Home Top News Subsidy Programs Help Financially To The Cannabis Patients: Utah

Subsidy Programs Help Financially To The Cannabis Patients: Utah

Subsidy Programs Help Financially To The Cannabis Patients: Utah

Cannabis is the type of drug which is also called marijuana which comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa. When it is used medically, it is called medical marijuana. This drug mainly controls and relieves mental health conditions; its effects last up to 3-4 hours.

Subsidy Programs Help Financially To The Cannabis Patients: Utah

It can be taken as a pill, capsule, oil, and smoked and taken as a tea. Medical cannabis is not legal in many parts of the world, but it is legal for medicinal use for the patients in need in Utah.

An oil field worker William Adam has suffered from pain due to work, and after so many treatments until he tried medical cannabis, as a result, he is happy, but as he wants more, he realizes the cost is also increasing, and he’s not able to make it.

Subsidy Programs Help Financially To The Cannabis Patients: Utah

Cannabis gets its legal license for use in Utah by the efforts made by the group in Utah and now as patients who need this medicinal cannabis, not able to pay its expenses started many programs which help these patients with cannabis.

The programs were jointly started with the Utah Patients Coalition and U.S.-based groups to help low-income patients with this drug. The executive director of Utah Patients Coalition said that they had reached many patients and helped them, thinking that they have helped a lot of them, but still, they got so many requests and help messages to access this medicinal drug.

The coalition even makes partnerships with many pharmacies all around the states and gets cannabis at a discounted price for these patients.

Many such programs started in different parts like Berkeley, California; they provide this medical cannabis to the patients for free from dispensaries and other stores for less than 32,000 dollars per year.

They have proposed a subsidy called ‘low-income medical patient subsidy fund’ to give little relaxation to the needy patients and nearly in 20% discount they get for most of the cases. States like Oregon and Florida even decrease the price for the state cannabis cards. In Utah, this medical cannabis gets legal status after the proper voting under tight control.

The legalization of this medicinal drug in Utah has done to reboot the social and economic areas for the neglected people during the legislation.

The senior director at the Drug Policy Alliance, Emily Kaltenbach, said the subsidy programs for the critically low-income patients who were in help in Utah have successfully helped these people; there are patients who can’t even afford the drugs, not the doctor Consultation. Through these programs, they get the drug according to the prescriptions and the right guidance.

Many social workers and companies were working under this program to provide the drug for free to critical patients, such as Dragonfly Wellness, Utah-based pharma donating 130000 dollars to these subsidy programs.

Hennessy will fund almost 400 terminal patients to provide the medical marijuana applied under this program. After knowing about this program, Adam contacted the pharmacy to get help on a financial basis, and now after getting the good treatment, his pain has gone completely so that now he can enjoy his life and do all those activities he was missing out on.



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