Stimulus Checks Disputes: McConnell, Pelosi Homes Vandalized


Soon after the Congress adjourned on Friday without passing the $2000 stimulus checks, the homes of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were vandalized. The vandals painted graffiti on the garage door of Pelosi and also left a pig’s head on the sidewalk. They also left fake blood on Pelosi’s driveway.

McConnell said in a Senate floor speech that the senate was not going to be bullied into putting more money into the hands of rich people by passing the bill. McConnell had objected to the $2000 direct cash payments to Americans which was also supported by Donald Trump.

Stimulus Checks Disputes: McConnell, Pelosi Homes Vandalized

After many months of discussions between the democrats and the republicans, Congress passed the $900 billion covid relief package that included $600 checks for most Americans. However, Trump refused to sign the bill saying that it was not enough and he wanted the amount to be increased to $2000. Even though the House approved to give Americans $2000 stimulus checks, the bill did not come to vote in the Senate.

McConnell, Pelosi Homes Vandalized

McConnell later tweaked the bill and linked the issue of stimulus payments to other issues opposed by the Democrats. He wanted to create an advisory committee that would study the integrity of the general elections and also remove the provisions under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

As the senate could not pass the bill on friday, several angry protestors took to vandalism. McConnell said that vandalism and politics of fear had no place in the society. He added that he had spent his career fighting for the First Amendment and defending peaceful protests. He also included that he along with his wife were never intimidated by the vandalism.

The anger displayed at these two incidents reflected elsewhere in the country even though there were no violent protests. Many people are of the opinion that the Republicans are playing with the stimulus checks as they do not have clarity about the amount and they are having differences within their party. The leadership of Republican party does not have a clear stance when it comes to choosing the right amount for the stimulus package and this is affecting the lives of millions of Americans who are depending on these payments.

As millions of Americans lost jobs during the pandemic, it has become very difficult for them to manage the expenses in the last few months. The economy is still not back to normal and most people are not getting suitable jobs as the pandemic is still haunting the country’s businesses. Considering this situation, the direct payment would have helped millions of Americans in this difficult situation. Most people are also struggling to pay utility bills during the pandemic season.

Apart from that, evictions were a big threat as the rents were not paid by millions of Americans who had lost jobs during the pandemic. All these measures are getting affected due to the unruly behavior of the congress. This has tested the patience of several people and they have resorted to vandalism. The congress should recognize the pain of Americans and take suitable action at the earliest to avoid further problems in the long run.

Many people are now desperately hoping for the Biden administration to take over so that such important issues could be resolved through executive orders in the future. As the final days of the Trump administration are going in a tough way, it can have implications on the Republican party in the long run. The Democrats are now hoping to bring in some sweeping changes in the next few weeks after Biden takes charge of the office on January 20.


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