The Black Widow Similarity Stranger Things’ David Harbour Swears Is Accidental


Harbor attended the Brooklyn Season 4 premiere of Stranger Things wearing a suit adorned with designs from the show. Harbor said the coincidence “wasn’t planned, but the internet won’t let me live off it.” Harbor noted that despite the similarities in the stories, the characters are unrelated. Shostakov is a Soviet super-soldier who was born and raised in Russian. Hopper, on the other hand, is literally referred to as “the American” by the other Russian characters. Russians see him as an almost archetypal American male hero. “I apologize for the terrible decisions made by these casting directors,” Harbor joked (via The Hollywood Reporter).

This isn’t the first time Harbor has addressed the issue. Harbor was already cast in Black Widow when he read the scripts for Stranger Things Season 4, so everyone was aware of the resemblance. While Black Widow was in production, Harbor gave details to the Duffer Brothers so they could avoid duplicating Black Widow’s prison sequence. Harbor shaved his head specifically for “Stranger Things” season 4 and took it off so it wouldn’t resemble his taller, bearded character in “Black Widow” (via NME).

Hopefully fans won’t mind if Harbor explores familiar territory. We’ll find out when Stranger Things Season 4 returns on May 27, 2022.

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