Sir Patrick Stewart Played More Roles On Family Guy Than You Probably Remember


In all, Stewart has appeared in 16 separate episodes of Family Guy and has voiced nine different characters throughout the series. The best known of these is certainly Avery Bullock, the head of the CIA from Seth McFarlane’s other series “American Dad!” Bullock may have only appeared in a few “Family Guy” episodes as a crossover character, but in “American Dad!” he appeared in 108 episodes as well.

The rest of Stewart’s characters in Family Guy are relatively minor. The second most common appearance is baby Susie Swanson’s inner monologue. However, he has also played himself on numerous occasions, as well as the esteemed Jean-Luc Picard. In a more recent episode, he played a character named Patrick the Waterbear. However, the most shocking or unusual “Family Guy” appearance Stewart has made was arguably in 2007, during the episode “No Meals on Wheels.” There he voiced none other than Peter Griffin, who made a Patrick Stewart impression.

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