A Step Toward Advancing Precision Hormone Therapies To Reduce Alzheimer

A Step Toward Advancing Precision Hormone Therapies To Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

As per a study of the Arizona Health Sciences, women are likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s more. Therefore, the risk factor is quite a huge one. Hormone therapies can be a route to reduce the chances to some extent. The research proved that the spread of such diseases is reduced by more than 58%. For the prevention of such neurodegenerative diseases, a developed approach of medicines is necessary.

A Step Toward Advancing Precision Hormone Therapies To Reduce Alzheimer

According to a report on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, six years of menopausal therapy led to fewer occurrences of Alzheimer’s. Moreover, there 77% less chance that such women will get any neurodegenerative disease.

A Step Toward Advancing Precision Hormone Therapies To Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

Effects Of The Hormone Therapy

Previously, several studies took place on the topic of hormone therapies. This is the statement of Roberta Diaz Brinton. He is the director of the Arizona Center for Innovation in Brain Science. Furthermore, he is also a Ph.D. and a senior author of an important paper on this subject. This time, the whole research focused on the usage of precision hormone therapies. It is great to see such positive outcomes of the therapies on Alzheimer’s patients. However, it revolved around the impact on women only.

Hormone Therapy includes several methods for effective results. It can treat different symptoms leading to menopause. Some of them include night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, and others. The team experts examined the insurance claims of around four lakh women suffering from menopause. All of them were 45 years or above. They organized combined therapies to obtain productive results. The process involved implementations of the US. Food and Drug Administration-approved medications. Furthermore, they verified the actual impact of these hormone therapies.

The examination included effects on the skin as well as oral. Duration varied according to the risk factor involved in developing the diseases. Synthetic hormones proved to be less effective than natural ones. Therefore, the scientists used progesterone or estradiol. Moreover, natural steroids always have a lesser risk involved.

Skin Vs. Oral

The combined neurodegenerative diseases faced a reduction due to oral therapies. On the other hand, the development of dementia came down with the help of the therapies on the skin. Therefore, the study was successful, especially for the 65 years old or more. Moreover, the short-term therapy failed to have long-lasting effects. The diseases used to come back even after undergoing regular therapy.

However, the case with the long-term therapy is more happening. It continues for more than a year. It is fruitful on various diseases like Parkinson’s, Dementia, and of course Alzheimer’s. In the words of Dr. Brinton, the reduction of risks is primarily due to estrogen. Hence, it is the common driver. Additionally, the professor also mentioned that presence of a common driver indicates the presence of common therapies.

Actual Facts About Hormone Therapy

Several people consider Hormone Therapy to be a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. However, the scholars stated that it is not the reality. The therapy keeps the brain functioning properly. In turn, the healthy brain prevents the occurrences of several diseases. Therefore, it is not involved in the reversing of any disease. Hormone therapy is there to prevent such mental disorders.

Another paper by Brinton along with several other eminent researchers demonstrated menopause. As per the report, the menopausal transition phase builds a neurological framework. Therefore, there will be resilience and vulnerabilities. So, it will affect the structure of the brain immensely. Along with that, you may suffer from instances affecting energy metabolism and connectivity.

For most older people, neurodegenerative diseases are matters of serious concern. Over 5.5 million US citizens are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Still today, there is no specific treatment for such disease. Hence, the amazing therapies show a ray of hope amidst such a situation.


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