Research Suggests That Superbug Bacteria Is Linked To Humans

Research Suggests That Superbug Bacteria Is Linked To Humans

Bacteria have been a concern for the medical field since their inception and new researchers have come up with new information about the same that can help the field to have some more options of controlling them and prevent them from spreading. One more such research is out now.

Research Suggests That Superbug Bacteria Is Linked To Humans

According to the world health organization, “superbugs” are considered Antibiotic-resistant. This situation is one of the global threats regarding public health which are usually seen in hospital settings like conjure images.

Research Suggests That Superbug Bacteria Is Linked To Humans

The new research suggests that the family dog is having less-obvious sources which don’t harm the people and grow-ups in a healthy family environment. Researchers warn about the situation about international public health risks after finding the reports about the antibiotics which are resistant to bacteria and have a range with different types of dog food which is raw.

According to the researchers the press released the new study by announcing the infectious diseases. They stated that “the trend on feeding the raw food for dogs is being the instant fueling on the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria”.

Investigators say that there is separate research which is presented on the same table to find the resistance on last steps of antibiotics which passes in between the owners and their pert dogs. The antibiotic bugs are insisted with common infections and minor injuries which are dead potentially.

Researchers say that resistance is rapidly grown during recent years on over usage of drugs to farm animals and humans. Bacteria having a life span for a longer duration and live harmless for humans and animals. But in some cases, it may get dangerous for some parts of the body and resistant to antibiotics.

According to the dog food study, the Porto University team 55 samples were analyzed regarding dog food about 25 brands on 14 raw foods which are frozen and looks for the Enterococci bacteria.

Researchers had found the data regarding dog samples of raw food which are contained with antibiotics resistants such as enterococci, linezolid, etc.

In U.S. veterinary hospitals genetic sequences are found which are revealed in the cases of antibiotic resistant’s which are the same kind. Dog owners are intimated to wash their hands after contact with pet dogs and their food.

Ana Freitas is the lead researcher stated that “on close contacts with dogs humans are having risk which poses international public reasons” many authorities had raised awareness regarding potential health risks on feeding raw food for nearly 10 pets and during the production of raw food the ingredients must be checked and reviewed for hygiene and selection practices.

Researchers say that health threats might be positioned In front of your health; on the note of a separate study, other teams had tested the dog pet owners from nearly 80 owners for the presence of bacteria which is included with the MCR-1 gene. This provides resistance to antibiotics such as colistin as last resort.

According to the survey 126 humans are reported with a healthy body, while 102 pets were having infections regarding skin and urinary tracts. On tests conducted for 8 dogs and their owners, they were tested positive for bacteria presence on carrying the MCR-1 gene, and in other 2 reports the gene is found in owner and their dogs.

According to the genetic report’s researchers say that samples were tested accordingly for two cases and found that gene has been transmitted from pets to owners. On another note, concerns were added on pets to spread the resistance on the last steps of antibiotics.  In conclusion, words, WHO states that antibiotic resistance is the facing risk trend for public

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