Super Hero poster features Gohan, Gotenks, and others


Son Goku - Dragon Ball
Goku in the Dragon Ball Super poster. Photo credit: IMDB

The latest chapter in the Dragon Ball Super anime franchise will be released this summer. Gohan and Piccolo team up once again to fight the latest installment of the Red Ribbon Army’s sinister plans.

With just weeks left until the film hits Japanese theaters, the Shonen film is releasing fresh marketing material to keep fans excited. Not only does this offer us new insights into the protagonists mentioned above, but also into Gotenks as well as the other supporting characters that will make their comeback here.

New Dragonball poster

DBS Chronicles, a Twitter user, provided the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster. This poster is intended to represent the core cast of the next film. The film was pushed back from April to June this year, in part due to a ransomware incident targeting Toei Animation:

Also Twitter users DBS hype gave a whole new look at Gotenks. This is the fusion that occurs when Goten and Trunks successfully or unsuccessfully perform the fusion dance:

Published Gotenks theme

We got a lot of information about the Gohan and Piccolo centered movie. There are still many details that have yet to be revealed.

For example, we haven’t seen the teenage Gotenks in animation yet. This is despite the fact that there are multiple photos confirming that not only do Goten and Trunks do the fusion dance, but they also do it clumsily, resulting in a balloon-sized fused creature.

Given that this Gotenks version includes Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the two new androids created by Dr. Hedo developed by the Red Ribbon Army will likely not beat, it will be fascinating to see what this fused fighter has in store.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailers and more

Toei Animation originally suspended Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero indefinitely after it was due to release in Japan in April (and North America later this summer).

After the ransomware incident, the launch date was pushed back to June. The entire Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer shows all the different types of combat in action. Specifically, it offers a closer look at the franchise’s new approach to CGI animation. The latest trailer is available below:

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is described by Toei Animation as follows:

“Dragon Ball Super: Broly was a smash hit with worldwide box office receipts of 13.5 billion yen. 4 years later, in 2022, a new movie in the Dragon Ball Super series has finally arrived with an even bigger “awakening”! The Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization once destroyed by Goku, has been replaced by a group of humans who have created new and most powerful androids of all time, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.”

Toei animation

This is the part of the story fans were able to glean from the final teaser trailer, but the juicy teaser follows:

“They call themselves ‘superheroes’ and start attacking Piccolo, Gohan and others… What is the real purpose of the ‘new Red Ribbon Army’? With danger looming around the world, now is the time to wake up! Awaken Superhero!!”

Toei animation

One of the most popular theories surrounding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is that Cell is revived in the film. This is due to his ties to the Red Ribbon Army. Also seen in the trailers is a mysterious large pod that may house the Dragon Ball Z villain.

Which Z-Fighter are you most looking forward to in this movie? Let us know in the comments.

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