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Hims Hair LossHims offers men a range of hair loss solutions, including FDA-approved options and over-the-counter hair care solutions.

After completing some questions online, a medical provider will review your information and see if a treatment is right for you.

Is Hims the right choice for you? How does Hims work for hair loss? Keep reading to learn more about hair loss solutions through Hims.

What is Hims?

Hims, found online at ForHims.com, is a personal wellness brand offering a range of solutions for men.

Hims was founded to make treatment accessible and affordable for men. Today, men can access a range of products through Hims – including ED medication, anxiety and depression treatment options, hair loss treatments, and more.

Hims is a subsidiary of Hims & Hers Health, an online wellness brand founded in 2017. In addition to ForHims.com, the company operates ForHers.com, which offers similar treatment options for women.

Hims makes getting access to care simple. All you have to do is go online and answer a few questions and a provider will review your case to see if treatment is right for you. It is really that simple to start with Hims knowing a qualified medical provider reviews your personal situation, then recommends the best treatment options based on all of your unique feedback points.

Hims offers access to prescription medication and other products to support your health care goals. If a provider determines that medication is right for you, your order is shipped directly to your door for free.

Hims Hair Loss Benefits

Benefits of treating hair loss through hims:

  • Start regrowing in as little as 3-6 months (*Active ingredients have been studied separately, with each showing results of improvement in hair regrowth after 3 to 6 months of use.)
  • FDA-approved treatment options available
  • 100% online with free shipping, if prescribed
  • Free online consultation
  • Range of prescription hair loss treatment options and other products available

How Does Hair Loss Work Through Hims?

Hims provides access to prescription medication, like minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride to treat hair loss. The company also sells hair loss supplements like biotin and others.

Here’s how to get started with Hims:

  • Step 1) Complete a short consultation to answer a few questions about your hair loss. A licensed medical professional reviews your case for free, then decides whether or not a specific hair loss product is appropriate for you.
  • Step 2) Get hair loss treatment products delivered to your door. If a doctor has prescribed a hair loss treatment product, then your prescription is sent directly to you for free.
  • Step 3) Regrow your hair. Start regrowing your hair in as little as 3-6 months. You can stop hair loss, regrow your hair, and regain confidence.

Hims Hair Loss Products

Below are some hair loss products available through Hims:

Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Spray

Hims’ most popular hair loss treatment option is the Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Spray. This quick-drying spray could reverse hair loss and improve hair growth when applied topically to your scalp. The topical minoxidil and finasteride spray combines two clinically-proven ingredients (finasteride and minoxidil) to help stop hair loss and regrow hair. The same active ingredients but even fewer steps than other hair loss routines. The fine-mist spray dries faster on your scalp—no dripping down the back of your neck here. You use the spray once daily to target a receding hairline and bald spots.

Features of the combination spray include:

  • Finasteride treats hair loss in men by reducing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your scalp. DHT is an androgen hormone linked to testosterone that appears to contribute to hair loss by shrinking hair follicles.
  • The combination spray is a fine mist that dries quickly. You apply it to your scalp and targeted thinning areas once daily, then start experiencing results in as few as three months.
  • The spray contains two active ingredients, including 0.3% finasteride and 6% minoxidil, along with alcohol (ethanol), propylene glycol, and citric acid as inactive ingredients.
  • Possible side effects of the spray include itching, irritation, and a dry, flaky scalp.

Overall, the 2-in-1 spray is Hims’ most popular hair loss treatment option. Men like it for its proven results and ease of application.

Oral Finasteride

If you have a receding hairline, a medical provider may determine that oral finasteride is the right choice for you.

Oral Finasteride is an FDA-approved, clinically-proven solution for hair loss prevention and regrowth. It’s an easy, once-a-day pill proven to help reverse hair loss and improve hair growth. Just take one capsule of finasteride daily for better hair growth.

Finasteride & Minoxidil

If you have a receding hairline and bald spots, a medical provider may also recommend a combination of finasteride and minoxidil as different medications.

You take two FDA-approved, clinically proven treatments for hair loss in one Finasteride (oral pill) & Minoxidil (topical serum) package. The drugs work better when used together. They can reduce DHT levels and stimulate regrowth, making them ideal for reversing a receding hairline and fixing bald spots.

Hair Power Pack

If you’re dealing with overall thinning hair, a medical provider may recommend the Hims Hair Power Pack during your initial consultation. The Hims Hair Power Pack includes finasteride and minoxidil, two FDA-approved clinically proven treatments, thickening shampoo, and biotin gummy supplements.

The Hims Hair Power Pack includes the following:

1 x Finasteride Pills

Oral finasteride pills are FDA-approved daily tablets to help increase the volume and health of your hair in as little as 3-6 months (based on studies of the active ingredients). Finasteride pills work by preventing testosterone from breaking down into DHT. DHT is a hormone linked to hair follicle damage.

1 x Minoxidil Drops

The Hims Hair Power Pack includes minoxidil drops, a topical solution applied once daily to promote hair growth. The drops work by shedding old hairs. To do that, minoxidil relaxes blood vessels, encouraging blood to flow to your scalp more easily.

1 x Thickening Shampoo

Hims’ thickening shampoo, called Hims Thick Fix Shampoo, is infused with saw palmetto to stimulate hair growth. Apply the shampoo to cleanse built-up toxins, unlock hair follicles, and stimulate strands.

1 x Hims Hair Loss Gummies

Hims also offers hair loss gummies. These biotin gummies are a tasty and effective way to support hair growth. Each gummy contains natural ingredients like biotin to support hair growth, including vitamins, minerals, and nutrients linked to hair growth and thickness. These ingredients provide the building blocks for hair, and Hims developed the formula with precise nutrients for optimal hair growth.

Hims Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

Hims offers a thickening shampoo and conditioner. Applying both solutions daily can support hair growth with easy, effective treatment.

Hims thickening shampoo ($19) features saw palmetto to stimulate strands, giving you fuller-looking hair. The formula also creates an ultra-rich lather with a fresh eucalyptus grove scent.

Hims thickening conditioner ($22) is infused with niacinamide and other ingredients to help hydrate and bolster your hair, leaving it feeling thicker. The Hims thickening conditioner can give your hair a silky smooth appearance and features a eucalyptus grove scent.

You can buy Hims Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner over the counter with no prescription. The shampoo and conditioner contain no hair loss medication. They contain natural ingredients to support hair growth.

Who Should Use Hims for Hair Loss?

Hims markets its hair loss treatment options to men with various hair loss concerns. Whether you’re trying to fill in bald spots, reverse a receding hairline, or prevent hair loss entirely, you may be able to find the treatment options you need with Hims.

Some men who could benefit from Hims’ hair loss treatment options include:

Men Who Want to Prevent Hair Loss

If male pattern baldness runs in the family, you may want to take preventive measures before losing your hair. You could have a full head of hair today, and hair loss preventive measures can help you maintain it for the future.

Men With Thinning at the Crown

Androgenic alopecia can lead to bald spots across the head – including at the top. This condition occurs when your hair follicles’ anagen (growth phase) shortens over time, inhibiting growth. Hims has treatment options to reverse the issue. If your hair is thinning at the crown, then Hims could help.

Men With a Receding Hairline

Men with a family history of baldness and aging may experience a receding hairline. This process occurs when the anagen phase of follicles shortens with age, and Hims’ treatment options may reverse it. As you get older, your forehead may become more visible.

Men With All-over Thinning

If you’re thinning all over, seeing parts of your scalp, or struggling to style your hair, then a prescription from Hims could still help. Hims’ treatment options can help reactivate hair follicles that have closed with age, giving new life to your thinning hair.

Hims Hair Loss Reviews

Generally, customers are satisfied with Hims’ hair loss treatment options and how they work. Many customers have achieved a noticeable difference in hair thickness and overall quality using products provided by Hims..

Here is some of the feedback from Hims customers:

  • Many men have experienced significant and noticeable hair growth thanks to Hims, achieving thicker, fuller-looking hair within months of starting a Hims regimen.
  • Men have fixed noticeable issues like receding hairlines, bald crowns, general thinness, and other hair loss problems with Hims’ treatment solutions.
  • One customer claims he noticed “a huge change in the overall health and fullness of my hairline” after using Hims’ treatment options.
  • Another customer reported being able to style his hair in waves for the first time in 10 years after using Hims’ recommended treatment for just five months.
  • Hims’ treatment options are popular with men of all ages, including those who are losing hair in their 20s and 30s and men losing hair in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.
  • Others like Hims for being cost-effective and affordable.
  • Many men also like how simple it is to work with Hims to get the prescription hair loss medication they need. Hims offers a 100% online process, allowing customers to submit their intake form without an in-person doctor appointment. If prescribed, the medication is shipped directly to their door for a reasonable price. While actual price to a customer will depend on the product and subscription plan purchased, Hims’ hair loss products start at less than $1/day.

Overall, Hims continues to score top marks from men seeking all types of hair loss products and solutions.

Hims Hair Loss Return Policy

Hims does not offer refunds on hair loss products (or any other medications, supplements, or products sold through the official website).

Hims does not accept refunds because the company cannot and will not reuse anything returned to them due to the nature of their products.

If you’re unhappy with the results of Hims’ products or did not receive what you expected, contact the company via the official website.

Hims maintains an online help center and app where you can ask questions, manage orders, and get the necessary answers.

Final Thoughts on Hims Hair Loss Solutions

Hims offers a range of hair loss solutions for men of all ages, including topical minoxidil, oral finasteride, thickening shampoo and conditioner, and more. Based on the customer feedback and the quality of products that are backed by real studies, using hair loss products from Hims is a great way to start regrowing your hair and regaining your confidence.

To learn more about the hair loss products available through Hims and how they work or get started with a free online consultation today, visit the official website.

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