The Best Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode According To IMDb


Upon closer inspection, it’s not hard to see why the episodes in question – Episode 20 (“A Dark Day”) and Episode 22 (“Real Never Awaits”) – scored higher than the rest of Season 2. Both episodes received one 9 out of 10 on IMDb’s rating system and serve as critical moments for the second season of Chicago Fire.

For example, A Dark Day is important because it is the first part of the 2014 crossover event One Chicago. It focuses on the aftermath of a bombing orchestrated at a city hospital on the same day as a charity event organized by the Chicago Police Department and Fire Department. Things start off well, but once the bombshell goes off, Firehouse 51 is forced to engage in damage control just moments after the unspeakable happened right on their doorstep.

The tension of the situation only escalates when Dawson is trapped under a pile of debris. The fact that “A Darkest Day” leads directly into the “Chicago PD” episode “8:30 PM” which follows the intense investigation into uncovering the bomber also gives it broader audience appeal and greater prominence within the ” One Chicago” franchise.

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