The Decision That Took That ’70s Show Off The Rails


On Reddit, a user asked what TV scenes were keeping viewers from watching shows they originally loved. One of the most upvoted responses came from u/king_for_a_day, who wrote: “The first episode of the [last] Season of ‘That ’70s Show’ where this D*** guy replaced Eric… Never again.” The comment received 2,500 upvotes and many replies agreed.

Prior to the final season of That ’70s Show, lead actor Topher Grace left the show to work on other projects. Bret Harrison, who played Charlie and could have been a suitable replacement for Grace, also left the series. To complicate matters further, Ashton Kutcher also departed early in Season 8. The enormous gap left in the three actors’ wake led to the introduction of Randy, played by Josh Meyers.

To express why they didn’t like Randy’s addition to That ’70s Show, u/VictorClark wrote, “Seriously, his whole presence feels like a self-inserting character… He had no real personality, no discernible flaws in his character …and the show gave him so many jokes.” u/buffalo8 quipped that “Randy was the prototypical Scrappy-Doo character,” alluding to Scrappy-Doo being liked by fans of the “Scooby-Doo” franchise generally disliked.

With a character so divisive ready to take the reins of the sitcom, the ratings began to go downhill. Toward the end of the season, Fox announced that “That ’70s Show” would not be returning. It seems many fans shared the same thoughts that introducing Eric was an all-around bad decision.

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