Stellar forecast – the price is broken! Will XLM beat bitcoin?


In our previous Stellar prediction, we wrote that there is a break above the $0.1442 support and a bullish trend line will drop the price to around $0.0864. This prediction is about 1 month old, so we want to let you know if the price is still targeting $0.0864. Moreover, the Stellar price broke out sharply in the Stellar-Bitcoin pair! Today in the crypto ticker we tell you about Stellar Course.

Will Stellar Drop to 8 Cents?

XLM/USDT trend line + support + resistance

If we look at the weekly chart of Stellar price, we can see that the price remains bearish. The price has stayed below a trend line and hence selling pressure is maintained. As long as the price is below the trendline, we expect the price to reach the next support. It’s about 8 cents. Moreover, the price recently tested the +/- $0.14 former support as resistance. This is another sign that the price will continue to fall. However, this does not mean that the Stellar-Bitcoin pair will collapse. opposite of that!

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Will Stellar Beat Bitcoin’s Price?

XLM/BTC trend line + resistance

If we look at the star price against bitcoin, we can see that the price has broken the trend line drawn last week (week 24). This breakout gives us a hint of a future uptrend for the XLM/BTC pair. The target will be the next resistance. It is around 0.0000662 BTC. Because of this, we expect Stellar Lumen Course to outperform Bitcoin Course in the near future.




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