Study Stress Amidst Covid-19: Study Says Remote Students Are More Stressed

Study Stress Amidst Covid-19: Study Says Remote Students Are More Stressed

A recent study conducted by NBC News and Challenge Success revealed that students who are taking up remote classes are more stressed these days. 

The pandemic has impacted every part of the society and the situation of students is no different. With lockdowns imposed all over the world, almost all students across the world had to take up online classes so that their education could not be impacted. 

Study Stress Amidst Covid-19: Study Says Remote Students Are More Stressed

Many debate rounds are taking place all across the country and people can’t decide whether online classes are better or if schools and colleges can open. Many students opined that there are pros and cons of both methods of study. 

As per a student from Yonkers Middle high school in New York, she was much happier when she was taking offline classes. As the Covid-19 rates are fluctuating, the result has gone back and forth between the online and online classes. 

Study Stress Amidst Covid19 Study Says Remote Students Are More Stressed

Most parents are stressed about contracting the coronavirus at school. As per a student named Sean, who has health issues like Epilepsy, the online classes wear her down. She opined that when she is home and fully remote, she gets a sluggish feeling. She usually feels distressed and gets tired. Sean said that she does not want to do anything related to school anymore.

There is no denying the fact that pandemic has been hard on children. Lots of research in the past few months have revealed lots of results about the offline and online mode of study. A research has revealed that there has been an alarming spike in depression as well as anxiety among children as well as parents. Multiple studies have found that students with disabilities and from low-incoming families are learning less than they actually should. 

A new study with NBC News challenge, sheds light on the difference between students whose classes have been exclusive online and those who take classes at least once every week. 

The survey was conducted among 10000 students from more than 12 high school students from the United States. The final outcome of the result was that students who spent time in offline classrooms reported low rates of stress and worry when compared to online peers.

More than half of the students who were surveyed opined that they were more stressed in the year 2020 when the world was facing lockdown. Almost 84% of students who were surveyed reported exhaustion, headache, insomnia, and different other stress related issues. 

Remote students also claimed that they were less likely to say that they had an adult from whom they can take consultation for all these issues. One of the other reasons for stress was that they got more homework. They reported an additional 90-minutes of homework per week. 

Remote learning is not a surprise to anyone. But, it is challenging for students. Remote learning is not only impacting students, but it is also negatively impacting teachers and parents. All these reports about stress among students seem too challenging. We can just be hopeful about the pandemic to get over.


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