Smart Blood Sugar Reviews – Should You Buy Dr. Marlene Merritt Blood Sugar Support Book?

Controlling blood sugar ranges is a daunting task. Some people follow a strict diet and use medication to keep the glycemic index within normal ranges. Some people give up on their favorite food to prevent a blood glucose spike.

There are hundreds of diabetes programs claiming to help you manage healthy blood sugar levels. Some are practical and may offer quality results. Some provide irrelevant knowledge and fail to address the root of glucose spikes.

Smart Blood Sugar is a digital book by American-based Dr. Marlene Merritt. It contains crucial information on managing healthy sugar ranges by making specific dietary and lifestyle changes. Who can use it? Is it effective?

What is Smart Blood Sugar?

Smart Blood Sugar is a digital guide that can supposedly prevent you from taking multiple diabetes medications. The doctor-formulated eBook provides research-based information to help you naturally regulate your blood sugar range. The author, Dr. Marlene Merritt, argues that it is possible to maintain healthy sugar ranges using diet and certain habits.

Smart Blood Sugar contains a “Diabetes Reversal Recipe” that can supposedly manage the worst cases of diabetes. The author argues that the protocol reprograms the user’s metabolism making it easy for the body to utilize glucose. In addition, Smart Blood Sugar trains users to increase insulin sensitivity without using medication.

Customers can acquire Smart Blood Sugar only on the official website. The diet and workout protocol uses natural recipes available in both online and offline stores. The book can aid users in stopping their dependency on diabetes medication.

How Does Smart Blood Sugar Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels?

Doctors warn that diabetes medication does not treat the condition. However, depending on the severity, it is possible to reverse diabetes and reduce drug dependence. There are several causes of unmanaged healthy sugar ranges, including insulin resistance, genetics, and obesity.

Most diabetes diet plans are bland and do not address specific dietary issues like cravings. Diabetes medication does not address the root of the condition. Thus, you must use the medicine to keep the sugar ranges at optimal levels.

Smart Blood Sugar is an eBook that helps you reverse and sometimes “treat” diabetes. The author provides customized diet plans ideal for people with diabetes. The book allows users to maintain a diet plan that meets their physical needs.

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The Relationship between Diet and Diabetes

Most people with unhealthy blood sugar ranges have difficulty finding meals that meet their needs. Experts recommend cutting high-carbs and high-sugar foods to prevent blood sugar spikes. However, reducing sugar intake can cause severe cognitive, nausea, and other physical issues.

Smart Blood Sugar educates the readers on making dietary and lifestyle changes that balance the blood sugar ranges. The author notes that users will not notice side effects resulting from sudden nutritional changes. The customizable diet plan provides step-by-step guides on how to develop natural and diabetes-friendly routines.

Dr. Marlene recommends using the Smart Blood Sugar plan while taking the prescription diabetes medication. Users should not alter the dosages without medical guidance. Following the program for three months is best to reprogram the body and improve overall metabolism.

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The Science Behind Smart Blood Sugar Program

Research shows that certain dietary and lifestyle modifications can improve the blood sugar ranges. Evidence shows that fighting obesity can reverse weight-related blood sugar issues. Smart Blood Sugar provides a list of dietary and lifestyle transformations to make it easier to increase blood sugar ranges.

Dietary Changes – Smart Blood Sugar notes that the type of diet can affect your blood sugar. Scientific investigations indicate that there are no “perfect foods” for diabetics. In short, no food is strictly off-limits. However, you must nourish the body with different foods, including carbs, for optimal metabolic functions.

Smart Blood Sugar recommends eating vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean meats, and non-fat dairy. It is best to avoid processed foods because most are salty, calories-loaded, and have minimal nutrients. The author recommends creating your meals in the comfort of your home instead of take-away or eating in restaurants. In addition, it is best to have specific meal times.

Exercise – Statistics indicate that most inactive individuals are at risk of developing diabetes, heart issues, and obesity. Regular exercise can improve your metabolism and energy production. Simple workouts like cycling, bike riding, walking, and playing active games improve glucose metabolism, thus optimizing blood sugar ranges.

Smart Blood Sugar maker recommends strenuous activities that make you sweat or breath harder at least five times a week. Quality workout routines can aid in weight loss, improve sleep quality, and reduce the risks of cardiovascular issues.

Stress Management – Smart Blood Sugar author recommends managing unwanted stress. Anxiety can alter certain metabolic functions and trigger emotional eating. The eBook provides several techniques for managing stress that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

Stop Unhealthy Habits – Certain habits like smoking increase the risk of developing diabetes-related complications, including neuropathy, heart problems, and eye disease. Smoking can alter your appetite, cognitive functions, and ability to exercise. In addition, alcohol intake can cause hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Smart Blood Sugar recommends reducing alcohol intake and checking blood sugar levels before imbibing alcohol.

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What is Inside the Smart Blood Sugar Book?

The Diabetes Reversal Recipe – Smart Blood Sugar offers personalized meals to help you manage healthy sugar ranges without hassles. The creator claims the meals curb cravings, improve metabolic rates, and stabilize blood sugar levels. Smart Blood Sugar prevents the user from engaging in restrictive diet routines.

How to Balance Healthy Sugar Ranges While Eating Sugar – The eBook helps users manage cravings without “willpower.” It educates the readers on foods that nourish the brain. In addition, it may restore a healthy metabolism, making it easy to manage healthy glucose ranges. Dr. Marlene provides tricks for eating your favorite high-sugar foods without spiking sugar ranges.

Diabetes-friendly Herbs and Nutrients – Smart Blood Sugar reveals healthy plant-based nutrients that boost insulin production, combat cravings, and control sugar ranges after meals. The author notes a Malaysian herb capable of enhancing healthy sugar ranges within an hour.

Benefits of Smart Blood Sugar

Improve Blood Sugar Levels – Smart Blood Sugar can help you stabilize your blood sugar levels. The author notes that you can still eat your favorite foods but maintain an optimal glycemic index. Dr. Marlene lists nutrients that manage healthy sugar ranges, fight cravings, and boost insulin sensitivity.

Support Weight Loss – Smart Blood Sugar reveals tricks and tips for fighting unhealthy weight. The author claims the program reprograms your system, boosts insulin sensitivity, and encourages glucose metabolism. The dietary transformation can reduce cravings and nourish the body with fat-melting nutrients.

Improve Energy Levels – Smart Blood Sugar promise to restore energy production. It can surge metabolic rates allowing users to enjoy quality energy for extended periods. It may boost physical and cognitive performance.

Strengthen Immunity – Smart Blood Sugar recommends consuming certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. These can fortify immunity and reduce the risk of developing health issues.

Boost Cognition – Dr. Marlene claims that different plant nutrients can enhance brain health and cognitive abilities. Users may experience improved motivation, focus, concentration, memory, and learning.

Augment Vascularity – Smart Blood Sugar contains strategies that can enhance blood circulation. It can strengthen the arteries and stabilize cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risks of developing heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues.

Support Healthy Aging – Unmanaged sugar ranges reduce cellular health, accelerating aging. Smart Blood Sugar recommends consuming plant vitamins, minerals, and fruits that are clinically proven to fight free radicals. It can support longevity and slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Side Effects of the Diabetes Reversal Recipe

Smart Blood Sugar author argues that each of the strategies in the book is safe and unlikely to cause complications. The diet plan works by preventing insulin over-production and boosting glucose metabolism.

Smart Blood Sugar author recommends seeking medical guidance before adopting the program. Consumers should explain their progress to the doctor.

Pros and Cons of Smart Blood Sugar

Pros Cons
  • The book is doctor-formulated and based on recent medical research
  • It can help user to come off prescription medicine
  • The program is user-friendly
  • It can minimize the risks of developing diabetes-related complications
  • It can strengthen the immunity
  • Each purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Smart Blood Sugar may not work for everybody
  • Users must consult their doctor before using the protocol
  • Smart Blood Sugar is only available online


Smart Blood Sugar by Dr. Marlene is only available through the official website. Customers receive the guide and bonuses immediately after purchase. The author warns against buying the digital guide from unverified sellers.

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Smart Blood Sugar Bonuses

7-Day Meal Plan – Most people with uncontrolled sugar ranges have zero knowledge of what foods to consume. An expert chef is the designer of the 7-Day Meal Plan. It is simple to follow, and most recipes take about 20-30 minutes to prepare. The meal plan includes dishes that you can freeze for later use. The 7-Day Meal Pan contains a week’s lunch, dinner, and breakfast ideas.

The eBook comes with a “Grab it ‘n’ go ingredient shopping list to make your shopping experience hassle-free. With the correct ingredients, you can create the required diabetes-friendly meals without a fuss. The 7-Day Meal Plan is ideal for the whole family. Thus, you do not need to create separate meals for your children or other family members.

99 Foods for Diabetics – Dr. Marlene claims that 99 foods can increase insulin sensitivity, fortify immunity, and stabilize blood sugar ranges. In addition, specific foods minimize the risk of developing diabetes-related complications, including blindness, neuropathy, and kidney failure. 99 Foods for Diabetes explains the foods supporting joints, eyes, gut, and overall wellness.

How to Read a Food Label – Most food companies do not disclose the effects of the ingredients in processed foods. The guide helps the user to identify elements that cause high blood sugar ranges.

Carb Count Cheat Sheet – The guide helps the readers to identify healthy foods from famous restaurants, including Olive Garden, Subway, and Krispy Kreme, among others.

Alcohol that Works – Most diabetics steer away from alcohol. The guide helps the readers to consume alcohol without spiking the sugar ranges.

Refund policy

Dr. Marlene offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Customers should notify the customer care team before requesting a refund.

Final Thoughts

Smart Blood Sugar is a user-friendly program that may help you manage healthy blood sugar levels. It contains a Diabetes-Reversal Recipe that is easy to follow and practical. Customers learn about foods that may restore a healthy metabolism, fight insulin resistance, and augment overall wellness. Smart Blood Sugar is only available via the official website. Customers get five bonuses and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with each purchase.

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