Signs Of Aging Or Signs Of Dementia?

Signs Of Aging Or Signs Of Dementia?

According to the American heart association, if you have difficulties in finding where you left your keys, problems remembering the names, fumble to get the right word, walking into the room, and forgetting why you entered the room, then there are chances that you may have Dementia.

Signs Of Aging Or Signs Of Dementia?

But the main thing is that are these the early signs of dementia or just due to old age. Experts say that these changes must be studied deeply before coming to a conclusion. These cognitive losses require a deeper study to find more about them.

Signs Of Aging Or Signs Of Dementia?

Dr. Jeffrey Keller who is the founder and the director of the Institute of dementia and the prevention located in Louisiana said that instead of looking at dementia one should first find out the causes that lead to dementia. He said that a person who is aging has the signs of memory losses in which there are no signs of dementia.

But the main thing one should focus on is whether they are able to retrace the path of the keys they misplaced or the retainment of the information as well as multitasking such as filling up their medical forms completely after some distractions also.

The losses of cognitive abilities like multitasking, ability to plan, making a decision, and solving problems should be taken into great consideration when it comes to the signs of degrading brain cells and the activities and according to the experts, it can come in various aging brackets.

For instance, people who are losing the ability of financial management and people who now have difficulties in remembering things can be a sign of loss of executive function and should immediately seek help.

In recent research, it was found that people who have Alzheimer’s disease begin to miss all the bill payments prior to six years of diagnosis of dementia. According to Dr. James Galvin who is a neurologist at the University of Miami comprehensive center for brain said that people who have signs of dementia start to make purchases they haven’t done before. 

They are more likely to fall into scams because of the lack of judgment qualities and the ability to understand the situations as well as their consequences. Basically, the decision-making ability gets hampered.

The recent research states 10 signs that show that you may be suffering from dementia is the memory losses that can hamper their day to day works, getting difficulties in challenging and solving problems, having difficulties in doing day to day tasks that are familiar to you, having confusion in time and space, having difficulties in analyzing visual images, problems in speaking as well as writing, misplacing things very often and losing the ability to retrace the paths, difficulty in judgments.

The main thing which you should keep in mind is that the behavior changes are short-term or long terms and if these losses are enough to disrupt your daily activities or not. If the answer is yes, then you may have an increased chance of dementia and should seek help for the same.


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