The Costume Detail You Likely Missed In Sons Of Anarchy


Members donning their MC robes is one of the most recognizable images from the series. The opening credits end with the iconic words written on Jax’s back, and there’s rarely a moment that doesn’t feature a cowl. Fully patched members are so named because of their full colors. Their Kuttes have a top rocker and a bottom rocker identifying their club and location respectively. Between the two is the familiar Reaper front and center. Charters are spread across the country, so there are distinct differences in bottom rocker. However, when prospective members want to join the club, their habit is slightly different.

Interested parties do not get names and no full colors. Her habit is simple, with only one word defining her place in the hierarchy. Potential members only receive the lower rocker labeled “Interested”. They’ll sport this cut as they prove themselves to the club in countless tough challenges. This trial period is the deciding factor as to whether a prospect will be patched or not. Some prospects like Rat Boy (Niko Nicotera) are accepted into the club before they have worked as prospects for a full year. But some don’t make it.

Half-Sack’s (Johnny Lewis) tragic death occurs before it could be fully taped. Half-Sack never learns that he’s a full member in life. He is given the honor in death when his brothers give him his full face at his funeral.

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