TBulk Reviews – Should You Buy BrutalForce Legal Trenbolone Alternative?

TBulk, by Brutal Force, was launched with the vision of providing a legal and safe alternative to the infamous Trenbolone.

For all those people undergoing their cutting or bulking journey, it has now become incredibly easy to reshape and enhance your physique with TBulk. It helps you accelerate the growth of lean muscle in your body while assisting in fat loss. TBulk is the most potent route to attain your best physique!

It is a fast-acting solution that will improve the overall conditioning of your body. Made in the USA, the manufacturing facilities of TBulk are cGMP-certified and registered with the FDA.

The supplement is deprived of any harmful chemicals or other toxic ingredients that may lead to side effects in your body. With TBulk, you are prepared for natural gains as it is 100% safe and is formulated with great attention.

Moreover, Brutal Force has full faith in their product so you can try the product risk-free for as long as 100 days!

We’ll learn more about the supplement and its functioning in this article by looking at a detailed review. But first, let’s have a quick overview of TBulk.


Dietary Supplement

Product Name:



Brutal Force

Product Form:


TBulk Reviews:

TBulk Reviews are mostly positive. (Check out the reviews!)

Major Features:

  • Manufactured in FDA-Approved and GMP-Certified Facility in the United States
  • 100% Legal and Safe to Use
  • Great Alternative to Steroids
  • No Prescription Required
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No Side Effects
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


3, 3 Diindolylmethane, Pepsin powder, Cat’s claw, Beta-sitosterol


Available at a Discounted Price of £39.99 (as of August 2023)


  • Leads to Great Vascularity
  • Aids in Cutting Fat
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Promotes Bulking
  • Leads To A More Chiseled Physique

Where to Buy?

TBulk is available for purchase only on the official website of Brutal Force.

Side Effects:

As of now, there are no known risks or side effects associated with the consumption of TBulk.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Applicable for 100 Days from the Date of Purchase

Let’s now dive into a comprehensive review of TBulk including all the crucial aspects of the supplement.

Major Features of TBulk That Make It Shine

With consistent consumption of TBulk, you will be able to build strong and lean muscle while getting rid of stubborn fat that’s been accumulated in your body.

Let’s take a look at some major highlights of the supplement:

Safe Alternative to Trenbolone

Trenbolone is an infamous steroid that functions the same way, however, at the end of the day, it’s a steroid. Such steroids often end up resulting in more damage to your body. Trenbolone, especially, can result in serious health issues such as liver failure, high blood pressure, poor cardiovascular health, etc.

This is why a supplement like TBulk stands out as it is a legal alternative to the aforementioned steroid that doesn’t expose your body to any kind of side effects.

Made with Clean Ingredients

With TBulk, you can not only enhance your physique but also improve overall health. The ingredients present in TBulk help you reduce estrogen levels in your body and stimulate a significant increase in testosterone levels. This helps in building muscle and getting rid of excess fat.

These ingredients of TBulk also have various properties that contribute to good health. Users will especially experience a significant improvement in the immune system and digestive health.

Various Perks

TBulk, by Brutal Force, comes with various other perks. These include:

Free Global Shipping

Every purchase of TBulk is applicable for free shipping not only in the US but also internationally. In case there are any restrictions, the same will be pointed out at the time of checkout.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer support team of TBulk is available at your service 24/7. You can write to them via mail or call them at the provided number for instant assistance related to the product.

Buy 2 and Get 3 Scheme

On the purchase of 2 packs of TBulk, you get the 3rd pack free!

TBulk: Try it now, you won’t be disappointed!

Ingredients Present In TBulk That Help With Bulking and Chiseling

Below we have broken down the various aspects of the four core ingredients in TBulk that primarily contribute to its benefits and working:

3, 3 Diindolylmethane

One of the primary reasons why DIM is added to supplements like TBulk is its ability to promote lean muscle growth. This is attributed to its effect on androgen receptors in the body.

Androgens, such as testosterone, play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis and the development of lean muscle mass. DIM has been found to enhance the binding of androgens to their receptors, thereby increasing the anabolic effects of testosterone and promoting muscle growth.

In addition to promoting muscle growth, DIM is also known to enhance endurance. This is mainly due to its impact on aerobic metabolism, which is the body’s ability to generate energy through the utilization of oxygen.

Research has shown that DIM can increase mitochondrial biogenesis, which is the process by which new mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cells, are formed. This leads to improved energy production and enhanced endurance during physical activities.

Pepsin powder

Pepsin powder works by breaking down long polypeptides into smaller di- and tripeptides. This action helps improve the digestion of proteins and fats. Pepsin converts complex proteins into more readily absorbed forms of amino acids which are essential for muscle growth and increase energy production from those amino acids.

Pepsin also accelerates the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food sources, further helping with increased energy levels. In addition, pepsin powder helps inhibit the synthesis of excessive amounts of body fat, thereby reducing fat storage which eventually leads to an extreme fat loss over time.

Cat’s Claw

One of the primary ways Cat’s Claw promotes muscle gains is through its anti-inflammatory properties. While inflammation is a natural process that aids in muscle repair and growth, excessive or prolonged inflammation can hinder recovery and impede muscle gains.

It contains several compounds, such as pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids, that possess potent anti-inflammatory effects. By reducing inflammation, Cat’s Claw enables faster muscle recovery, allowing for increased training frequency and intensity, ultimately leading to greater muscle gains.

Furthermore, Cat’s Claw has been shown to enhance physical stamina and athletic performance. It is believed that this herb improves oxygen utilization and delivery to working muscles.


One of the key reasons why Beta-Sitosterol is added to TBulk is its ability to enhance fat burning. Research has shown that Beta-Sitosterol can increase the production of a hormone called adiponectin.

By increasing adiponectin levels, Beta-Sitosterol promotes the breakdown of stored fat, allowing for more efficient utilization of fat as an energy source during physical activity.

Another mechanism by which Beta-Sitosterol aids in fat burning is its impact on hormone regulation. It has been shown to modulate the levels of various hormones involved in metabolism, such as insulin and leptin.

When these hormones are imbalanced, it can lead to weight gain and hinder fat loss. Beta-sitosterol helps maintain optimal hormone levels, promoting a healthy metabolic state that supports fat burning.

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What Are The Various Benefits You Can Reap From TBulk?

The benefits of TBulk are immense! Let’s have a look:

Great Vascularity

TBulk helps you work on lean muscles which will further result in great vascularity in your body. By improving muscle mass, the supplement also helps you gain visible veins.

Cutting Excess Fat

While muscle-building may be quite a challenging task on its own, you would want stronger and more defined muscles that are not disguised by stubborn fat layers. TBulk helps you shred all the excess fat and helps you gloat lean gains.

Improve Overall Health

TBulk has properties that will improve the overall health performance of your body. Its rich ingredients play a significant role in improving your digestive health and immunity.

No Side Effects

The best part about choosing this supplement is that it doesn’t expose your body to either short-term or long-term side effects. Unlike Trenbolone, which offers similar benefits with some serious side effects, TBulk is made with natural ingredients that only feature a boon with no bane.

Reviewing The Scientific Evidence Backing TBulk

A study conducted by Pilarski et al. in 2017 investigated the effects of Cat’s Claw supplementation on physical performance in male athletes. The study participants were divided into two groups: one receiving a Cat’s Claw extract supplement and the other a placebo.

After four weeks of supplementation, the group taking Cat’s Claw demonstrated a significant improvement in overall physical performance compared to the placebo group. Their endurance levels increased, enabling them to exercise for longer durations and lift heavier weights.

Moreover, in the mentioned study, it was observed that the group consuming Cat’s Claw extract experienced a remarkable 15% increase in endurance compared to the placebo group.

Recent studies also indicate that regular consumption of pepsin can lift body weights by 14%. Moreover, athletes who have adopted pepsin usage routinely report better performance during activities such as running and cycling due to increased strength and endurance – great news for endurance athletes!

Furthermore, regular users have noted improved recovery times after intense workouts leading them back into peak physical form much quicker than ever before imaginable!

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Instructions: How to Consume TBulk?

To get the best results with TBulk, you must consume it as per the instructions provided by the makers of the supplement.

The best part is that there is no injection of prescription involved with the consumption of TBulk. It comes in the form of capsules that you can easily consume every day with minimal time and effort.

Every pack of TBulk includes 90 capsules and you will need to consume three each day. Once you have consumed your daily intake of 3 capsules of TBulk along with water, wait for twenty minutes and then have your first meal of the day.

You must have your daily intake of TBulk on your non-workout days as well. If you complement the supplement with a nutritious, high-protein diet and regular exercise, you are assured to notice outstanding results!

It is recommended to use TBulk for at least two months so that the supplement can work on your body effectively and consistently.

Do The Makers of TBulk Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

The faith and confidence of Brutal Force in their supplement is reflected in their generous 100-day money-back guarantee. This means that you have more than three months to try and admire the product!

The company is highly confident that customers will be delighted to witness the results of TBulk on their bodies. However, if you still don’t feel completely satisfied with the supplement at any time within 100 days of the purchase, you can send your unused tub back to the company within the specified time. You will then be eligible for a complete refund of your purchase amount, excluding the shipping fee.

However, users must note that the Money-Back Guarantee offered by the company isn’t applicable to 1-bottle packs. Moreover, your product needs to be unopened to qualify for the guarantee.

To inquire about your refund, you must reach out to the customer support team of TBulk as provided below.

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How to Contact the Customer Support Team of TBulk?

In case you face any issues related to your order or have any queries or concerns related to the supplement, you can reach out to the customer support team of Brutal Force TBulk for instant help.

You can mail them your concern by writing to them at [email protected].

For prompt assistance, you can also call the customer support team at +44 843 809 2123.

The company’s headquarters are based in:

Health Nutrition Limited,
Foxhall Lodge, Nottingham
NG7 6LH, United Kingdom

What is the Shipping Policy of TBulk?

Every TBulk order is processed by the company within a couple of days excluding holidays and weekends. As soon as you place the order, you will also be communicated with a confirmation mail along with time-to-time tracking information by the company.

All About Shipping Fee

An exciting perk of buying this supplement is that you get free shipping with every purchase. This is applicable for deliveries in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

However, for other regions, a minimal shipping charge may be levied which will be pointed out at the time of checkout.

Orders in the USA will be delivered within 7 business days. For deliveries to the UK, your order may take up to 2 weeks to deliver. For the EU and other regions, you may expect your order to be delivered within 3 weeks from the date of purchase.

Pricing of TBulk – How Much Does It Cost?

Although the retail price for one pack of TBulk is £49.99, the official website of Brutal Force is currently offering a 30% discount on the product. So you can get your hands on TBulk right now for £39.99 only!

Moreover, if you purchase two packs together, you get the third one for free! You will need to pay only £79.98 for three packs of TBulk that will last you 3 months.

On every purchase, you also get access to a ‘Bulking & Cutting Video Course’ as a part of a free bonus.

The company accepts most of the prominent cards and facilitates secure checkout and discreet shipping services.

A Look At The Pros and Cons of TBulk


  • It is formulated with 100% safe and natural ingredients.
  • It offers a natural and effective way to build muscle and get rid of excess fat.
  • Unlike Trenbolone, TBulk won’t result in any side effects on your body.
  • Users will experience visible gains in size and strength within weeks of consistent use.
  • It will also result in much more intense and high-energy workouts.


  • Being a premium supplement, it may be slightly expensive compared to other alternatives.
  • Users who are allergic to natural herbs may face issues.

Concluding Thoughts On TBulk Reviews

So, that’s all about the inside scoop on TBulk, the ultimate wingman for your bulking journey! Imagine a world where lifting heavier becomes a walk in the park, where muscle growth hits the fast lane, and where you become the talk of the town at the gym.

With TBulk in your corner, it’s like having a personal cheerleader rooting for your gains 24/7. So bid adieu to plateaus and wave hello to a symphony of gains that even your mirror won’t believe.

Get ready to redefine bulkiness and show the world what true power looks like. Remember, it’s not just about bulking up; it’s about bulking up with style, swagger, and TBulk by your side.

Your muscles called – they want TBulk on speed dial!

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