Stronger Hearts Will Give Best Outcome In Pregnancy

improve the outcome during pregnancy.

If you are thinking to start a family, you need to take care of your heart. Researchers have found that healthy and stronger hearts of women improve the outcome during pregnancy. In the pregnancy period, mood swings, irritation, and imbalance of hormones are very common so women need to stay healthy and keep themselves stress-free. 

Doctor Sadiya Khan has mentioned that women should focus on healthy things around them in the period of pregnancy. They should live free, do exercise, and do not isolate themselves. It influences the baby and it might be risky. If they do not take care of their hearts, it might lead to high BP or changes in weight.

Stronger Hearts Will Give Best Outcome In Pregnancy 

Though high BP is common in most of the cases those who have taken care of their health during this phase can easily bear the pregnancy labor and recover quickly. This also helps baby in the womb to have better health and easy delivery.

As per experts to strengthen the heart regular exercise and proper diet and medication must be followed by the pregnant lady. She must not stress herself physically or mentally as it may affect her heart health and lead to other unwanted complications during this phase. Better food, exercise and a relaxed mind can help her gain better heart health.

Stronger Hearts Will Give Best Outcome In Pregnancy

In most cases, all pregnancies are not planned but we should always influence women to be ready as a person from their body for the future pregnancy. Not just for pregnant women but all the people out there should take care of their health and especially the heart. We have been seeing numerous cardiac problems in the last few years.

People should evaluate themselves to fight against such problems by adopting a healthy lifestyle and stress-free environment. Plans and greenery around us might help us to get positive vibes and it might help us to keep our hearts healthy as well as stronger. 

Khan also suggested that “We should focus and prioritize the health of women in our society especially when they are pregnant”. Doctor Khan also mentioned that we should regularly evaluate the blood pressure state of pregnant women. One of the European societies has come with the idea to keep women health as our top priority. 

The research has included around 18.6 million pregnant women. They have noticed that those women who were less stressed and had stronger hearts were provided with the best outcome compared to women with less strong hearts. They also noticed some other factors which might be risky such as unhealthy weight, high BP, diabetes, and smoking. These activities will directly influence the women’s heart and overall health during pregnancy.

Doctors compared those women without any risk factors were more likely to have normal pregnancies with those who have at least two risk factors. The study also shows that each factor influences the women’s body and overall health in the most adverse way and gives the worst outcome. These risk factors directly influence the growth of a baby who is growing inside the women’s womb. 

The same study was also performed with those women who were going to have their first baby. They were more likely to be healthy and conscious as compared to women having their second or third child. 

Several cardiac risk factors impact the women’s body and the overall growth of a baby. The stronger and healthy hearts should be their priority as usual and especially during the pregnancy. A small issue can lead to a harmful problem for the mother as well as a baby. So, it is important to reduce all the risk factors for a better outcome.  


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