Snowstorm In Midwest And Northeast Left Many Under Surveillance And Warnings


The thunderstorm that has caused a lot of inconvenience to people in North California last week has taken its toll on Midwest and Northeast. An emergency is declared in New Jersey and New York City on Sunday due to the heavy winter storm. 

It is expected that some areas are going to receive snowfall of up to 2 feet. This heavy snowfall can lead to blizzard conditions in the affected areas.

Snowstorm In Midwest And Northeast Left Many Under Surveillance And Warnings

Due to the winter storm, over 80 million people are kept under storm warnings, advisories and put under watch. Washington, Baltimore, New York City, and Philadelphia are some of the major Eastern cities that are impacted due to the winter storm. According to Accuweather, the cities are preparing for the biggest snowfall for the current season. 

Similar predictions are made by the National Weather Service, claiming that winds can blow with speeds of 35 to 50 mph, and the visibility will be affected due to drifting snow. The dangers due to falling trees, branches, and power lines are also forecasted.

Snowstorm In Midwest And Northeast Left Many Under Surveillance And Warnings

Due to an expected 2 to 4 inches of snowfall in New Jersey on late Sunday, Gov. Phil Murphey has declared an emergency in the area starting 7 p.m. The snowfall is most likely to intensify across the state on Monday. The National Weather Service has forecasted a snowfall of at least 3 inches per hour. Looking at the situation, all the New Jersey transit, along with its four major vaccine cities, will remain shut on Monday.

While the emergency was announced, Gov. Murphy said that the safety of the residents and workers is their priority and that people should follow weather-related instructions and stay away from roads to allow access for emergency personnel. With the prediction of heavy winter snow, warnings of coastal flooding, and the danger related to wind blowing, Gov. Murphy has taken such measures for the safety of the residents.  

Mayor Bill de Blasio has also declared a state of emergency in New York City. New York City is expected to receive a continuous snowfall that could reach about a foot on Monday. The emergency in the City was announced on late Sunday, limiting the non-essential travel.

In a tweet, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that this winter storm shall be dangerous with strong winds and heavy snowfall. He also asked the public to stay home and .keep the roads clear for an emergency. Assessing the storm’s adverse effects that has hit the City, Mayor Bill de Blasio has urged the residents not to move out of their houses unnecessarily. 

Eight to eighteen inches of snowfall are expected to dump into upstate New York and in the Hudson valley. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned about one more storm system that can impact New York with heavy snow accompanied with strong winds. This can also result in coastal flooding in downstate New York City. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has advised the residents to start preparing for the latest extreme winter weather conditions.

Gov. Cuomo have also instructed the agencies to be prepared for worse weather conditions that might require them to assist the local governments during the time of need. Utility companies are directed to be prepared well in advance if any power outrages need immediate attention.  Mass and community vaccination community sites are also shut down. 

Washington that hadn’t encountered a heavy storm since the last 2 years has been covered in ice on Sunday. 

While America is witnessing the harshest winter conditions of the season, Chris Stumpf, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sullivan, Wisconsin has exclaimed, “That’s more snow than we’ve seen in a decade.”


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