The Consumable System Reviews (Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien) Should You Buy Rapid Crush

The Consumable System is an online moneymaking opportunity created by Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien.

By following The Consumable System, you could get a piece of the exploding, lucrative online supplement business in the United States.

Is The Consumable System Legit? Can you really make money through The Consumable System? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about The Consumable System and how it works today in our review.

What is The Consumable System?

77% of Americans take at least one supplement, and the average American spends around $96.50 on each order of supplements.

In The Consumable System, you can discover how to get a piece of the rapidly growing supplement space.

Created by experienced entrepreneurs Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien, The Consumable System explains how to make money online by selling supplements and other consumables – even if you have zero experience, limited starting capital, and no place to store inventory.

In fact, The Consumable System can be performed by anyone in a hands-off way. According to the official website, the system “doesn’t require a lot of time or money,” nor do you need to spend significant time worrying about manufacturing logistics or overseas private label sellers.

The secret to The Consumable System involves selling “consumables” – or things people consume. Typically, those things include supplements and similar products.

What is The Consumable System Webinar?

As part of a 2023 promotion, Manuel and Jason have launched a series of webinars to discuss The Consumable System.

During the webinar, you can learn more about The Consumable System and how it works, how anyone can get started, and how you can start making money with the system as soon as this week.

The webinar is free for anyone to attend. Just sign up online by entering your name and contact information. Then, you’ll receive a link to the webinar when it goes live.

The next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, August 24, at 12 pm PST.

Topics Covered During The Consumable System Webinar

During The Consumable System webinar, you’ll discover topics like:

Why the supplement industry is the industry to enter today. In fact, Manuel and Jason compare it to “like being first to sell on Amazon” or “buying Bitcoin in 2011.”

Why you can succeed in the supplement space, whether it’s a part-time gig, a side hustle, or a full-time business, however much or little time you have to spend on it, you could succeed in the space with a bit of training.

How you could launch your consumable brand “almost immediately” regardless of your experience. This week, you could create a high-quality, made-in-the-United States consumables brand with no minimum order requirements, zero research, and zero logistics required.

How to leverage AI to build a memorable brand that resonates with your target audience, including how to stand out even in crowded marketplaces.

How to get customers to continue to buy from you forever, creating a steady income stream and automatic customers every month.

Manuel and Jason see this as an opportunity to break into a space filled with possibilities. During The Consumable System webinar, you can discover everything you need to know about the system and how it works.

How Does The Consumable System Work?

The Consumable System is an e-commerce solution created by Manuel Suarez. The system involves building a consumable (i.e., supplement) brand online, building a name around that brand, and selling products to customers nationwide.

According to testimonials found online, many students have already succeeded with The Consumable System. They’ve launched their own brand with minimal experience and now sell consumable products online for huge profits.

One of the critical parts of The Consumable System is the lack of inventory management. Instead of storing supplements or dealing with logistics, you ship products directly from the manufacturer to the customer – similar to how dropshipping works.

In other words, you don’t need to order thousands of tubs of protein powder online, store those tubs in your house, and wait to make sales. Instead, you let customers come to you, then send products to their address on-demand.

What Are “Consumables”?

The Consumable System revolves around “consumables.

Consumables, by definition, are any products that get “used up” with each use – like a bottle of water or a nightly skin moisturizer.

Consumables have an obvious advantage: they get used up regularly. A customer buys your consumable product once, uses it, and needs more.

If you can sell someone a good consumable product, then they’re willing to buy more of your consumable products. You can make potentially endless income by converting a single customer to your brand.

Some of the sample consumable products involved in The Consumable System include:

  • Supplements
  • Skincare products
  • Food products
  • Other single-use items

The Consumable System Features & Benefits

Other online moneymaking opportunities, supplement businesses, and other potential opportunities are available today. Why pick The Consumable System? What makes The Consumable System unique?

Some of the unique features and benefits of The Consumable System include:

No Need for Inventory Management: The Consumable System does not require managing inventory, maintaining inventory at your house, or holding onto any products. Whether you live in a big house or a tiny apartment, there’s no need to worry about inventory with The Consumable System.

No Initial Investment Required: With a traditional business, you might need to order many supplements or consumables upfront to launch your brand. With The Consumable System, that’s not the case. There’s no initial investment required. Instead, you ship products from the manufacturer to customers as orders arrive.

Redefine Customer Relationship Management with Consumables: With The Consumable System, you’re selling consumables. Consumables have an obvious advantage: you use up consumables over time. As customers use your consumable, they need to buy more. That means your job is simple: you just need to convert one customer, and you can potentially earn that customer’s business for life.

Foster Customer Loyalty Via Recurring Orders: When you execute The Consumable System right, you’re fostering customer loyalty via recurring orders, creating a steady revenue stream for yourself.

Limited Time Requirements: Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home parent or an entrepreneur looking to jump full-time into a new opportunity, you can spend as much or as little time as needed on The Consumable System.

Source Made-in-America Supplements Easily: In The Consumable System, you can learn how to easily find supplements that are made in America and ready to be shipped, under your own brand, to any customers.

Launch your Business Within Weeks: With The Consumable System, you can identify consumable products and build your brand within days, selling your first product within weeks. Overall, you can launch your own white-label brand and supplement lineup within around 90 days of starting The Consumable System.

Multiple Niches – from Bodybuilding to Anti-Aging to Weight Loss: You could launch a niche lineup of supplements with The Consumable System. For example, you may want to launch a lineup of weight loss products. Or, maybe you’re interested in selling anti-aging skin creams and other consumables. You can use multiple niches or launch an all-in-one supplement brand with The Consumable System.

Based on HoneyComm: The secret to The Consumable System’s success lies in the use of HoneyComm, a supplement company based in the United States offering whitelabel branding opportunities.

Direct Sourcing / Dropshipping for Minimal Stress: The Consumable System involves shipping products directly from the manufacturer to the customer – similar to how dropshipping works. You’re not maintaining retail space or inventory. You’re simply sending consumable products to customers.

The Consumable System is Built on HoneyComm

As you’ll learn in The Consumable System webinar, the system is built on the power of HoneyComm.

HoneyComm is a platform where you can easily source made-in-America supplements, add your own brand to those supplements, and ship them to customers anywhere in the country.

HoneyComm is designed to be easy for anyone – including new entrepreneurs and those with zero experience in the supplement or consumable industry.

HoneyComm works by sourcing products directly from the manufacturer, then sending those products to clients under your own brand. There’s no need to maintain your own inventory, nor do you need to worry about minimum order amounts.

In fact, HoneyComm claims to offer profit margins of up to 477%, potentially allowing you to 4x or 5x your initial investment by selling the right products.

Plus, there’s no need to pre-pay for inventory or order a minimum number of supplements. Instead, you’re ready to dropship 1 or 100 bottles of supplements via HoneyComm whenever you like. You don’t pay for anything related to the product until your customers have perished directly from you.

Overall, HoneyComm aims to be a game-changer in the space, increasing your chances of earning profits, scaling your business, and earning consistent income through the online sale of consumables.

The Consumable System Webinar Pricing

The Consumable System Webinar Pricing

The Consumable System webinar is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your name and contact information into the online form:

In fact, the team is giving away $500 in prizes to webinar attendees at random, including a total of five x $100 prizes. You must be present in the webinar to win.

About Rapid Crush

The Consumable System webinar was created by Rapid Crush, a Nokomis, Florida-based digital marketing brand led by Jason Fladlien.

You can contact Rapid Crush and The Consumable System customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 661 505-8540
  • Mailing Address: 2520 N Tamiami Trail, Suite 17, Nokomis, FL 34275
  • Online Support Center:

Final Word

The Consumable System is a new business opportunity involving selling consumable products – like supplements and skin care products – online under your own brand.

Anyone can start with The Consumable System within days – even with limited time or experience. The Consumable System walks you through the entire process of launching your own brand from start to finish.

To learn more about The Consumable System and how it works or to sign up for The Consumable System webinar today, visit the official website.

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