Surgeon Became Patient At 48 Due To Stroke

Surgeon Became Patient At 48 Due To Stroke

According to the American Heart Association News, Dr, Mike Knapic’s weekend was done and by the afternoon the doctor had completed three knee replacement surgeries and was heading towards doing surgery of a broken collarbone.

Surgeon Became Patient At 48 Due To Stroke

Throughout the day he felt a little weird about his body and felt sensations. Very 10 to 15 minutes he would slur his speech and the right side of the tongue felt numb. He felt a bit sluggish and thought it, must be viral or cold. He also called one of his physician friends for a checkup.

Surgeon Became Patient At 48 Due To Stroke

He was a 48-year-old man with his wife children and volunteer work in accordance with his profession. The time left after all these, he utilizes it working on his health as he was a football player and lifted weights too. He already felt sensations and some hypertension but he did not seek the help of any physicians.

He thinks that he was just stubborn or just busy ignoring it. His doctor friend checked him up and by the mid-day his heartbeat was normal. His blood pressure was high but not much. So, he then went home to take a nap and then attended a meeting at the Wooster city school of which he was the president. But, during the meeting, he dozed. He wanted to continue the meeting but other members declined his request and insisted him take a rest.

He was sent home after the checkup with the monitor which records the electrocardiogram for his heart pulses. During the night he passed out while on his way to the bathroom once again. He then called his [physician friend the next day.

The MRI showed that he has a risk of stroke and is suffering from Vertebral Artery Stenosis which reduces the blood flow in the brain. When he returned home his speech and balance got worse. The next day doctors said that he had a pontine stroke which results in speech and balance problems. The damage was done, but the doctors wanted to reduce any further complications.

He said that his speech was awful and his balance became worse. He added that at that point in time he thought that his life is now upside down and he had only two choices, either stay succumb or stay motivated to something about it. 

He then visited a rehabilitation center at least three times a week for speech improvement and therapies. Four months after he realized he was unable to do a sit-up, but the doctors said that he has already maxed out his recovery.

He did not lose hope and exercised regularly and joined the gym. He could see the improvement in his posture and balance and was highly motivated to change the situation. He then learned and polished new skills and was improving day by day and the team members believed that he can surely resume his job. The doctors said that mike was probably the most determined patient they have ever seen in the past 20 years of experience.


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