Spring Break Heats Up As Pandemic Concerns In Florida

Spring Break Heats Up As Pandemic Concerns In Florida

Optimism and positivity about the pandemic continues to increase as spring ushers in warmer weather. 

Florida is getting busy as quickly as people are getting vaccinated. Disney themed parks are getting high levels of booking. Many college students are strolling the strip in Fort Lauderdale. Most of the people are strolling on braces without masks and they are also ignoring social distancing. One hotspot in Florida is pumping the brakes.

Spring Break Heats Up As Pandemic Concerns In Florida

An outdoor event space called the Wharf, that features live music, food, and drink announced on Social media platform that during the spring break season guests with Out-of-state ID must be of the age 23 or more. 

Spring Break Heats Up As Pandemic Concerns In Florida

The Wharf also said that it will operate at a lower capacity and it requires masks to be worn all the time in the common areas when people are not eating or drinking.

In Miami, mayor Dan Gelber is determined to avoid the new burst of virus and cases in the city. Mayor issued a stern warning for all spring break revelers. He said people should not be foolish. He requested people not to visit Miami. We will arrest you and ruin your time here if you don’t follow the protocols. 

The number of vaccinations are increasing everyday in the US. On an average, 2.2 million people are receiving vaccination everyday. The information was given by Jeff Zients, who belongs to the White House Covid response team.

In other news, the US house is expected to finally finalize the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan by President Biden. It could even head towards Biden’s desk for signature. The stimulus check then would be given to beneficiaries soon.

Colorado Health officials are advising people who participated in the Boulder party-turned riot to be quarantined for at least 10-days and also to get tested. The event turned violent and a car was flipped over. At the end a SWAT team used the tear gas to break up the crowd.

At present, the US has more than 28.9 million confirmed cases and more than 525k deaths. The data was given by the John Hopkins university. The global total stands at 116.9 million and 2.59 million deaths. In the US more than 116.3 million vaccine doses have been distributed. 

The CDC has eased the guidelines for people who have been fully vaccinated. As per the new guideline, vaccinated people can visit other vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks and physical distancing. They can also visit the unvaccinated people from a single household who are at lower risk. In addition to this, fully vaccinated people also don’t need to quarantine or get testings. But, it is also important for them to take precautions at public places. They should also wear well-fitted masks and follow the social distancing norms.

Covid-19 has taken a toll on the nation as said by CDC director Walensky in a press briefing at White House. As per him, science and humans need to work together to get rid of the vaccine.


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