The Best Ozark Character According To Some Fans


Many “Ozark” fans harbor nothing but love for Marty’s former protégé, Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner). Viewers took to the r/Ozark subreddit to pay homage to the intelligent, stubborn, F-bomb-throwing young woman. Redditor u/davrkroo called Garner’s character a “masterpiece” and u/defoor13 declared, “She’s by far the best character on the show!” According to many fans, Garner’s ability to handle Bateman’s more understated performance as a likable everyman who goes over his head speaks volumes. to outshine, for her talent.

Introduced in Season 1 of “Ozark,” Ruth is the most prominent member of the Langmore clan, a family notorious for spawning generations of dangerous petty criminals. When Ruth meets Marty for the first time, she sees an opportunity to break the Langmore’s cyclical pattern of poverty, abuse, and self-destruction. Throughout the series, fans remain in awe of Ruth, who aims to break the dumb hillbilly trope personified by her uncles. Interestingly, u/atm4414 wrote, “Something tells me Ruth would have been able to make her way no matter the circumstances.”

“One of my favorite fictional characters of all time,” wrote u/EmFly15. “So layered, complex, interesting, funny, enigmatic. She’s like everything I look for in a character.” For many fans, there’s an unmistakable vulnerability towards Ruth, especially when it comes to her younger cousins. There are also certain parallels between Ruth’s relationship with her father and Marty, shown in her loyalty to both men, her often-overlooked efforts to protect and please her, and the heartbreak she suffers when they disappoint her .

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