Texas Banning Mask Authorizations May Violate Students Right

Texas Banning Mask Authorizations May Violate Students Right

On Wednesday, The national judge of Texas said that the mask mandate ban rule by Gov. Greg Abbott’s in the schools may violate the rights of the students with disabilities. Hence, clears the path for the areas in the state to issue their rules of face coverings.

Texas Banning Mask Authorizations May Violate Students Right

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the various student’s families with disabilities and groups of disability rights in Texas for reversing the mandate by the Governor of the State.

They further said that the defendants including the state attorney general, Ken Pexton, commissioner of Texas education medium, Mike Morath, and Texas education agency have put the disability students at risk through the ban on mask mandate and it will surely hamper the lives of the students. 

Texas Banning Mask Authorizations May Violate Students Right

This ban on mask mandate in the school has come after months of politicizing the conflicts of measures at the state level which obstructs the mask-wearing policies which have been intended to prevent Covid-19 spread.

The Federal judge who has made the ruling in the suit Lee Yeakel filed in US District Court for western districts of Texas said that the government order has violated the 1990 Americans under the disability act as the lives of kids with disabilities are at higher risk.

This lawsuit has also prohibited Mr. Paxton from implementing the order by Mr. Abott who has rejected the Covid-19 authorizations. 

Judge Lee Yeakel said, “The Covid-19 spread has posed a higher risk for the children with specific health needs.” He further added, “Children who have some type of health problems or ones who have contracted with Covid-19 are likely to experience more biological effects. The implications will be very serious and it will surely demand hospitalization with intensive care.

The Supreme court allowed the Governor many times to implement the ban rule on mask mandate but this time The Federal court turned the tables and this will surely affect other states with a ban on mask mandate.

Mr. Paxton disagreed with all the judgments made through the lawsuit and responded, he will find a different path to challenge the decision. Gov. Abbott’s office is yet to make comments on the decision.

The injunction came from the governor and judge who excluded the disabled children from partaking in and also denied their benefits of public school programs, services, and activities. Since Mr. Abott’s order, various school districts have altered their mask mandates too.   Mr. Ken has also sent the letters to the superintendent of the school districts and threatened them with legal actions by the office for enforcing the governor order and protecting the law rule. It came if the school didn’t rescind their mask mandates as per court documents


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