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One of the most unexpected hits of spring 2022 was Healer Girl. Among all the popular releases topping the charts this season, this is the anime that got fans hooked. So four episodes have already come out and fans are waiting to see what’s next in Episode 5 of Healer Girl. The previous episode dealt with one of the most serious medical cases. So to give the whole seriousness a break, the next trip will be a picnic episode. So here is everything you need to know about the excursion.

In the following story, the Healer Girls will pay a visit to the nearby beach. The fans are only looking forward to this episode based on the appearance of the thumbnails. So, is it difficult to follow them in this episode as well? The answer will come in the next two days.

Healer girl episode 5

Healer Girl Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next episode of Healer Girl is Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles, and the Galaxy Station. According to the title, the episode is set to take place in an outdoor arena. The aspiring healers could make a plan to take a break from the constant work. And just before the preliminary examination, these ladies need to relax. Therefore, an outdoor picnic seems to be the best form of setting for the following episode.

As seen in the Healer Girl Episode 5 preview video, this shot will be the beach. In addition to the trio and the ladies, other children can also be seen in the teaser. So it will be interesting to see who all attend this occasion.

Healer girl episode 5

Summary of the previous episode!

The previous episode of the anime Healer Girl started with the start of the preliminary license examination. The girls had less than a week to finish the work and preparations. The trio shared all the work between themselves to manage time even more efficiently. Then it was time for the surgery. The girls should perform the operation over Kana. There were many complications and problems during the operation. But the ladies have solved the problem well enough.

The surgeon who was to perform the operation met the girls and thanked them for their kind help. In the final act of the episode, fans were able to see Ria’s past. Before becoming a medical student, she worked in the healing industry for a long time. The episode ended with Kana hinting at her interest in the profession.

Healer girl episode 5

Healer Girl Episode 5 Release Date

The following episode of Healer Girl brings a new perspective to the story. Luckily there is no delay in the release of the next episode. So Healer Girl Episode 5 will be released this week on May 3rd, 2022. Fans can only watch all episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll official sites. If there is a pause in the release, we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as there are more updates about it.

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