States Threatened To Sue Joe Biden Over His Vaccine Policy


In a memo to President Biden, 24 Republican attorney generals prompted him to rethink his ruling to necessitate immunizations and recurring coronavirus running tests for employees at organizations with more than 100 full-time employees, continuing to call the policy “catastrophic and dysfunctional.”

“Mr. President, the immunization obligation is both a serious risk to personal freedom, but also a global health mishap which will expel vulnerable individuals and worsen a countrywide hospital personnel emergency. With dire repercussions for all people in the United States,” the memo says.

States Threatened To Sue Joe Biden Over His Vaccine Policy

The letter came as a result of Biden’s official statement last week of sweeping immunization demands.

Including a new order from the Department Of Labor requiring private companies with more than 100 employees to ensure workforces are inoculated against the coronavirus or endure once-a-week screening before getting to work.

States Threatened To Sue Joe Biden Over His Vaccine Policy

In the days that followed the president’s official statement, several Republican leaders reacted angrily to Biden’s proposal, pursuing legal action in several contexts.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott referred to the provision as “aggression on private corporations,” whereas Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts termed it a “magnificent infringement of individual freedom and misuse of major federal control.”

Dakota Governor Kristi Noem wrote in a recent tweet that her state will “stand up to protect independence,” adding, “See you at the court.” Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, stated that the party will consider suing the Biden governance “to protect citizens and their freedoms and rights.”

The other week, Biden told the media more about the possibility of legal proceedings, informing those opposed to “go for it. “

However, a survey released previously in the week found widespread public support for the president’s new provisions, with 3 in 5 Americans supporting legislation requiring vaccines all across government and in larger companies.

Nonetheless, while Democratic support is strong, only 30% of Republicans concur.

The prosecutors anticipated that “at least certain Citizens” would lose their jobs rather, having a detrimental effect on businesses, the labor market, as well as all personnel – irrespective of vaccine coverage.

As per The New York Post, since September 15, the current average of confirmed cases was 152,604; the current average of hospital admissions was 98,448, and the current average of lives lost was roughly 1,944.

As per The Times, approximately 666,817 people have died in the United States because of  COVID-19, and 53 percent of the American population is fully immunized.

“We’ve been attentive, but our patience is wearing thin,” Biden said as he unveiled his newest plan to combat the disease outbreak. “And the unwillingness has cost every one of us. “The White House chose not to respond instantly to the Editor’s request for clarification.

“The immunization also managed to protect millions and Millions of people, there are no doubt many others who benefit from receiving this care,” the AGs wrote in a statement to Biden obtained entirely by Fox News on Thursday.

“However, persuading those that are reluctant would necessitate allowing for debate and conflict.”

“Conversely, you have presented flimsy legal reasoning, unsupported claims, and intimidating guidelines to the People of the United States. It’s almost like your primary objective is to create chaos and skepticism rather than just to promote peace and global health.”


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