodopi Blueprint, Dr. Shub decided to share it with the world.

Rhodopi Blueprint Is On Sale Now For A Limited Time!

Sample herbs, plants, and remedies highlighted in The Rhodopi Blueprint include:

Galanthus nivalis: Galanthus nivalis is the only plant in the world that produces a powerful probiotic to soothe joint pain, support immune function, and fight arthritis, according to Dr. Shub. Also known as snowdrop, the plant has a history of use in traditional medicine.

Lactuca Virosa: The Rhodopi use this plant to soothe muscle and joint aches, allowing them to run, dance, and exercise even at an advanced age. Also known as bitter lettuce, Lactuca virosa has mild analgesic and sedative effects, which is one reason natural healers have used the plant for centuries.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Dr. Shub claims diabetics can use gymnema sylvestre to support healthy blood sugar. Instead of relying on Chinese-made insulin and other diabetes medication prescribed by your doctor, you can take a plant instead. The plant promotes healthy blood sugar levels in a significant way.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus: The Rhodopi Blueprint teaches you about a probiotic strain called Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which Dr. Shub claims is one of the most potent probiotics on the planet. Probiotics are crucial for digestion, immunity, and overall health and wellness.

24-Hour Healing Cocktail: The Rhodopi use this special mix to support healthy inflammation, blood pressure, blood sugar, energy, brain power, and skin health with each sip.

Natural Eyesight Remedies: Going blind or losing your vision? It may be a natural part of getting older, but there are natural eyesight remedies you can use to improve your vision. In The Rhodopi Blueprint, you can discover some herbs and plants the Rhodopi use to improve their vision without drugs or surgery.

The #1 Herb for Healing Ringworm: Dr. Shub believes you can heal ringworm using a specific herb. You can discover how to grow, identify, and prepare that herb in The Rhodopi Blueprint.

How to Use Turmeric for Joint Discomfort: Turmeric is a spice rich with natural antioxidants. Dr. Shub claims people with arthritis and joint pain can stop using glucosamine, chondroitin, and other natural remedies and pick turmeric instead.

The #1 Tasty Treat for Lowering Blood Sugar: Dr. Shub describes a remedy that can “support perfect blood sugar all year long” while being sweet as honey. You can quench sugar cravings while supporting healthy blood sugar at the same time.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings by Dabbing an Herb On Your Gums: The Rhodopi people occasionally dab an herb on their gums to reduce sugar cravings, helping them maintain a healthy weight.

The Forbidden Plant that Fights Pathogens: You can use plants – not medication – to fight pathogens and viruses. It’s described as a “forbidden plant” because big pharmaceutical companies repressed the plant for decades. The Rhodopi Blueprint explains how to identify, grow, and prepare this plant.

The Secret to Soothing Nerve Pain: You can put a pinch of a natural remedy under your tongue to soothe nerve pain. According to Dr. Shub, your nerve pain flare-ups will “cease almost immediately” after using this.

The 3 Worst Teas to Drink Before Bed: Dr. Shub recommends avoiding certain teas, including chamomile, before bed to maximize restoration.

Dozens of Other Plants, Herbs, & Natural Remedies: The Rhodopi Blueprint contains dozens of plants, herbs, natural remedies, and other solutions. Whether looking for alternatives to prescription medication or general wellness remedies, you can find a wealth of information in the health manual.

What to Expect After Taking the Remedies in The Rhodopi Blueprint

According to The Rhodopi Blueprint, you can enjoy a range of powerful benefits by taking the remedies in The Rhodopi Blueprint, including:

  • Support healthy blood sugar
  • Relieve joint pain and muscle aches
  • Improve the appearance of skin and hair
  • Enjoy extra energy
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your vision

In short, The Rhodopi Blueprint claims to solve virtually every problem associated with getting older. According to Dr. Shub, whether you want to lose weight, boost energy, improve vision, or enjoy other benefits, you can target serious health concerns with the information in The Rhodopi Blueprint.

The Rhodopi Blueprint Pricing

Dr. Shub initially planned to charge $2,000 to $3,000 for The Rhodopi Blueprint. He spent a lot of money traveling to Rhodope, researching the remedies, and developing the book.

However, Dr. Shub doesn’t want to make money: he wants to save American lives. China is planning to attack the United States within 12 months, according to Dr. Shub, and he wants to help by selling The Rhodopi Blueprint at a discount rate:

The Rhodopi Blueprint: $67

Be sure to read the fine print at the bottom of The Rhodopi Blueprint website to discover the hidden fees. The Rhodopi Blueprint purchases come with an extra subscription cost. To buy the base package of The Rhodopi Blueprint online today, you must also subscribe to the Medicine Drought Survival Society or MEDSS. This subscription is free for the first 30 days. Then, you’re charged an extra $67 per month until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting the company’s customer service team.

You can also avoid the extra MEDSS subscription cost by clicking the button saying, “I only want The Rhodopi Blueprint EBook. I understand this is my only opportunity [to] gain access to MEDSS”. If you click this button, you’ll only buy the eBook for $67 without being subscribed to the $67 per month MEDSS subscription.

Bonuses Included with The Rhodopi Blueprint

Dr. Shub has published three bonus eBooks to complement the effects of The Rhodopi Blueprint. You also get a free 30-day subscription to MEDSS by buying The Rhodopi Blueprint online today.

You receive immediate access to these three bonus gifts and your MEDSS subscription immediately after you purchase The Rhodopi Blueprint online:

Free Bonus eBook #1: Micro Garden: How to Grow More with Less: Even if you’re new to gardening, you can grow your own medicine at home in any size of space. This book explains how to grow your own treatment and produce even if you live in a small apartment. You’ll discover strategies like:

  • The Unlimited Sun Method, or how to eco hack your own garden to give your plants enough light to thrive.
  • The four pillars of micro gardening, and why you need to understand these four pillars before attempting to grow in a small space.
  • How to choose the right type of garden for your own home.
  • The most effective way to grow your own Rhodopi-style medicine even if you live in a cold, northern state.
  • The most powerful immune-boosting plant you’ve never heard of. Free Bonus eBook #2: Immune Mastery: How to Make Your Immune System an Impenetrable Fortress: Simple remedies can boost your immunity, helping your body defend itself against health risks. This eBook covers topics like:
  • The #1 immune-enhancing shrub to grow and when to grow it, and why this shrub can help with E. coli and other serious issues.
  • How to support immunity by targeting digestion

Free Bonus eBook #3: The Rhodopi Morning Ritual: The Rhodopi Secret to Healthy Joints at Any Age: Discover the exact 10-minute morning ritual the Rhodopi use to keep their bodies running like clockwork while instantly relieving tension in their neck, back shoulders, and other problematic parts of the body at any age. You’ll discover joint pain relief strategies like:

  • How to dissolve pain at any age without medication
  • The anti-gravity secret for improving balance in minutes will make it feel like you’re walking in a swimming pool
  • How to “wring out” your muscle and joint aches to improve sleep
  • How to fight back against frequent headaches by targeting your “serratus” with a 15-second cure

Bonus Subscription: Access to the Medicine Drought Survival Society (MEDSS): When you buy The Rhodopi Blueprint online today, you get exclusive access to a subscription-based organization called MEDSS:

  • The Medicine Drought Survival Society, or MEDSS, is a 24/7 online community made up of patriots who want to keep their loved ones alive.
  • You’re joining a community of like-minded Americans who believe China is preparing to attack the United States within 12 months by halting drug exports. They want to prepare, fight back, and do anything to protect their families.

Dr. Shub is happy to share new remedies with the MEDSS community. Dr. Shub continues to research natural remedies and will share his breakthrough research with the community. In fact, Dr. Shub visits the village of Rhodope, Bulgaria, every summer and publishes his research every time he returns.

Access to MEDSS is free for the first 30 days after your purchase of The Rhodopi Blueprint. After the first 30 days, you’ll be charged $67 per month, every month, until you cancel.

Rhodopi Blueprint Books

The Rhodopi Blueprint Refund Policy

The Rhodopi Blueprint comes with a 90-day “feel younger, or it’s free” moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 90 days with no questions asked. In fact, Dr. Shub recommends requesting a refund if you don’t feel younger or experience other benefits within 90 days of your purchase.

Contact The Rhodopi Blueprint

The Rhodopi Blueprint is published online by a Casper, Wyoming-based company. Dr. Leonel Shub, a surgeon with 32+ years of experience as a physician, leads that company. Dr. Shub claims to have collected the natural remedies in The Rhodopi Blueprint after traveling to the Bulgarian village of Rhodope every year and working with natural healers in the region.

You can contact Dr. Shub and his customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 855-482-8264
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 5830 East 2nd St, PMB 94184, Casper, WY 82609

The company’s customer service team is available 8 am to 8 pm EST, 7 days a week.

Final Word

Dr. Shub, the surgeon who wrote The Rhodopi Blueprint, is confident his book can help anyone solve serious health problems:

“I can safely say The Rhodopi Blueprint is by far the most important book on health ever published.”

In the book, you can discover a range of natural remedies for diabetes, heart problems, joint pain, and other serious medical conditions.

Dr. Shub believes China is planning to attack the United States by halting pharmaceutical exports. Within the next 12 months, China will stop exporting medicine to the United States, killing over 150 million Americans.

To prepare yourself and protect your family, buy The Rhodopi Blueprint online today.

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