Teens Receive Nearly 9 Million Pfizer Shots; Severe Side Effects Are Rare

Teens Receive Nearly 9 Million Pfizer Shots; Severe Side Effects Are Rare

US officials have great news regarding the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine in teens as millions of US teens received Pfizer shots, and the good news is that serious side effects have been rare.

Teens Receive Nearly 9 Million Pfizer Shots; Severe Side Effects Are Rare

As per the latest news the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine was received by many teens till last month. It is the only vaccine that is permitted for people of  12years and older and nearly nine million received the jabs. Out of them, about 9240 reported side effects, and 91 percent were minor, like soreness near the vaccination area. The US Centres for Disease Control & Prevention reported on Friday that  9 percent experienced serious side effects out of the 4 percent has heart problems termed myocarditis.

Teens Receive Nearly 9 Million Pfizer Shots; Severe Side Effects Are Rare

According to a lead author, Anne Hause, a CDC epidemiologist, ‘ some systemic  reactions are quite common among teens after taking Pfizer-BioTech vaccine especially  after the second dose, though severe adverse events following the vaccination are rare.’ She added that myocarditis is said to be a common adverse event reported to date.

About Myocarditis

It is a condition with inflammation of the heart muscle that can affect the heart’s electrical system that reduces its ability to pump and cause abnormal rhythms. The condition is mainly caused by a viral infection including Covid-19 but can also occur due to a reaction to a drug. The symptoms of Myocarditis include fatigue, chest pain, abnormal heart rhythm, and shortness of breath. Ms. Hause said that getting vaccinated is much better than getting Covid-19.

Last week, a study published in medRxiv revealed that teens were at greater risk of developing heart inflammation after Covid-19 infection instead of the vaccine. When researchers checked the heart inflammation rates in about 14000  youngsters diagnosed with Covid-19 and also in same numbers of teens reported side effects. They concluded that the risk of inflammation was 20 times more among girls with covid infection and was six times higher among boys with infection compared to the vaccination group.

As per vice chairman for education, Mendel Singer, vaccinating the age group of 12 to 17 will prove to be safer and reduce school interruptions and transmissions of the virus. Also, the director of the vaccine education center, Dr. Paul Offit, agreed on the same that the side effects from the vaccine are better than the disturbing effects of Covid-19. He said that ‘you should put it in perception, though it appears roughly only in one in 20000 people who were at a high-risk group will develop myocarditis after both jabs.’

He added ‘ Myocarditis never sounds good but can be at the milder side, you can say, but it scares people as it is the inflammation of the heart muscle. It would short live,  and not fatal and is not linked with coronary artery abnormalities.’ A recent study was done to check the condition among 1600 college athletes who had covid-19 and found that just one in 40 had the myocarditis.’ If the symptoms develop, parents should take care of the child and take them to the doctor.

Mr. Offit alleged, ‘to parents who are worried about having their a child vaccinated, just know that the disease is common and on the other hand the Delta variant is very much contagious’. He explained that some believe that you will have only two choices in the upcoming few years; you will have only two choices, i.e. to get a vaccination or being naturally infected. He said, ‘ out of the two choices vaccinations is the safer as the infection   can also cause myocarditis and that too at a much higher rate.’ He stressed that the disease is worse in comparison to the vaccine, and that’s always true.’


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